A0821: What are Metamaterials and how can you make them without much effort? – Part 6

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We will start by describing what you might see if you were to look through real astral glasses. At first you will perceive shadowy figures flitting through your field of vision from left to right and vice versa. You will try to follow the figures with your gaze, but all in vain. At first your consciousness will have to get used to the sight and we will explain why at the end of this entry. You will get a glimpse of the hustle and bustle without being able to see exactly what is happening in front of you on another plane of reality. In time you will be able to see more detail and then a kind of shock-frenzy will set in as your consciousness realises that what you are seeing is real and not a computer simulation. It is as real as your body, with which you perceive many things, but only a part of what is really going on in the reality bubble of your universe. We are talking about the part of the spiritual world that has been assigned to your universe. No matter what you see, it is not the spiritual world, because your universe is only a really tiny portion of it. If you were to see one of the innumerable planes of reality of your universe, you cannot know which one at first, because real astral glasses can switch through the planes of reality like a television set switches through the television programmes, only that you do not perceive one area of your reality but another plane of existence.

Every plane of existence is populated by beings, otherwise a plane of existence would have no reason to exist. There are frequency bands in the total spectrum of your universe and physical life forms exist there. You are a physical life form and your reality band contains matter or solidified frequency packets. If in the total frequency spectrum of your universe there are many frequency bands for physical life forms, then on other frequency bands where there are no physical life forms, there are subtle beings that can also die. Each frequency band is basically populated and these beings live for the most part on matter-based celestial bodies. Your Earth also exists on other bands of existence, so that it is inhabited on a distant frequency band by the legendary Archons, for example. If you were to dial the frequency band of the Archons through real astral glasses, you would perceive the Earth as the Archons experience it from their point of view. Not only would this surprise you, but the sight of the archons could deeply shock you because of the fallacy that a being’s behaviour corresponds to its appearance. This is an understandable mistake and only highly evolved persons on earth have created the condition for themselves to be able to experience something like this through real astral glasses, so that this is something that you could theoretically do but is controlled by the spiritual beings. Therefore, very few humans will have the pleasure of viewing planes of existence through real astral glasses, which are denied to most humans for the reasons mentioned. At the beginning of your experiments, however, you will not be looking at the frequency bands of other life forms, but at your earth-astral planes, which can also lead to shock-like emotions in emotionally unstable persons. Therefore, we have to announce something else so that astral travellers can correctly classify their experiences.

What is astral travel and who undertakes it?
We would like to explain briefly why you can experience a so-called astral travel and what almost all so-called astral travellers actually travel through. Every astral traveller first travels to their body energy field and if you cannot believe us, we will say the following: Your upper level consciousness prepares a dream stage in your body energy field every night. This stage can be enormous, but it is only a small area of your body that can contain half a world. There, each evening, a small part of your personality consciousness will experience something you call a dream. We are that dream person and it is only because you are there so unconsciously as a personality consciousness that you think you are that dream person on the dream stage. The more conscious you are in a dream, the more you are the person in the dream, but mostly you are just accompanying us without knowing it because you think that everything is your thoughts, feelings and actions. When you have reached a certain level of consciousness, you are aware that it is a dream. You are still in the small area of your body that we have designated for your lucid dream. That is where you are having your adventures. Very few people experience real astral travel outside of their body energy field and these people perceive an earth-astral plane, about which we have already reported so much. Hardly any astral travellers are invited to travel the spiritual world, because that is reserved for people who have worked for it. The real astral travellers only very rarely come outside the earth-astral planes into areas that are really of interest. With this, the astral travellers should be aware that it is not they who determine where the journey goes. Most astral travellers are not even really aware of this, so that they are actually only fellow travellers of their upper level consciousness of their incarnation, which allows this. Exceptions prove the rule, but these people have been able to evolve to the point where they don’t make a big fuss about it.

If you gaze at an earth-astral plane through real astral glasses, you will only recognise detailed forms after some time, because your consciousness has to adjust to the sensory impressions. The more a person has been able to evolve, the faster this process will take place. Suppose you have adjusted the sixth earth-astral plane as a plane of existence in your real astral glasses. You know from our revelations that your sixth energy node on the forehead is the gateway to all earthly astral planes. The sixth earth-astral plane is an overlay of all earth-astral planes, so that you can experience an overall impression of the earth-astral planes there. Why is that, we ask?

You believe until now that there is only one astral plane, which is true, but practically there are many subplanes of this astral plane in this frequency range. Your planet, as well as your human body, consists of seven energy bodies that belong to the seven earthly astral planes. Each astral plane is populated and each of the seven astral planes has its purpose. Each human energy body exists on one of the seven earth-astral planes because each human energy body has a purpose, which you express as humans. You already have a certain idea of your so-called seven chakras, which we call the energy nodes of your body. Each purpose has been addressed by us before in blog posts, so you can read our explanations of them on the scribbler’s blog. However, the sixth energy node of your body is special because this energy node is a gateway to perceive all other earth-astral levels as a superimposed projection. If you assume that each earth-astral plane can be viewed as a transparent film sheet, then viewing the sixth earth-astral plane would show all the other transparent film sheets superimposed on each other so that you can experience a total experience of all the purposes of the earth-astral planes. If you could look at the sixth earthly astral plane through the real astral glasses, you would also perceive your own reality, so that, strictly speaking, you would have seven transparent film foils of other planes of existence superimposed on your worldly world. Here is an example.

