A0682: Why is there now a pyramid where Atlantis was founded? – Part 5

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The Solar Council, in consultation with many other councils, has been given the mandate to determine a course of action as to what this leadership of earthly humans can look like. We can already say that there was a long struggle about what this procedure could look like and the conflicting parties of the Council, who gave their consent to this on the moon of Jupiter, were just as involved as many other extraterrestrial races, so that it was open for a long time what the best procedure would be to lead the earthly people. Many millennia passed and only then was the plan put into action. First it was decided that the emotional life of the earthly people would be given a change so that humanity could be programmed. What do we mean by that? You are highly explosive emotional beings and so that you do not annihilate each other on a whim, it was arranged that your emotional life could be controlled from the outside. The next change was in your evolutionary leaps, which were halted by your inability to evolve mentally. Under normal circumstances, not only would your mental capacities be much stronger, but you would be able to perceive your environment quite differently. Your world does not consist of what you perceive today, but the earth has several energy planes and since the earth at that time consisted of three astral planes, people also had only three energy bodies. These planes of existence are foreign to most people today and we also think that those who can perceive energy planes still do not understand what they are actually meant for. If you had not received this guidance thousands of years ago, all people today could easily perceive these astral planes and you could mentally accomplish things that you would currently associate with magic. The pyramids were created to create a global energy field that prevents your mental and evolutionary leaps. The matrix, as you often refer to this energy field, could be used to turn all of you on the surface into mindless slaves, but the real purpose is different. You were not to become too powerful too quickly, as all the alien species feared that you would use your brutal approach on other alien races, and that would indeed be an imminent danger. Now you may be wondering that historically this has made little difference and you are completely wrong. If you think that historically your race has only known war and destruction, then you do not realise exactly what it would have meant if you had not been given that guidance. As a warlike race you would have very quickly developed weapons that would have pulverised whole swathes of land in an instant, and if we assume that Earthly humanity would not have wiped each other out, then you would have quickly figured out how to practise interstellar travel and then warlike clashes with extraterrestrial beings would have been inevitable. The need to lead the Earth race was as clear as day to every race in the Universe, that is why you are not only a very exceptional human race, but your planet with its so-called matrix is unique in all universes that exist at this time. Your planet has a so-called matrix, which is nothing other than an energy field in which very special frequencies exist that influence the people on the surface. If the prevailing frequencies can affect human beings, why have you not become aware of this over all these millennia, we ask? Because you should not know this at all. Earthly man has been given such extreme attitudes by the Wingmakers that earthly men are emotional time bombs that could detonate constantly. Because more than 37,000 years ago you were just as mentally advanced as you are today, these emotional outbursts of rage had hardly any effect on humanity as a whole, but your development cannot be stopped because your society is always developing and when you are much more mentally potent, your emotional escalations are also much stronger and this had to be stopped by the so-called matrix. It is not only your mental abilities that are being suppressed, but many beings are helping you to mature as a human race. If a person had a rage 37,000 years ago, then animals and humans could suffer because the angry person could also go into a neighbour’s house and slaughter anything they came across. That sounds unbelievable to you, but your humanity, which prevents such behaviour even in childhood, did not yet exist to the extent that you know it today. You have acquired this humanity as a human race over a long period of time. You have had times on Earth that were so brutal, but they were no worse than the times you experienced before the so-called matrix. The so-called matrix contains many frequency patterns that strongly influence you humans on the surface and one frequency pattern is particularly strong because this frequency pattern is to help you to act more calmly. The frequency pattern of serenity is very strong in your global energy field and because this frequency pattern is so strong that indigenous peoples are very peaceful by nature, but the frequency of anger can override the frequency pattern of serenity and when this happens the frequency pattern of anger spreads like wildfire and can only be stopped by groups that have developed the frequency pattern of serenity very strongly. If there are people around you who seem very calm, then the wildfire of anger can hardly progress, so that everyone notices how calm that person seems, even though everyone else wants to act out the anger. The matrix has been set up in such a way that the general public aligns itself with the persons who have the composure to outdo the wildfire of anger. When these persons act as the leaders of groups or nations, the wildfire of rage is always cancelled out by these serene persons, but before that something happens that was also planned in exactly this way by the creators of the matrix. The general public will be seized by the wildfire of anger and they will live out these frequency patterns because the extreme attitudes of the earthly-human body dictate it. When the rage is acted out, the being acts irrationally and extremely brutally. When the frequency pattern subsides again because the frequencies of the serene appearing guides and leaders take care of it, then the person realises what he was capable of during the tantrum and now that serenity has returned, the person will reflect on his actions and he will be surprised and ashamed of all that he did during the tantrum. Once the person has realised that their actions were not humane, they will stop them because they have now come to the realisation that this inhumane behaviour is not beneficial, so that the gain in realisation has a strong effect on the person and they have become more calm as a result. All these mechanisms are stored in the so-called matrix and we also think that the mechanism just presented represents the strongest influence. We said that the human being is programmed, what do we mean by that? We told you that prevailing frequency patterns influence your behaviour and if many people dwell under an astral hemisphere that sets its own laws, then these laws will influence your behaviour in that way and we also say that your bodies have been given something that makes you age faster. People on other worlds also have a limited age, but the ageing process is much slower, so people on other worlds can give birth to many offspring during their lifetime. You have been given what is called a matrix that ensures that the ageing process is affected. Your ageing process has been accelerated so that most of the time you do not grow as old and because you have a limited time to give birth to and raise your offspring, you are also much less human at this time than on other planets. This process has the following purpose. A human being who does not grow very old has little time to develop mentally. If you die earlier, you could hardly train your mental abilities, because you have to be calm and serene for that. If human society has more young than old, wise and calm persons in terms of mental potential, then their social development is much faster and this helps you to develop much faster as individuals. This approach has put you on a social fast track, so to speak, so that you have enjoyed a development as a human race that hardly any species experiences. Now who built the pyramids that have ensured that you have this special energy field on Earth, which you call the Matrix, all over the world? It was you and the New Lemurians from the underground cities helped you. The programming of the main crystals under the pyramids has been taken over by powerful beings so that no one could say that the New Lemurians have deceived you. The Great Pyramid at Giza, as well as several other pyramids, were created over 31,000 years ago, and since that time you have been living under a special energy umbrella that keeps you from wiping out yourselves and other planets.

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