A0003: What are black holes and where do they lead us?

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Nobody who is ever living beyond know about the fact that black holes have a mysterious meaning in our lives. Never before will our peers be torn apart in a black hole, considering the consequences of an encounter. Because we keep following the same laws […] we never tire of mentioning that this way of traveling is the most adventurous feature of existence […] that due to the [view?] These heavy metals are made to vibrate by rotation. Paraphysics would mean today to illustrate the laws of physics in space and time. The laws of celestial mechanics are all too often exchanged for the laws of mechanics. Remember, when planets come to life through the cosmos, they indirectly exert a state of homoviability for the following states:

  1. Vibration states in timeless collisions.
  2. Connections of mass particles in a vacuum.
  3. States of controlled delivery of unfiltered coherent particles of matter.

In this type of detonation in an airless space, the particles of matter are conveyed on paths of energetic wealth and thus the interaction of the surrounding mass is guided to a spiral- shaped matter distributed in space by superconducting paths of pure energy. By sucking up the energy particles, megastreams in the […]

[FMH: I was shown a picture – I see a funnel-shaped spiral, the web glowing and sliding down from above like a snake. Below is a small glowing ball of the same color, the spiral wraps around this glowing ball at the bottom]

In the case of recurring elastic rail links, the particles come into an oscillation state of ecstasy due to the rotation, so that all subsequent states would correspond to the benevolent ones that arise from the inherent source of power. Do not think you are flying through a black hole, it is rather the case that the longer it is exposed to gravity, the matter always exists together again in space. We follow the provision and now close this chapter.

A black hole is the union of gravitation with a vast amount of matter in a dance of the tireless interplay of atoms and quanta, which cause harmonic oscillation intervals in the time-space structure.

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