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Frank Hafer

“Live the life of someone you always want to sit face to face with, that’s the best idea you need to live a fulfilled life.”

quote from A0071

I am an information medium into the spiritual world and ask for information that interests me. Since I believe that this information could also be of interest to other people, the blog Akasha-Interview was launched by me at the beginning of 2020, on which I make all the information I have asked for available to the public free of charge as individual blog articles.

Who is the scribbler that the spiritual information providers keep talking about?

That’s me too, because I take every blog post as dictation and my mental counterpart once called me that and left it at that. I cannot determine who I am talking to mentally, so I have never asked for their names. They call me the scribbler and they call themselves the masters and teachers from the scribbler.

They train me and they do so in the most diverse ways, which I describe in detail in the forewords of my books, but even today I am at a loss when someone wants to know exactly who these masters and teachers are. It is also not really relevant who they are, but far more important is what they have to report. As an information medium, I could communicate with them for hours, but I can neither visualise nor heal beings particularly well today, even if they occasionally claim to do so. All that makes me a medium is the mental connection into the spiritual world that enables me to ask for information.

All interviews relate to general topics that have nothing to do with my person. Neither do I want to distinguish myself nor does my ego need excessive attention, so I usually keep in the background and let my spiritual interlocutors discuss the topics that are of burning interest to me or that have been leaked to me by readers of my blog. I myself will not publish a personal blog article, so that you, as a consumer of information, will only learn something about me on this “about me” page or in the long forewords of the books I publish, which reflect the content of these blog articles one-to-one. The books are a wish of my spiritual interlocutors who once impressively revealed to me where the Akasha-Interviews would lead if I could overcome my introversion. The books are self-published because it seemed to me the most suitable way to avoid the stress of being published by a publisher.

What defines me as a person?

You have come to this page because something unites you and me. We are very curious and do not allow ourselves to be fobbed off with flimsy attempts at explanation when it comes to the phenomena of our time. Every spiritual teacher is excellent at reciting philosophical texts that will fascinate you and me at first, but if we were to inquire in order to get behind the phenomena of our time, all these spiritual teachers will quickly reach their limits. I quickly became aware of this, so I looked for other ways to satisfy my curiosity.

Even as a child I was very curious. But because I lived my life in a very introverted way from an early age, I could never really satisfy my curiosity, so everyday life interested me less and less. When I was born in Kiel in 1971, my parents didn’t know what kind of child they were going to have. My siblings have always been much livelier and more outgoing than me, so my childhood was more like running along rather than exploring, which would be more my style. The school and apprenticeship years were marked by no particular incidents, so meeting my wonderful wife was to change a great deal in my life. Inspired by our relationship, I decided to go to university at the age of 30. The studies did not meet my expectations, but I completed them and have been working as an embedded software developer in a medium-sized company ever since.

I really enjoy programming complex systems because I can also work alone most of the time, which suits my nature very well. However, office work also has a big disadvantage and I felt this again and again because muscle tension appeared in various places, which miraculously and seemingly shifted their positions from one day to the next. What to do, I asked myself, and out of nowhere an idea came to me: yoga.

I ordered a book on yoga and tried more badly than I could manage my tensions. By staying in very uncomfortable positions for a long time, I closed my eyes in pain and, to my amazement, I could see something in front of me, although I could never see anything with my eyes closed.

My curiosity was aroused because I did not see shadowy shapes, but sharp images or entire film sequences. Since we are talking about the year 2014, I could easily get to the bottom of these visions on the internet. You can imagine where I ended up, because the spiritual and esoteric scene has many manifestations. At first I was fascinated by what there was to experience, but really nothing could explain to me why I was seeing something and where it was coming from. One day I came across information that was to steer me in a new direction.

Dolores Cannon was a hypnotist who could put her clients into a very deep hypnotic state. When she then spoke to the clients, entities that had a very wide range of knowledge responded. Dolores Cannon interviewed these entities and recorded each conversation. Her approach was that of an interviewer, asking questions and taking answers. She immortalised the questions and answers in her books, which are very exciting to read, even though much of the information was coloured according to my current knowledge, because she too had constructs of belief that these entities had to take into account. Her approach was exactly what convinced me that there must be something to it, even though I never intended to venture into the hypnotic realms myself. But her gathering of information impressed me greatly and I knew that I wanted to do something similar to satisfy my hunger for knowledge.

