A0560: Question Box 5

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A question box will be a collection of different questions that will be answered in brief, although individual questions may receive a longer answer later.

Question: Can a person who has died return to the material world of earth as a spiritual being and perceive the life and goings-on of his former home?
Yes, this is possible, but it is seldom practised and we also say why hardly any deceased person looks at the old home. If you have died, then the connection to your body has been severed, so you have no connection to your life. Before you incarnated, you had lived in the spiritual world as an incarnation for a very long time. You have no gender because a spiritual being does not reproduce. You have very many good friends, but spiritual beings do not live in any relationship because the physical attraction that living beings feel is caused by the body. You know unconditional love, but you do not know affection, because no spiritual being needs affection. A spiritual being needs a task and for that it experiences appreciation, that is all a spiritual being needs. If after death you no longer feel any physical constraints, then before that your home in your bodily life was important to you as a human being because you had a lot connected with it, but as a spiritual being life as a human being is only an experience, even though we expressly say it is a superior experience for a spiritual being when it lives a bodily life. Your family ties from life as a human being are still present in you, but they are no longer very strong, because all your human dependencies are given by your body. As a spiritual being you take a form, but that form is not a living body. Some deceased people also meet after a bodily life, but this is also rare. We know that this is difficult for some people to understand, but these people have not yet fully understood what constitutes a spiritual being.

Question: As a spiritual being, can a person who has died see, hear and taste just as if the spiritual being were still a person?
This is an interesting question that we really cannot answer in a question box, unless the writer allows us to. We may, and we start with it right away. What is seeing, we ask? You think you see through your eyes, which is not entirely wrong, but you do not only see through your eyes. We explained to you in a blog entry that you perceive your environment with your fractals of consciousness. If you were to see a spiritual being in the worldly or spiritual world, then the spiritual being has a form that looks like a body. But this form is not a body and in the form there are usually also eyes present, but through this no spiritual being sees, because a spiritual being is only spiritual. A spiritual being is an accumulation of consciousness, which in turn consists of fractals of consciousness, nothing more. This spiritual being has neither eyes, mouth nor ears, because these are only sensors that exist in an embodied being to perceive their environment with the little consciousness. We perceive your environment as a whole because our fractals of consciousness are evenly distributed at the quantum level. Your universe is only a very small component of the spiritual world and if we are honest, it would not even be noticed if your universe disappeared. Even if all the universes disappeared, the spiritual world would hardly notice if it were not for countless incarnations from the spiritual world incarnating into the many universes. The plane of quanta is not limited to your universe, but the spiritual world is the plane of quanta and there, hardly noticeable, is your tiny universe. When spiritual beings are present in your universe because they are doing a task here, they have a partial consciousness focused on the small area in the spiritual world where your little universe exists. When the spiritual being directs its enormous partial consciousness to your universe, it is represented everywhere in your universe with the consciousness fractals of the partial consciousness. When the consciousness fractals are evenly scattered everywhere, then we perceive your universe as a whole. If a spiritual being is represented everywhere, then it hears and sees everything that exists with you. When you want to talk to a spiritual being, you speak a question in your mind and all the spiritual beings in your universe hear the thought and sometimes one of these spiritual beings decides to respond. Then it focuses some of its fractals of consciousness of itself on that person by drawing together some of its fractals of consciousness from the environment. All the other spiritual beings perceive that a spiritual being is going to respond, so they leave their fractals of consciousness where they are. But all spiritual beings hear all these conversations, but they do not pay much attention to the conversations. The spiritual being “sees” through its fractals of consciousness and it “hears” everything because your thoughts or sounds are vibrations that every spiritual being can decode. Can we smell the air with you or taste something, we ask? Not as you can, but since smells and food are also made up of frequencies, we know how it feels, but we do not have a body that has these sensors. A spiritual being can also take on a bodily body form for a short time, but there must be good reasons for this, which are advised by many councils, before a spiritual being is allowed to take on a bodily body form.

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