Take a person who is talking animatedly with another person. At first you see only these two persons. If you adjust the frequency of your real astral glasses to the sixth earth-astral plane, you will perceive much more. You will first see only a glimmer around the two persons and very slowly this glimmer will take shape. These have a clearly human form, because now two beings are standing opposite each other arguing, apparently loudly discussing with each other. What kind of beings are standing with the two persons, we ask? They are the persons themselves! To be more precise, they are partial consciousnesses of the persons who are fulfilling their destiny. The fifth energy node, which you locate at the throat, is the gateway to the fifth earth-astral plane. On the fifth earth-astral plane lives your fifth partial consciousness of incarnation and there it carries out its task. It discusses with the other subconsciousnesses of the other persons. The two people who are having a lively conversation carry all the subconsciousnesses with them in their body energy field, so that the subconsciousnesses of the people also face each other and go about their task. The fifth partial consciousness of the incarnation is supposed to train pronunciation, gestures and the ability to communicate, for this it usually argues with the other partial consciousnesses on the fifth earth-astral level. Because these subconsciousnesses have a direct connection to the personality consciousness of the person, the person is also encouraged to argue more and more energetically. The personality consciousness, however, determines how far it allows itself to be drawn into an argument. If the person appears to be more and more calm and wise, his fifth subconsciousness will have broken up many arguments, where one day the personality consciousness will decide not to be drawn into arguments any more. Through this procedure a person grows who, without the fifth subconsciousness of incarnation, would live his life very calmly but also passively. However, the human only learns when situations threaten to escalate, so that he comes to a realisation that will relax such situations in advance in the future.

The fourth subconsciousness has its energy node near the heart and this subconsciousness was given the most important task of all because this subconsciousness stores all your traumatic experiences so that you can continue your ordinary life. When the time seems ripe, this subconsciousness works together with the personality consciousness on the existing traumas. This means that the almost forgotten and repressed situations that burdened you so much mentally and also physically at the time of the experience are then gradually processed and at best resolved. In the fourth energy body there are many areas that store traumatic experiences and areas that provide other information. As you begin to work through these traumatic experiences, you will also explore the areas that hold surprises and that we interpret very positively. We will certainly be able to report more on this one day when we receive a question that relates to this subject.

All these partial consciousnesses of the incarnation will follow their destiny, because that was determined before the incarnation. We, the upper level consciousness of incarnation, are a partial consciousness that received very few requirements when we incarnated as this scribbler. For this we divided our previous consciousness into many partial consciousnesses. One sub-consciousness is the personality consciousness of the scribbler and all other sub-consciousnesses were given strict requirements to fulfil their provisions. We all together express ourselves in the behaviour of the scribbler because together we are the scribbler. The personality consciousness of the scribbler, however, has no memories of his previous existence. If he had these memories, he would still know how we together set all this in motion.

A human being who knows nothing of all this and who gazes at the sixth earth-astral plane through real astral glasses will, after some time, notice all these partial consciousnesses in the persons, but will not be able to classify them. Since the person with the real astral glasses has not yet acquired any background knowledge of what he or she is now beholding through these glasses, he or she will be startled because he or she thinks that all the persons are foreign-controlled and occupied, because it is precisely the partial consciousness of the incarnation that harbours the traumas that is shocking to look at. The subconsciousnesses of a person will reflect the behaviour of the human with the personality consciousness, whereby the personality consciousness determines which aspects of the subconsciousnesses are allowed to shine through and to what extent. One day the person is consolidated because he or she appears calm and wise, then the subconsciousnesses have fulfilled their tasks and they leave the further procedure to the personality consciousness. Let us now return to the actual subject.

How do you program real astral glasses now, we ask? Not at all, because that would be far too complex, even though we have announced something similar. You ask for them and depending on your motivation and development, spiritual beings will create real astral glasses for you. The process cannot be explained, but we would like to describe to you why you can see these other planes of existence in the first place.

We explained to you in a blog entry that you can actually see with your eyes closed because your eyes are sensors that only contribute partial information to your visual experience. You are pure consciousness and pure consciousnesses are subtle in nature. If you could visually gaze upon a pure consciousness, it would appear as a subtle cloud of consciousness that sparkles in many pastel shades. Where are eyes in this cloud of consciousness, we ask? Nowhere, because spiritual beings are not physical and therefore do not need sight or touch sensors. A fractal of consciousness is the most fundamental subtle form and each fractal of consciousness can perceive other forms in three-dimensional space depending on its shape. We simply know what forms exist around us and if the consciousness has been able to concentrate many fractals of consciousness, it will perceive distant forms. Your physical body is, so to speak, enveloped in a cloud of consciousness that focuses all partial consciousnesses. One partial consciousness is the body consciousness and its consciousness fractals are actually in the body.