Through some detours I came to consult the so-called masters of the Akashic Chronicle. This procedure, commonly known as channelling, was introduced to me through a book by the author Gebrielle Orr. I conducted the first serious interviews in 2018, but with moderate success. Opening the so-called Akashic Chronicle, on the other hand, was a complete success and what I experienced in the first few days will hardly be believed by any person. Obtaining information, however, turned out to be more difficult than previously thought. I was able to undertake mental journeys that seemed to be more than the familiar visualising would represent, but I had a momentous problem in doing so. I could see strange places as if I were standing there myself, I could also observe bustling activity, but any attempt to hold a conversation with these beings failed because no one would speak to me. They gestured to me that they are not ready to talk to me so I could actually interact with these beings and landscapes but I couldn’t get any information. This frustrated me so I gave it up, even though these short and impressive journeys had a lot to offer. It wasn’t that I closed my eyes and then was somewhere else, but it required mental effort, which one day became too much for me because I still couldn’t get information that could have satisfied me.

The following year, I gave myself another kick and started trying to gather information again. This time with success, even though every beginning is difficult. My ability to visualise became weaker and weaker, but I was suddenly able to have conversations with these so-called masters of the Akasha, which made me more and more curious. These first conversations were then documented by me, similar to what Dolores Cannon once did, only that I took each conversation as a dictation. Anyone who has ever tried to practise so-called channelling will have noticed that a moment’s carelessness could immediately distort the information transmitted, so that this procedure for obtaining information is always only as good as the medium is able to keep his mind free. No sooner does the mind wander than the information will be something not worth the paper it is written on. Since I am a self-taught person who teaches himself almost everything, I had to be very meticulous about it, but that was not a big problem for me. What I didn’t know at that time, however, was that everything has a price and the price for these interviews was very high because now trainings started that I didn’t want at all and especially didn’t recognise for what they were. They were sneaky and disgusting, but I must confess, also very effective. You can read about the trainings I had to go through in the forewords of my books. So the years passed, during which I gathered more and more information and documented it on the blog, because I wanted to share the knowledge that had come to me with other inquisitive people. However, I was also trained again and again, which was like a test of endurance that often showed me my limits. Every limit that you keep reaching, you will also be able to push one day. So not only did the blog keep evolving, but so did I, because today I am a different person than I would have become if I hadn’t asked for this information all those years. Today I can say that everything has been done to my advantage, but I also know that they will not let up, so I still hate it when they think I can change even more for the better. These changes are always preceded by sneaky tests designed to hold a mirror up to me. The realisation at the end of these tests is always insightful and they are worth it, but until you get there, you have to go through one ordeal after another without knowing why that is the case right now. That is the price to pay if you want to be a professional medium, at least that is my experience, which does not necessarily coincide with the experience of other mediums.

Who am I?

My name is Frank, very pleased to inform you. I am a son, a brother, a father and a husband. I provide for my family and on the side I run this blog so that not only I have a place to look up information, but you do too. I do this for me, for you and for society because the information says that we are facing a change of times where this information will be an anchor point for many people who might then be very unsettled. Therefore, I am doing this for all of us. I am not a person who wants to save the world, because that is also difficult to do. I also don’t want to lead any sect or ideology because I prefer to stay in the background. Therefore, I am an average man who does what he thinks is right and worthwhile. I am not an expert who basks in the Akasha-Interviews and I am neither a guru nor a teacher, but a person who thinks he is doing something good. In return, I offer you something that will move you forward without showing you limits because, strictly speaking, there are no such limits. So be free to believe in what seems to be coherent for you. If you read the blog, you will notice how much effort goes into it, because each blog entry is not only long and informative, but also takes a lot of effort to receive. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you express your appreciation by recommending my blog to others or even purchasing a book from me with the contents of the blog. I hope that one day I will be able to devote myself fully to this task in order to enrich you and myself with ever new information that, building on the previous information, will allow us to see the big picture of all things ever more clearly.

