A0822: What are Metamaterials and how can you make them without much effort? – Part 7

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We’ve already told you a lot about Metamaterials, but today we’re going to let you in on some basic knowledge that should be new to most readers. We also believe that you have heard some of this before, but none of you have been able to see all of this information as a big picture, which we want to change.

Metamaterials are versatile and we have already said that Metamaterials are almost impossible to produce with your current technology. We have explained why this is the case in that Metamaterials need to be reprogrammed using vast amounts of energy. You will create a high-grade Metamaterial from a low-grade source material, and you can only do this by expending vast amounts of energy that are used in a single moment to readjust the properties of the source material. That is all there is to it and yet your current physics fails simply because of the amounts of energy that you cannot generate and then use. If humans on Earth had mentally reached the necessary level for this, you would be able to do it with a flash of thought. Alternatively, you can use energy crystals, which offer you two advantages. Firstly, they can be used to store energy and secondly, the forms of energy that you accumulate in huge potentials in the crystal are safe for you physical beings, even if you could energise entire cities with them for a long time. With our experiments, you will produce three categories of Metamaterials that are fundamental for further experiments.

First category of Metamaterials
Metamaterials that appear to be of higher quality than the properties provided by the base material. These Metamaterials will perform the same functions as the starting material, but will be much more effective.

Second category of Metamaterials
Metamaterials that have form properties that you cannot produce yourself today and that will not only amaze you, but will also be excellent for your everyday use.

Third category of Metamaterials
Metamaterials that provide properties and behaviours that are completely unknown to you. When the New Physics enters your universities, many students will be able to spend millennia researching new Metamaterials because the possibilities seem almost limitless. You will not unlearn the old physics, because it is part of the general understanding, but it does not correspond to one per mille of the physics that you could explore as physical beings. 

Example of the first category of Metamaterials
If you take an ordinary coloured pencil, it consists of a carbon core and a wooden casing. Whenever you use the coloured pencil, the carbon lead wears out and you have to sharpen it again. Sharpening not only wastes a large proportion of the lead, but also of the wooden shaft. We’ll tell you how you can easily reprogramme a sharpened coloured pencil so that you can use it for the rest of your life without having to sharpen it again. In this series, this will be an experiment that we will describe to you in detail, including why it works at all. Remember, you are experimenting and training with the New Physics, so you can’t use the old for explanations.

Example of the second category of Metamaterials
A rubber band is very practical, but all conventional rubber bands tire quickly and break. An experiment will turn a standard rubber band into something that never tires and never breaks. This might initially belong to the first category of Metamaterials, but if you can tell the rubber band how to adjust the tension, this is a property that will be exceptional.

Example of the third category of Metamaterials
Real Metamaterials that have a completely new behaviour! Take a conventional battery, regardless of its design, and program a metabattery that never loses its capacity. What’s new about that, you ask? We have explained at length how a real crystal battery is programmed, but a crystal battery uses a much greater potential. An off-the-shelf battery that you will reprogramme is much easier to create than a real crystal battery that could replace many of your nuclear power plants. This experiment will be a lot of fun because your batteries will never discharge, which will be a great asset for you.

Today we start with the first experiment, where we will also go into the principle behind it. Understanding this is very important because these are the foundations on which you will build.

Experiment: A coloured pencil for eternity
The carbon lead of a coloured pencil is soft or hard, depending on the type of coloured pencil you use. Soft leads will wear out faster, but no matter which type you use, the lead will be used up one day. A meta coloured pencil will be sharpened forever and give the same results as a regular coloured pencil. What happens to the carbon lead so that the meta properties of your meta coloured pencil kick in, we ask? A carbon lead will wear away as you write or colour and the worn material portion of the carbon lead will remain where you draw a line with the crayon. If the lead of a meta coloured pencil is not supposed to wear out, where does the material for the carbon abrasion come from, we ask? From the area around the coloured pencil! The carbon lead must first be solidified so that it never wears out. Once you’ve done that, you need to instruct the programmed lead to use air molecules to create a charcoal line on a sheet of paper. Whenever the mine is mechanically stressed, it will use air molecules from the environment to draw the carbon line. The meta-colour pencil will enrich the air molecules between the metamine and a piece of paper on which a line is to be drawn with extra energy. This extra energy will change the air molecules so that they resemble the base material of the coloured pencil lead. By pressing the metamines onto the paper, you will simultaneously grind the now transformed air molecules between the lead and the paper so that you can put the carbon dust on the paper and draw a line. That’s all it takes to understand the concept behind it. 

