A0823: What are Metamaterials and how can you make them without much effort? – Part 8

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Today we’re going to tell you how you can create Metamaterial of the second category. What all categories have in common is that they complement each other, so there are actually no strict separations between them. A rubber band has no predefined size because rubber bands are made of an elastic material that can return to its original shape when physically stressed. Any stress will deform the elastic material and one day there will be a fatigue break that weakens the material until it breaks. A meta rubber band is different because it is able to adjust its elasticity as required. Furthermore, the meta rubber band is no longer made of a material that tears quickly because its molecular chains can break. A meta rubber band consists of molecular chains that will always lengthen or shorten. How can you imagine something like this? Take an ordinary necklace with many links. If you pull the necklace apart at both ends, you will quickly reach a point where the holding forces of the links resist further stretching. The chain has now reached its maximum elasticity. If you were to apply more force than the holding force of a connecting link, the material would fatigue and break. This is roughly how a rubber band breaks. 

When the rubber band is not under stress, the polymer chains are pulled together and the outer shape of the rubber band assumes a resting position. When the rubber band is pulled, the polymer chains of the material unfold until they have reached their maximum length. If there are no more polymer chains in the rubber band that can unfold, the material is overstressed and the first signs of fatigue appear. If this happens often, the first polymer chains will break, which then leads to a loss of tension in the rubber band. If the meta rubber belt is not to be overstressed, it must adapt to the conditions. How should this happen? The meta rubber band would add more polymer chains during the stress!

Polymer chains are not only ineffective when the intended stress increases, but their structure hardly allows for optimisation. By this we mean the following: A polymer chain is produced and acquires its properties during this process, which can no longer be changed from this point onwards. You know different rubber bands for different purposes, but all these rubber bands have received their adjustments during the production process and can only operate within these limits. There is nothing you can do to turn a small rubber band for the bread box into something that can withstand your weight without tearing or showing signs of fatigue. It’s all possible with a meta rubber band. What does it take to create a meta rubber band? A crystal and an ordinary household rubber band. We will now teach you how to programme it.

If you have not already had the crystal prepared in the previous experiment, do it now and have two glass containers filled with the opposite energy form of your existence in the secret cellar dungeon. You first want to create a Metamaterial from the rubber band, so you need to reprogramme the object properties in a single moment. For this, the crystal consciousness uses the opposite energy of your existence. However, you must first explain which object properties of the rubber band are to be changed. Since you are not yet able to mentally travel through objects to find out what makes an object and how it was created, the crystal consciousness will co-operate with your upper-level consciousness, which works excellently because they are of the same kind, so to speak. You want to change the molecular chains because they are currently ineffective when we look at elasticity. You want the molecular chains to be much more tear resistant, so an overarching requirement of the object properties has something to do with tear resistance. This change in the object property will have extraordinary effects because now the rubber band can be stretched as far as before without breaking, even if you were to forcibly induce overstressing. Now the meta rubber band is a Metamaterial of the first category, but it should be able to do even more, which we will add in the second step.

Experiment: The meta rubber band that almost can’t break
You have placed the crystal and the rubber band in your hand. Ask to be guided in this experiment. Speak the following words in your mind:

“Dear spiritual being, please accompany my experiment and support me where I am stuck. Thank you.” 

Now you want to change the properties of the object so that the tear resistance is increased tenfold. This means that the meta rubber band can withstand ten times as much stress as before. This reprogramming consumes less energy, so you can also increase the value later. You don’t know in detail what the tear resistance of a material is, but every spiritual being knows exactly what this means, so that many object properties are changed simultaneously during reprogramming in order to achieve the desired effect. As you hold the crystal and the rubber band in your hand, say the following words in your mind:

“Dear Crystal Consciousness, when I have counted to three, use the opposing existential energy in the secret basement dungeon to make the rubber band ten times more tear-resistant. One. Two. Three.”

When you feel a tug or a twitch in your palm, the programming is done. The amount of energy used in these programming experiments is always in stock because the spiritual world knows in advance what you need for your experiment. If you find an amount of energy in the crystal but do not need it, you can also wear the crystal on your body, which will have positive effects. You now pull unusually hard on the meta rubber band and, contrary to expectations, it doesn’t break. However, if you overdo it, you can destroy it. Now let’s move on to the second step in our experiment to create a Metamaterial of the second category. 

