A0004: Will we all become one with the source again and if so what happens to us as an individual?

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With this ever-increasing condition, the laws are made how the responsible people want to please their wealthy donors. The advantages gained thereby have great potential to put the (world population) into a state of horror through targeted manipulation. Don’t think you’re spared. Nobody has the right to induce this kind of confiscation for themselves. Only those in the ranks of the powerful who are willing to do good have the moral capacity to open a benevolent chapter in modern times. This type of communication, with the desire from life to the dead, will never exist again. Do not compare what has been said with the contractually agreed compensation you have won. You will never think about it again when the day comes to position the declarations you have won over the others. Think about the potential within you, accept it and don’t think about the outcome, but enjoy the game of life.

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