A0001: What is the easiest way to know our destiny?

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Whenever you feel lonely, walk through the forest always straight ahead, do not stop in front of every tree, but allow yourself a moment of solitude. Many never tire of realising the process of discovery, yet we advise caution in situations of danger in the home and fundamentally different things. Do not be tempted by things that are above the laws of morality. Examples of arrogance are slightly frowned upon by all beings. Demand the limits to the exclusion of possible situations without giving further reasons, stick to it. Many have struggled tirelessly to be in front, despite all odds these people hope to be happy, [but] forget to live in the moment. Life is beautiful and should be preserved for all, value it as a treasure of indispensable wealth. Take care of your bodies like souls to start and end the day balanced. Live happily and restfully until the end of days.

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