I would like to leave you with one piece of advice. Make sure you start with the first blog entry I received in 2019. Then work your way up to the latest blog entry, because the blog entries are to be interpreted as a long-lasting training and you should start where it all began. The blog entry A0001 represents this starting point of my trainings and you can be there live, so to speak, how all this information made me become the person I am today. You too will experience a change through the study of the information, because all these Aha-moments that you experience and insights that you gain in the process will make you grow.

Good luck with it!

Frank Hafer

About this blog

Who or what are the Akasha-Interviews?

The Akasha-Interviews are the scribbler who runs this website and his masters and teachers. We, as the Masters and Teachers of the scribbler, are spiritual beings who on the one hand train the scribbler and on the other hand provide you, dear readers, with knowledge that will also train you. All spiritual beings in your universe are engaged in training intelligent life forms. The scribbler is very particular about what he does with the knowledge he receives from us, so he has always been concerned that every interested person should have the opportunity to share in the knowledge that has been transmitted. This led to the fact that the scribbler documented every question and thus also our answer to it very meticulously in order to make it accessible to everyone on his blog without any changes. The scribbler neither celebrates a belief nor does he belong to the spiritual or esoteric scene, but the scribbler is a realist through and through. It is this realism in him that allows us to reveal the information to the scribbler in such a way that we do not have to consider faith constructs or other idiosyncrasies in our transmissions. If we had to take beliefs or ideologies into account, we would not be able to transmit our revelations the way we wanted to, because we would then have to change these revelations according to the belief constructs, so that the actual message would have to be spun into untruths. As a realist, the scribbler had hardly any belief patterns before and the few we were able to dissolve in him in instructive trainings that you can read on the blog. That is why the scribbler is today one of the few mediums who can receive the messages from the spiritual world unadulterated. The scribbler still has a few quirks that we will resolve in due course, but which have hardly any effect on the transmitted messages.

Why does it seem so important not to follow any belief, we ask? Imagine the following situations and you will know exactly what we mean: A conspiracy theorist as a medium would only accept messages that will conform to his conspiracy ideal. Religious or spiritual people as mediums will only want to receive messages that are consistent with their faith. The scribbler does not want to believe in something that cannot be realistically explained, therefore he is open to all explanatory models as long as they seem realistic.

The scribbler, as a realist, practices realism based only on what is realistic to interpret. Realism will negate all faith practices because they have become unnecessary. We spiritual beings embody this realism, which will replace all religions and faith practices, because realism explains what is currently still attributed to the supersensible. If you read our revelations carefully, phenomena become explainable models that all build upon each other, because your creation was a mental act based on regularities. Your laws of nature were set beforehand in the way that you can partially measure them today. However, you have not yet seen through creation as such, so you believe that many phenomena that you cannot explain either do not exist or they must be something supernatural. This is how your beliefs came into being, which then degenerated into religions to bind you firmly to a belief construct. We give you explanatory models for your phenomena because they are all built upon pillars that were once conceived by the Wingmakers. Our knowledge provides the basis for you readers to become true realists. The Akasha-Interviews will help you to understand your creation better and better, so that you will not be so easily frightened by the fantasies of some individuals. If we want you to renounce your beliefs, we must offer you something that appears to be better than your previous beliefs. We offer you the realism that is brought to you through the Akasha-Interviews. Realism is celebrated throughout the Universe because all advanced civilizations produce realists who do not need religions, nor do they pay homage to gods, because they have understood why the Universe presents itself as it is perceived. The Universe is only a small package of energy in the spiritual world and there are many of them. Why there are universes will be described in detail in many blog entries and also what the spiritual world has to do with it.

What does the Akasha-Interviews logo mean?

The Star

The large central star symbolises the spiritual world or All That Is. The spiritual world is all that you as spiritual beings can ever experience. Your universe exists in this spiritual world as a small packet of energy that was once ignited by the Wingmakers in a main energy stream and created a universe bubble. This universe bubble is important because you as humans can only perceive this universe bubble. But the spiritual world is also an energy bubble symbolised by the outer circle of the Logos, which houses the spiritual world inside.

