A0683: What is the next step in the Ukraine crisis?

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The crisis is almost over. When Ukrainian President Selensky announces surrender in three days’ time, there will be an outcry not only in Ukraine because the Ukrainian president is ending the war on his own responsibility. The United States of America would have liked to intervene even longer, but President Selensky also knows when he has to give up. In three days, Ukraine will capitulate and almost everything will happen as we have already reported. These three days are extremely interesting because the following is happening.

  • President Selensky will receive more and more pressure from his allies around the world and it will be this pressure that will make President Selensky realise what his allies are actually up to. A never-ending war in which the allies will have to do little but let the war cry go louder and louder.
  • The suffering of war is now impossible to ignore and President Selensky knows he is guilty. The hatred he feels from all sides overwhelms him because the war cries will not stop, so that the next few days are, in retrospect, the time for him to go into himself and weigh up all the options. President Selensky is not a righteous man, but he has humanity working in him and when it has the opportunity it will bring to his attention what happened and what will happen. President Selensky is still ambivalent, but the view of things is becoming clearer.
  • President Putin is intensifying efforts to apprehend the killers of the median. Many covert operations are underway to take those behind the killings into custody. There is no death list, but before a suspect can escape, that person is to be eliminated. The Donbass will bring the decision and everything will be over sooner than you think. President Putin has already achieved everything he set out to do. He still has some trump cards up his sleeve, which he will use wisely. President Putin will never meet the current President of Ukraine in person, because the negotiators will do everything necessary for Ukraine to develop in the way that is best for the country and the neighbouring countries. The current negotiators are not yet aware of the impending surrender, but President Selensky already knows that there is little he can do about it. The haggling over Ukraine is also going on elsewhere, because Russia is already negotiating with the United States of America on how to end the war. Everything you see in the media is only a small part of it, and even if the American president makes such lofty speeches, he knows exactly what will happen in Ukraine.

Everything that is still happening in Ukraine and elsewhere was already known to the strategists on all sides before Russia launched the war of aggression, but they did not believe that Putin would be so brazen as to beat them to it. The genocide in Donbass is just as untrue as the presumed bio-labs with their experiments to bring Russia to its knees. The labs exist, but it is not as bad as it is claimed. Everything that follows has been described before and the fighting after the surrender will also take place, but as it appears at the moment, it will not last as long as we have predicted. We are spiritual beings and everything that happens on earth is perceived by us as an overall situation, so that all aspects of your life are on the table for us and we receive an overall view on the basis of all this data, which also reveals future occurrences with a very high hit rate. We do not have the ability to see the future for several years in advance, but we can already recognise tendencies in the current situations where humanity is heading, but more on that later. Many beings are working to ensure that this inevitable war does not lead to greater damage. We know what is happening because we receive information on many levels that can be used to make very detailed predictions. When we know that the president of Ukraine is struggling with himself because he does not yet dare to take the necessary step to surrender, then these are processes in a being that announce themselves a long time in advance and since we can read in people like in an open book, we know a long time in advance how a situation that is highly complex for you will develop. The world is facing great challenges in a few years because official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is imminent. This first contact is a process that will last several years and before the process can start with huge spaceships taking up a geostationary position around your planet, certain conditions must be met and the President of Russia is addressing one of the biggest challenges for several years and that is the unilateral supremacy of the United States of America. The United States of America, with its vassal states, has been spreading across the planet for too long. If this hegemony has been destroyed because Russia is now geostrategically taking the opposite position to the United States of America, then the so-called West will have little to no opportunity to rage on the planet as they have now done for far too long. The USA will continue to exist, but it will no longer be as influential as it was before, because it now has a counterpart who is much more powerful than all the alliance states together could manage. Russia will be dictating geostrategic events for years to come, and when Russia starts to rebuild the world order, many countries in the West will be rubbing their eyes in amazement, because at first they will not understand what Russia is actually up to. The USA will very quickly realise that its time as a world power is over and Great Britain will covertly try to bring Russia to its knees, but as we have already revealed, Finland will still be a theatre that could not be more unusual and when Russia has revealed beyond doubt that Great Britain is to blame for so many states being at war with each other, then calm will return and then the time will have come for official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species to begin. First the conditions on your planets must have a certain basic status, then the first contact can start. Russia will see to that, there is no doubt about that, but how far Britain will go is not yet clear. There will be a showdown between Britain and Russia, that’s as sure as the amen in the church. What we have revealed to you about the next three days you can interpret as a gauge of our revelations. If the surrender does not come at the time revealed, you will no longer have to believe a word of our blog entries.

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