A brief clarification follows at the request of the scribbler: we always explain the concepts of everything to you in such a way that you can gradually complete them more and more. When we locate the consciousness fractals in the body, it is to help you in perspective to bring all the concepts into alignment with each other. For us, most of what we refer to and will refer to is different, but from your point of view, we are providing the most vivid concepts to understand an extremely complex issue in such a way that you can also conduct experiments with this information later to confirm the concept.

We continue with our explanations: The body consciousness is an foreign consciousness that does not belong to the incarnation consciousness of you, but to the body of the life form. This body consciousness knows exactly how to manage the body because you only control it. We, the conglomerate of partial consciousnesses of your incarnation, attach to the body from the outside. You can imagine it exactly as we describe it. The personality consciousness is special because it is concentrated very close to the body and directs all its perception towards the bodily body. The consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness thus look at the body and they perceive nothing but the information that the body provides to the personality consciousness through its sensors. Therefore, the personality consciousness only knows the body and it can only perceive reality through the body sensors, and this information from the body sensors is also pre-filtered. The pre-filtered information is to help you as a person not to be overwhelmed by the perception of your reality. You only experience your environment through these body sensors. However, if you were able to take your focus off your body to perceive the information of your environment through the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness, you would perceive reality as highly advanced beings do. You then perceive other planes of existence that are currently withheld from you, and for good reason. Meditating humans do just that! They turn their attention away from the body. They will feel less and less signals from their body, depending on the depth of meditation, so that they perceive reality on an astral plane through their so-called third eye. Everything that meditators perceive is real, in the sense of: they see forms on a plane of existence that are presented to them there so that they can be trained by it. The third eye is commonly located on the forehead, where the sixth energy node is also located, which leads to the sixth earth-astral plane. Here the circle closes, because now the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness are urged to turn their gaze away from the body. Thus the personality consciousness experiences its environment through the consciousness fractals. Since the sixth earth-astral level might disturb a meditator, the upper level consciousness of incarnation will use the favour of the hour to create a separate area in the body energy field, which we call the meditation stage, where the person can be taught.

You see, once you understand the connections, it feels easier, also because the scary stories of some so-called astral travellers can no longer intimidate you.

Question: If a plane of existence with physical beings is observed through real astral glasses, will the observed beings notice?
No and yes. You also do not notice that you are constantly being mentally observed by countless spiritual beings or extraterrestrial explorers during your actions. However, the more a species evolves, the better it can perceive many levels of reality. Later earthly generations will experience your earth-astral levels more and more consciously and if spiritual or physical beings observe you mentally, you will also notice that one day, but until then many millennia will pass. What the scribbler would still like to know is whether the beings on other planes of existence can make contact with you in this procedure, and indeed they can. You could look at a plane of existence on Earth with strange beings through real astral glasses and if there are beings among these individuals who are mentally advanced, you could communicate with them. Imagine the following situation and it is not at all absurd: you have been given real astral glasses because your development and your motivation justify it. If you now look at a plane of existence on Earth where a being of that plane has also received real astral glasses, you could gaze at each other and you could gesture to send a friendly hello to the other plane of existence. If you could expand your humanity, we as the group of Sages could even establish telepathic communication between the two life forms and since telepathy is made through the Universal Translator, you could communicate as you would among your own kind. This has happened many times in one form or another so that life forms can grow from these communications. Imagine you are face to face with a being that could not look more inhuman to you and you are laughing and fooling around together or having deep philosophical conversations. It always leads to a completely new way of looking at life and you will grow from that because it always happens that way.

Question: Can you briefly explain how real astral glasses can be created and how they are used?
Take a frame similar to glasses, it does not even have to be fitted with lenses, and speak the following sentence in your mind:

“Dear spiritual beings, I would like to perceive other planes of existence through these glasses, therefore I ask you to create a real pair of astral glasses out of them. Thank you.”

You will not perceive any energy flow in your hands, because the frame is reprogrammed directly by us. Now, when you put on these glasses and you have the motivation in your mind to gaze upon another plane of existence, a spiritual being will begin to adjust the real astral glasses so that the consciousness fractals in the head area will be prompted to turn their attention away from the body and better perceive a certain frequency band in front of you. At first, few fractals of consciousness will perceive this other plane of existence, but over time there will be more and more, so that this frequency band will be placed like a transparent film over your own plane of existence. Some of you will perceive nothing, some will see shadowy forms and a few will consciously experience other planes of existence through real astral glasses. It depends on how stable you are as a person, what your motivation is and how far you have been able to develop.

The next entries will deal with the programming of Metamaterials so that you can start with the first experiments.

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