The suns

The twelve suns around the central star symbolise the twelve main energy levels that exist in All That Is.

The building

The building below the star symbolises your knowledge building. The four pillars on which the roof of your knowledge building rests symbolise everything that the Akasha-Interviews stand for: Realism, Consciousness, Serenity and Knowledge.

First pillar of your knowledge building: Realism

You need realism to break away from your beliefs because they keep from you how creation is designed in your universe bubble.

Second pillar of your knowledge building: Consciousness

You are pure consciousness and at present you clothe a biological body that compels you to many actions that you do not know as pure consciousness in the spiritual world. Before incarnating into your physical body, you were pure consciousness and inhabited the spiritual world as a spiritual being. You then wanted to experience something else in order to grow. For this you incarnated into your physical body, which dictates many courses of action. We enlighten you about all this and also how to evaluate the differences between you as a spiritual and physical being, because we reveal what spiritual beings actually are and why they are present in your universe.

Third pillar of your knowledge building: Serenity

You will attain serenity when you understand the creation of your universe and the spiritual world better and better. This will inevitably lead to you also being able to see through your society more and more, which will make you appear very serene and wise, because you will be able to protect yourself more and more from the manipulations of other individuals.

Fourth pillar of your knowledge building: Knowledge

You can only experience all of this by building knowledge that is neither religious nor spiritually diluted. We offer you to understand your Universe and beyond it all planes of existence as you are able to as physical beings. For this we train you by means of the Akasha-Interviews, which are meant for exactly this purpose. We do not want to create a religion or a sect and we do not want you to believe everything we say, but we want you to be empowered by our revelations to decide for yourselves what is closest to reality. When you have progressed so far, you will automatically become more and more sovereign beings who decide for themselves which belief constructs they want to follow and which they do not. You can only do this if you give realism a chance to be heard, because realism convinces through facts that you can research scientifically.

What else do the Akasha-Interviews stand for?

The Akasha-Interviews are meant to take away your fear of what is coming towards you, not your everyday problems, but something that is very significant and will usher in a new age on Earth. In your religions this new age is spoken of, but religiously watered down so that the real message has never reached you. You are not in for Armageddon, but something that will shake your foundations, to put it sentimentally.

The new age will be marked by realism because your religions will cease to exist with the new age. This does not mean the demise of your belief system, which will be heralded by the Antichrist. Realism corresponds to the Antichrist who will wipe out all religions. Everything you read here will contribute to the demise of your religions, not because of the Akasha-Interviews, but because you will soon behold something that will leave you speechless.

The Antichrist is not a person and the Antichrist is not a new religion, but the Antichrist is a process. Earthly humanity will go through this process so that it can turn away from the previous belief system and do so permanently, because only then can the new age also be lived. The new age will not give birth to religions or new ideologies, because realism allows every human being to be able to look behind the façade. Only then will you be able to determine what your universe is made of and what holds it together. When you find out what these pillars are, you will no longer need faith constructs to make the impossible comprehensible, because you can explain everything naturally up to a certain point.

The official first contact will plunge all religions into ruin, because then the faith buildings of the great religions will no longer reflect what you can see in the firmament. When huge spaceships remain in the firmament, all people will have to ask themselves whether their religions are really still up to date. The downfall of religions will be initiated by first contact, because then realism will become more and more important in your society. The prophets of past times were able to reflect this change in a meaningful way, but your scholars have invented the end of the world out of it in order to frighten their believers. Frightened people are particularly easy to lead and manipulate. All this stops when the official first contact starts. Before the year 2030 ends, a few years earlier, first contact was not only initiated by the arrival of the giant spaceships, but also accomplished. The year 2030 will usher in the new age and we are preparing readers for it years in advance. You, as readers of the Akasha-Interviews, will then be the people who can explain to other people why these huge spaceships are visible to the naked eye in your firmament. We will use many blog posts to describe alien civilisations and official first contact in all its facets, because as spiritual beings we are able to oversee it all.

We hope that our revelations will turn you, dear readers, into realists who go through life with an open heart because they have developed into sovereign beings who can take sole responsibility for their lives. This is what the Akasha-Interviews stand for, and nothing else.

The masters and teachers of the scribbler

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