A0559: How are emotions transmitted?

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What is an emotion, we ask? An emotion is transformed by the human body. The incarnation in you has a feeling because you, as a human being, are exposed to a situation that triggers that feeling in the incarnation. Therefore, we can also say: you humans are the personality consciousness and as personality consciousness you do not know any feelings, so the incarnation in you with the first energy body feels a feeling because the partial consciousness of the incarnation experiences everything that you experience as a human being. When the feeling is experienced by the first energy body, then this feeling as a total package will stimulate all the other energy bodies so that the feeling is transmitted as a total frequency package via the main energy node to the total consciousness that dwells in the incarnation cube. When the feeling arrives in the total consciousness, it arrives as a packet of information that includes all the senses of the body. When all the senses are included as information, then the body consciousness increases this information in this information package so that the information is sent back to the energy bodies as a new information package. If the energy bodies receive the new information package, then the information is taken over and the energy bodies oscillate in the changed frequency. The feeling has been increased by the body consciousness so that all the energy bodies again begin to send the total frequency of the energy bodies to the total consciousness. Again the body consciousness increases the frequencies and sends the increased information package back to the energy bodies. 

Thus the feeling transforms into an emotion because all the energy bodies are stimulated by the body consciousness to oscillate higher and higher. If a maximum limit is reached, the body consciousness begins to lower the frequencies of the energy bodies, in which the changed information package receives lower frequencies, so that the energy bodies subside again. This is a process that can be trained so that a person can regulate the raising of the frequency bodies, but for this to happen the person must have previously experienced strong emotions so that these emotions can be influenced. You can consciously allow that emotion to subside before it is transferred from a feeling of incarnation to an emotion, or you can consciously evoke an emotion because you have experienced that emotion before. When you consciously bring forth an emotion, it is only in the strength that you once experienced it.

When you consciously evoke the emotion, it can never be more powerful than the emotion that you once transformed into an emotion as a feeling of the Incarnation. It is not you who feels something, but the inner being within you that once incarnated and which you become more and more the older you are. The incarnation feels something and thus starts the process of transformation. If there were no incarnation in you, then you would not be able to feel anything. If you could not feel a feeling, then you would never experience an emotion, so that now every person should be aware that non-inhabited people, or as it used to be called, non-souled people, cannot exist at all, because every person not only feels but can also experience emotions. 

When you are young, you will experience such strong feelings that your body consciousness can hardly transform many feelings into emotions, because then the young person would be completely overwhelmed. The incarnation within you is constantly experiencing these overwhelming feelings, but the personality consciousness of older people is getting better at stopping these feelings so that the body does not constantly transform the strong emotions. There are also negative emotions that the human being experiences and they are also heightened, but the incarnation within you hardly knows these negative emotions, so the personality consciousness learns these negative emotions and brings forth the negative emotion. If the negative emotion is experienced because you are very angry, then at any time you can bring forth that anger again and unfounded, but only as strong as you once experienced it. If you escalate into a situation it is because you have experienced that emotion before, but you cannot escalate further into that situation because you have never experienced that strong emotion before. 

If you love, we don’t mean affection, we mean feeling appreciated and needed, then you can evoke that emotion again and again so that emotion can do something that we will explain briefly.

Every emotion makes your energy bodies oscillate synchronously. By this we do not mean that all the energy bodies oscillate at the same frequency, but in unison so that they oscillate together in time. When this happens, all the subconsciousnesses of the energy bodies will unite and you will have a heightened consciousness during a strong emotion. When you have heightened consciousness, you can think faster because you have more fractals of consciousness available to you. If you can think faster, then you can do more, so people with heightened consciousness perceive the spiritual world much more clearly. When man enters the spiritual world with a part of his personality consciousness, that man holds a power that can accomplish many things that you still consider magic today, so that a man who experiences a strong emotion becomes very powerful as a result, as long as that emotion lasts. When the human being is very powerful, then the human being can do many things in the spiritual world as well as in the worldly world. Most people do not know this, which is why magic is something that only exists in fairy tales for these people.

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