A0820: What are Metamaterials and how can you make them without much effort? – Part 5

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Real astral glasses will enable you to perceive a part of your reality that is not only unknown to you, but is consciously held up to you because you have hardly acquired the tools to understand what these astral planes really are. All that you will see through true astral glasses is real as far as we are concerned. No matter which of the unknown realities you will visually experience through real astral glasses, you will be speechless at first. And if you have not previously built up knowledge of these planes, it will shock and scare you to death.

Why is this, we ask? The vast majority of earthly humans do not know at first that these planes of reality exist. If they were then to look through real astral glasses, they could not believe what they will see. If you put on a pair of technological glasses that show a so-called virtual reality, you are aware that all you see through these glasses are electrical products created by a group of software developers for a specific purpose. It is most exciting to experiment with such technological glasses, but everything that is expressed through them is artificial in nature. If you could look through real astral glasses, the feeling you had when experiencing virtual reality through technological glasses would be reversed. For now you would realise that it is not the plane of reality that is artificial that you can perceive through the real astral glasses, but your mundane world. If you were to watch a documentary about a possible first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species and this information would trigger something in you because you would realise the possibilities of such a first contact, then you would look forward to such a first contact very euphorically. If this first contact is then experienced by you in your lifetime, you would afterwards claim full of fervour that you had imagined this moment completely differently and that the reality has far exceeded the imagination. This is always the case because the imagination can never clearly manifest something completely new, by that we mean visually and on a feeling basis. The observer of the astral plane, through genuine astral glasses, will attain precisely this realisation, because he realises that what he sees is more real than his own world. Why this is so will become more and more apparent to every reader when he has internalised our entries on the astral planes. We will be talking a lot more about the astral planes because they are so imperative to the overall understanding of your universe.

What is an astral plane?
An astral plane is a plane of existence that is only subtle in nature. What does it mean when something appears subtle, we ask? All things that you can taste, smell or touch, for example, are subtle in nature first and it is only because objects can influence each other in your universe that the solid world exists. The more subtle a plane is, the less the different objects on that plane will influence each other. Your digital world can simulate your solid world, but in order to do so, rules must be determined in a three-dimensional and digital world as to how the information can influence each other. If you drive a digital car against a digital wall in the digital world, a rule says that the car and the wall have been damaged and their function is affected. In the digital world, a simulation of your solid world will provide digital objects that must influence each other to be accepted as a simulation of the mundane world. Does this sound familiar to you, we ask? Exactly! The subtle world is your reality and the mundane world is a simulation that is subject to certain rules that came into existence with the big bang of your universe. Your planet, your human body and every living being are simulations that are based on these rules so that this simulation is as close to a game as possible. This game is gladly played by pure consciousnesses from the spiritual world in order to grow through the knowledge gained from this game, because this is exactly the purpose of this simulation, which you currently still perceive as your only reality. If you look through real astral glasses, your basic assumption about your reality will collapse because you will realise in a few moments that you are a character in a simulation. But this simulation is more far-reaching because, although it is a representation of the astral world, it is subject to many more rules and is therefore more difficult to master. The following example will show you why this is so.

A human being who has everything, never falls ill and can exist for a thousand years will experience far fewer outstanding realisations than an average person with you on Earth who only lives to be eighty years old. If you like, the average person has lived in a simulation that promotes an inhuman approach through its strict rules. As a result, the person had to make many compromises in order to master the game. The person had to work hard to make these compromises, and only many insights put him on the path of knowledge that guarantees a very high score. After the game, the reward in the form of a grant of power is awarded on the basis of the score. This is what matters to every player who plays in such a simulation. You as a person and we as your upper level consciousness are at this very moment taking part in the game in your simulated universe, for this we have to make many compromises in order to survive in your inhuman society.

A person who has everything, never gets sick and tries to occupy himself with something for a thousand years will also gain knowledge, but it is difficult to compare it with yours, because he was hardly exposed to deficiency situations that demanded compromise. Therefore, these beings will hardly develop humanly, although they have so much time for it. These beings do exist and if you have been following our posts on the Anunnaki blog you know very well what we are saying.

If your reality is only a simulation defined by many rules, the spirit world is the reality from which you have started the journey into this game. The spiritual world is subtle in nature, where objects in three-dimensional space almost do not affect each other at all. The three-dimensional space in the spiritual world is fundamental because only this space enables the consciousnesses in the spiritual world to create objects through thoughts. In this subtle space a small sub-area has been separated as an object, which today represents your universe. The astral plane of your universe separates this three-dimensional area from the subtle spiritual world. As a result, every spiritual being must first enter the astral plane of your universe in order to then incarnate as an intelligent life form, depending on its motivation. The astral plane of your universe is the superior astral plane that your universe knows and that connects everything on a subtle basis. This subtle realm has on another level the quantum consciousnesses that are all that you know. The quantum level is what allows you to perceive something like atoms. In a computer game, the quanta would be the pixels that make it possible for the player to experience the game visually. This comparison should not be taken too seriously, even if the analogy is partly very true.

If the mundane world is just like a simulation, what is the spiritual world, we ask? Another simulation that once created out of itself the simulation of universes, where you are reading these lines in one of the many universes. The spiritual world must be a simulation because a spiritual being does not need a physical form nor does it need to exist in a three-dimensional environment. We have mostly assumed a human form in the spiritual world because it is indeed chic to dress in a human form there. Originally, we are pure consciousnesses that do not need forms. Instead, we feel everything, even if few readers can really comprehend that now. One day a part of our three-dimensional space was filled with forms and we consciousnesses played with the forms in that space. Since every thought of ours can create further forms, innumerable consciousnesses worked to create the spiritual world in which the consciousnesses played with the forms more and more intensively, so that one day they got tired of it because hardly anything new was added. As a redemption, the universes were created. In these simulations, the play of the consciousnesses became more and more challenging, so that real competitions were devised in which young consciousnesses could compete. The rules of the game became stricter and stricter, which increased the reward for mastering a game. For each game automatically ensured that the game participants became more and more human, because they not only mastered challenges, but also had to make more and more compromises. They automatically developed their humanity as the game simulation increased in difficulty. This led to a process we call incarnation into a life form. One particular game area in this simulation is by far the most difficult to master, but it is worth participating in because the rewards are highest there. The reward increases as the playing field becomes more difficult to master, and Earth holds by far the greatest challenges because the societies there promote the most inhumane behaviour. But that’s not all. You on Earth also have the lowest life expectancy of any human life form in your universe. By this we do not mean premature deaths through violence or environmental poisoning, but earthly humans were constructed in such a way that they cannot live long. You could live over a hundred and twenty years and if you stay healthy, even longer, but you usually don’t even make it to a hundred years and if you do, you can hardly move. On other planets it is different and we will discuss the living beings on other planets in later series, which we have not described in great detail so far. That is why Earth guarantees the highest score in your simulation that you can get by living a life form. For this purpose, your universe was created as a simulation in the equally simulated spiritual world, so that a consciousness can grow playfully and expand its humanity more and more, because everything is directed towards growth.

Since we have spent a little longer on the simulation of your universe, we will have to postpone the programming of real astral glasses until the next entry. We will also briefly explain in the next entry what it takes to understand the earth-astral planes and how they differ from the astral plane of your universe. Furthermore, we will address what you can actually experience through real astral glasses, because even real astral journeys cannot usually be properly classified by people.

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