Experiment: Changing the elasticity through mental instructions
If you want to change the elasticity of the meta rubber band, you could program it once, but then you will still not have a second category Metamaterial. After programming, you want to be able to give the meta rubber band instructions regarding its current elasticity. If you want to increase the elasticity, you will connect to the meta rubber band and tell it to mobilise an elasticity that is ten times higher than the current one. When the tension decreases, reconnect and tell it to reduce the tension by half. The meta rubber band will immediately change tension without breaking. To do this, you must program the Metamaterial again so that an instruction from you reprograms the properties of the elasticity so that the desired effect occurs. To do this, the meta rubber band is enriched with dark energy, which has the property of being self-replenishing. This dark energy is to be used by the meta rubber band when you give the instruction to change the tension. 

We told you earlier that the meta-rubber band was created by changing many object properties of the original rubber band. This initially required great potential. If the properties of the elastic in the meta rubber band are now to be changed by an instruction from you, the amount of energy required for this is less than for the initial reprogramming. The dark amount of energy in the meta rubber band will be sufficient for all your instructions.

In general, you do not need the opposite energy form of your existential energy because you can also use the dark energy for any programming, but later on you will have energy quantities react with each other and you will use opposite energy forms for this. We have therefore used these experiments as an opportunity to introduce you to this concept. In the series on Lemuria, we’ve already talked a bit about why the Lemurians spent millennia making new forms of energy react with each other. The possibilities are staggering and if you do your research to your current research standards, your continent will not sink into the sea like Lemuria did. Let’s get back to our meta rubber band.

Next, we’ll make sure that dark energy is stored in the material of the meta rubber band, which will replenish itself. Take the Metamaterial in your hand and connect to it as you usually do with your crystal. The material is now a Metamaterial, which is extremely suitable for such mental projects. What you will then see in your mind’s eye resembles a laboratory, just as you have an idea of it. It doesn’t look chaotic in this laboratory, nor are there any experiments going on. However, you now want to create something that can be seen as a never-ending experiment. Speak the following words in your mind:

“Dear spiritual being, I need two glass containers filled with dark energy. Thank you.”

You should see two glass containers on a laboratory table filled with an energy that will be sufficient for your experiment. The vessels will continue to fill slowly and steadily with the dark energy and will never overflow, so you need not worry about this. As you are now programming in the meta rubber band, you are using the dark energy to change the properties of the object exactly when you instruct it to. You will find out later why we are creating a dark energy depot for this, but we will use it for the rest of the procedure. You now need to create something in the lab that will carry out the reprogramming of the object properties. 

Object properties can be very abstract when they are considered together, so you will now create a rough framework in the laboratory and leave all the subtleties to the spiritual world. Later on, the humans of Earth will scientifically research these properties of objects, then the spiritual world will just watch your experiments as the knowledge of this and your mental abilities continue to increase. 

Imagine another vessel on your lab bench and the contents are supposed to represent the resilience of your Metamaterial. This is just one concept of many and once it is understood, there are no limits to your imagination. By this we mean the pictorial representation or the possibilities of changing object properties. The contents of the container represent the elasticity of the meta rubber band and when it is full, the meta rubber band has reached its maximum elasticity. When the container is empty, the meta rubber band uses its minimum tension force. All other fill levels between the maximum and minimum tension force are divided equally. Each time you change the contents of the container for the tension force, the meta rubber band should use some dark energy to readjust the tension force based on the fill level. The dark energy is always on hand because the need to adjust the object’s properties exceeds the energy you can usually mobilise through your mind power. You are free to choose the contents of the container for the resilience, so in our example we will use sand, which can be found on the beach. You can position another container next to this vessel to hold the sand that you take from the vessel for the tension force. Once you have understood the concept behind it, program the Metamaterial by saying the following words in your mind:

“Dear Metamaterial, I instruct the following: Whenever the contents of the vessel for tension force change, the object property of the tension force should receive a change. If the container is completely filled with sand, the tension force should be set to its maximum adjustment. If the container is emptied, the object properties for the minimum tension force should be used. To change the object property of the tension force, you may use the dark energy. Thank you.”

That’s it, but there’s still more to tell. Who sets the maximum and minimum clamping force? That’s you. When you held the rubber band in your hand for the first time, you got a feeling for the tension. Your imagination determines what you think a meta rubber band is capable of when we look at the object properties. If you think that even a slight load will cause the meta rubber band to break, it will. If you are convinced that this Metamaterial can be used as a tow rope for a car, that will also happen. Based on your previous expectations, the meta rubber band with its object properties will adjust. There is still a lot to tell about this, which we will do when we get the chance. Next, we will program a Metabattery that uses and extends the concepts presented.

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