A0561: If spiritual beings usually incarnate only once as human beings on earth, what happens if a person dies very early?

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When an incarnation incarnates on Earth, it has made a list of everything it would like to experience on Earth. Nowhere on this list is it written that this person should die early or want to have a difficult life, but quite the opposite, he or she wants to experience many exciting things that should enrich the person and thus also the incarnation. All experiences that the incarnation wants to experience are always to be considered positive and also when and where the incarnation will incarnate are listed in it, so that other persons can also experience with this incarnation what they have planned. Somebody might think that this is like a script with six billion people on Earth and this person is not completely wrong, but as is so often the case, things turn out differently than you think and here some incarnations actually chicken out and that is also the reason why Earth is the most feared planet to incarnate on of all inhabited planets. 

You are the most extreme race in your universe and that also means you have the most dangerous and arduous lives in your universe. Nowhere else is the danger of an early and brutal departure from physical life as great as with you on Earth, and so many incarnations fear this that they prefer to choose a quiet life as a human being or another species where they know that the dangers in these lives are rather slight. Why then do incarnations incarnate on earth at all, you may ask? Only because of the increase in power. We have said many times before that an incarnation only incarnates because of the increase in power that is guaranteed in a bodily life. If you grow very old on a peaceful planet, because it is rather boring there, but not dangerous, you will be granted less power after life than if you die as a young person on earth. If the incarnation is only interested in this power, then all incarnations that want to incarnate will choose Earth. When they have experienced all that a human being of Earth will experience, by which we do not mean at first the dangers on Earth at all, but the emotions that humans can live out like no other species in your universe, then many incarnations will already choose a calmer planet to incarnate on. The incarnations that are not impressed by this will then be taught what the dangers are in this endeavour, because you are at the mercy of so many dangers and the danger is very high indeed that you will die a violent death. When the incarnation that has never been exposed to danger because it is immortal realises what this actually means, most incarnations wave it off and ask for a life on a less dangerous planet. Those who are still determined to incarnate on earth are then faced with the choice of where to incarnate. We don’t really have a time line, but suppose you had to decide ten years in advance where you wanted to incarnate. The time is just to give you a sense of what we are implying, so we will go into more depth on this subject in further blog entries.

If you know as an incarnation that the place where you are going to incarnate is or is likely to become a crisis area, then you will receive a greater guaranteed grant of power than if you incarnate in a very quiet country, for example. If you incarnate into a family that is going to be plagued by problems, because the challenges for the individuals are also predetermined, then you will also receive a greater guaranteed grant of power for that. If you know that you are most likely to die young in an interstate dispute, then even a short life lived will guarantee so much in the way of power that you will accept that because an incarnation is incarnated on earth only for the sake of power. We have always said that we have the greatest respect for you human beings because you were so courageous as an incarnation to incarnate on earth. Absolutely very few incarnations dare to do so at this time, even if you are very many human beings on Earth, then we also proclaim that almost as many other intelligent beings live in your star system and every star system is inhabited with intelligent species, which are all in turn inhabited by incarnations. You see, only an absolutely small percentage of incarnations incarnate on Earth, even though we must admit that there is a waiting list for Earth because there are countless incarnations that actually want to incarnate. Now, if there is a waiting list and many lives are interwoven, then usually an incarnation can only have one life on earth so that other incarnations also get the opportunity to incarnate on earth.

Now when a small child dies, what happens, we ask? The little child has developed only a very small personality consciousness and after death the personality consciousness is transferred into the incarnation. When the child awakens in the incarnation cube, it is the child from earth and after a short time the memories of the incarnation will return and the child remembers why it is in that cube and that it is an incarnation. It receives many ‘aha’ moments and it feels as if the incarnation wakes up from a dream and slowly becomes conscious. The child’s consciousness now belongs to the incarnation, but since a child’s personality consciousness has quite few fractals of consciousness, it will not be dominantly represented in the incarnation, so it merges into the incarnation and exists as a memory, but hardly changes the behaviour of the incarnation. If a child of eight years dies, it will already be a little more dominant in the incarnation, so that the incarnation actually undergoes a change in behaviour.

If you are very mature and wise as a human being, you will still be that very person from Earth who continues to exist as a spiritual being after death, because you will dominate the incarnation with your personality consciousness, but you will also then be the incarnation that incarnated before, because in assimilating the fractals of consciousness of the incarnation in the course of your life you will adopt more and more behavioural patterns of that incarnation. The incarnation in you will be more and more like you in the course of life and at the same time you will also become more and more like the previous incarnation in the course of life. That is why we always say that you will still be you after death, only with an incredible amount of power that you have received for your life. As a spiritual being you have no body, so you no longer feel the physical constraints, which will already change your behaviour a little. So what is this power that is apparently so important that you have dared to incarnate on earth, we ask ourselves?

The power is all you need to exist in the spiritual world. What do we mean by that now, we ask? If you are only consciousness, what do you think you are doing in the spiritual world? You will divert energies because you can then create something with them in the spiritual world. The spiritual world consists only of energy and in this energy you are also with your universe, so that your universe and everything in it is also only energy, which can be transformed by consciousnesses. If a consciousness has a lot of power, then this consciousness can redirect more energy with a thought in order to form something from it than a consciousness with less power. That’s what it’s all about, so that all consciousnesses only ever have more power in mind, because that’s all that counts in the spiritual world, so that incarnations choose life on earth in order to receive a great grant of power.

Resourceful people might now think that they should incarnate several times, and preferably several times on earth, so that they become very powerful beings, and here we reach a point that gives us a lot of pleasure, because we can take these nonsense out of your head. One thing should be clear, if you repeat something, then you only receive power for it once, because you only receive additional power if you learn something new. If you are already very righteous as an incarnation and you incarnate as a human being on a planet, then you can live a very righteous life, but for your human righteousness you do not receive any additional power because the incarnation was already righteous. So if you have lived a normal life on earth, perhaps a boring life, then you have already received a certain amount of power for that, which is guaranteed to every incarnation. This grant of power is truly tremendous. If you do not master any virtue in this life, you have nevertheless experienced everything that a human life has to offer and which most incarnations are also afraid of. If you were to decide to incarnate another time after death, on earth or elsewhere, the additional power grant in the second life would be so small that no incarnation would even consider incarnating another time. You will hardly have any new experiences and because you only receive power for what you have newly mastered, you will hardly receive any significant power for another life. That is why the stories about repeated incarnations are completely false.

If you as a human being master many virtues and difficult situations, then you will already receive more power during your bodily life, so that incarnations that have mastered these virtues and situations in the bodily life will receive much more power than the guaranteed grant of power promises. If you want to do something good for yourself, go and see what virtues there are that you have not yet mastered. Pick one and master it sustainably, you will not regret it and neither will the incarnation within you.

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