A0684: How do the media and governments manipulate public opinion?

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We will start by giving you an example of how manipulation affects you people, and then we will see that this manipulation is done from childhood, but most people do not see it as manipulation, but as good schooling. Imagine a garden where many hobby gardeners are pursuing their passion. If you walk through such a garden complex, you will find different gardens being tended by the gardeners and being redesigned again and again, because they all entered into a competition when they rented such a garden. Even the gardener who claims that he only runs his garden because he would otherwise have no opportunity to grow a garden will one day be a matador who not only tends his garden, but the garden is put on display so that everyone can see what a great gardener he is. No one in such an allotment colony can escape this competition because this competitive behaviour has been created in you humans. You are supposed to live out the so-called duality and since everything is in competition with each other, sooner or later parties will form that at least briefly work together in a competitive struggle to defeat an overpowering opponent. This kind of thing happens not only in allotment garden sites, but at any time and everywhere. We will stay with allotment gardens, however, because later you can apply the quintessence of this example everywhere. This example starts with the fact that one allotment gardener seems to be extremely talented and because this is so, all other allotment gardeners will have to acknowledge with admiration that this allotment gardener has created something outstanding. Admiration is followed by envy because the allotment focus of all other allotment gardeners is now on this one gardener who has created a beautiful garden. Some allotment gardeners start criticising the artwork because they want to find out who is as envious as they are. Once a small group of rebellious allotment gardeners has got together, the garden is closely scouted for faults and these faults are discussed at length. The fact that the allotment gardeners may also find all these faults in their own gardens is of no interest at first, because the group has to find something that binds them together. Only when they have found something that binds them together, only then is it a party that joins together to form a construct to stand up to an opponent. Every single gardener in this group has a garden that does not look as nice as the garden of the opposing party. If all the gardeners were to join together and create a new garden, then this garden would also hardly be better than that of the opposing party. So if the party is unable to garden better than the opposing party, they will devise alternatives that ultimately undermine the status of the opposing party. If a gardener receives a lot of praise from other gardeners, that gardener will also receive a new status in the colony of gardeners. Even if many gardeners are envious of the outstanding gardener, they must acknowledge that this garden has done exceptionally well, even if they hardly want to admit it to themselves. Now that a new player has opened the next round of play, the opposing party tries to put the small faults in the public focus of the allotment colony in order to highlight the flaws of the exceptional garden. Since it is no longer the overall impression that shapes public perception but the small blemishes, the status of the gardener is lowered. Public opinion includes the small blemishes in its evaluation, although all gardeners may find the same blemishes in their own gardens. Since the overall impression has now given way to the blemishes, the composition of the garden is no longer noticed by anyone. If the outstanding gardener is now pushed to comment on the small blemishes in his garden, the impression is created that the outstanding gardener has to defend his overall work of art and this is always and everywhere seen as a weakness. If the gardener is now busy justifying himself for the small faults, the status of the opposing party rises because they now appear as the accusers and thus assume a whole new position in the competitive game. The accuser always starts with his accusation and the accused always has to justify himself, because the accusation always points to something that seems to be a mistake and it is not relevant that the accuser also has the same mistakes and that there are probably many more of these mistakes in his garden, because the accuser always looks extremely exalted to all the other parties involved. The accuser has the power to turn a fly into an elephant in the public perception. The accused gardener can only ever apologise for his little garden-variety faux pas. You are just realising what is happening, aren’t you? All these mechanisms are trained in childhood and at first you cannot help but live these mechanisms in every moment of your life. So what are the governments and the media doing to manipulate you, we ask? They steal your overview so that you can no longer marvel at the overall composition of the garden, but one party acts as the accuser and draws your attention – immediately after you have entered the playing field with your attention – to the small faults and blemishes. The accused gardener has to defend himself increasingly because he is constantly being asked about the faults in his garden, and in such a way that the gardener has to justify himself for them. This accusation makes the accusing party unassailable and the accused gardener looks weak through his justifications, which ultimately ruins his status in society. The opposing party has achieved the goal and although the garden of the outstanding gardener is by far the most beautiful, the gardener, however, is not perceived as an outstanding gardener but as a weakling who has made many mistakes in his garden. All persons who have witnessed this charge will be of exactly this opinion, because their attention has not had the opportunity at all to determine the overall horticultural composition of the outstanding gardener. All politicians and media thus constitute an opposing party and when a seemingly overpowering opponent appears against whom no herb seems to be able to stand, these opponents start working together to act as accusers. These accusers will draw public focus on things to ensure that the public does not get opportunities to see the overall composition, but the many small and also big mistakes are used to weaken the opponent. The opponent now finds himself in the court dock, from which he can only escape if he does not perceive the accusers as accusers, but as accused party, because he now begins to be an accuser himself. If two parties accuse each other of their mistakes, they will ensure that their arguments undermine the arguments of the other party and they will enter into a stalemate situation. To prevent this from happening, one party can ensure that the other party cannot act as accuser. If this party manages to ensure that the opposing party is not given the opportunity to present its own arguments, then there is only one accuser and one accused again and since the accused will always lose in the public perception, no matter what he uses to justify his mistakes, the opposing party always has an advantage that it can use to manipulate the public perception. What you perceive right now, because Ukraine is being attacked by Russia, is such an accusation, where Russia itself as the accuser must not be heard, because really all the media have joined together to form a counter-party to act against the all-powerful Russia. Because your public perception is being manipulated in a way because Russia is no longer allowed to come forward as a counter-accuser, really almost all the information you are consuming at the moment is misinformation designed to keep you from seeing the bigger picture. You would then catch sight of the grotesque flaws in the accusers’ gardens and the counter-offensive would fizzle out because not only would you be able to marvel at the composition of the outstanding gardener as a total work of art, but now you would also notice the less beautiful gardens that were previously so cleverly masked by the opposing party to draw full attention focus to the small flaws of the outstanding gardener. Your media lie like printed matter; your politicians thematise things that are often taken out of the overall context in order to hide their own faults and incompetence. If they then add emotions to the information game, their arguments are just air numbers that usually do not harmonise with reality at all. If you are emotionally stirred up by the manipulative media and government news, then they have been able to manipulate you through and through, because such news is always used when the actual arguments are not worth a damn. Don’t be manipulated too much and whenever you see tears on the cheek of a public figure well presented, you know you are being manipulated for something that is being sold to you as a false fact. 

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