Many crystal programmers will use this concept to turn different materials into Metamaterials that never wear out. This small example alone could revolutionise your entire industry. Now let’s move on to programming a meta-colour pencil. You will need a crystal and a coloured pencil. As you have already read our descriptions of how to program crystals, a lot of this will be familiar to you. All other readers will only be able to partially understand what we are about to describe. 

Take your crystal in your hand and have it prepared by a spiritual being. Say the following sentence, which does not have to be reproduced one-to-one.

“Dear spiritual being, prepare this crystal for the following experiments. Thank you very much.”

Once you have spoken this sentence in your mind, you may perceive a flow of energy in your body or just in your hand. After a few seconds, the preparation of your crystal is complete. Next, you must be able to mentally travel through the crystal. Close your eyes and say the following sentence in your mind:

“I am now entering this crystal and I ask for help in doing so. I would like to program the meta-colour pen and be guided through the process. Thank you very much.”

You will usually notice a slight feeling of pressure on your eyeballs, which should help you to increase your ability to visualise. If you now recognise shadowy shapes, this is the help you have asked for.

Ask to be guided into the secret basement vault. Ask for two central vessels of glass into which you allow the opposing energy forms of your existence to be filled. These vessels have a special shape so that you will always see them first. These opposing forms of energy will create a huge potential for tension. You intend to trigger a flash of thought through a crystal so that you create a large potential, as in a capacitor, which you then direct towards a future Metamaterial in a single moment. These two forms of energy are opposing and this always ensures that the energy field of the crystal is charged. If you could measure the energy field of the crystal, you would notice a huge difference after programming. The energy field is charged with a subtle form of energy because between the opposing forms of energy, the dark energy is now being used to separate these forms of energy so that they do not react with each other.  The opposing forms of energy are later used to create the Metamaterial. If you were to allow these energy potentials to react with each other, you would have an Energy Bomb that could only do damage on your reality plane if the potential was so vast that you could make gold with it. But you will not be able to accumulate these energy potentials in a crystal and we are with you in your experiments so you can proceed without concern. 

Now that we have filled your jars in the secret cellar dungeon, you can carry out your experiment. Take the crystal in one hand and place the future meta-colour pen in the palm of the same hand. Connect with the crystal and ask for the mine to be transformed into a Metamaterial that is form stable and will therefore show no normal signs of abrasion. In your mind, say something like the following words:

“Dear Crystal Consciousness. The following experiment is intended to transform the coloured pencil lead into a dimensionally stable metamaterial. To do this, use the energy from the secret cellar dungeon. Initiate the transformation at the number three. One. Two. Three.”

As a spiritual being always supervises these experiments, they will be carried out exactly as intended. You will feel a jerk in your hand and if you then use your coloured pencil to draw, it will not be able to draw any lines. No matter how many lines you want to draw on the paper, the tip of the coloured pencil will not wear out, but if you were to overuse it, the metamines would not be able to keep their shape either. Next, you want to be able to draw with it, so you need to program the lead again. Whenever pressure is applied to the lead, air molecules between the lead and the paper should be converted into atoms that are similar in composition to the original lead. As they are created at the contact surface, they are also rubbed off there and a carbon film is created on the sheet of paper. Speak the following sentence in your mind, but you don’t have to make sure to recite it word for word.

“Dear spiritual being, transfer the residual energy from the vessels in the cellar dungeon into the metamines. Create more vessels in the Metamine, which will be filled with dark energy. The dark energy in the Metamine will now be used to reshape air molecules on the friction surface of the mine tip. When the tip of the mine is subjected to friction, air molecules on the contact surface should be reshaped to transcend to the material the mine was previously made of before it was reshaped into a Metamine. Thank you very much.”

As the dark energy vessels in the metamines refill themselves, the metamines will continuously transform air molecules at the contact surface of the metamines into carbon material that the mine was previously made of.

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