A0558: Why do spiritual beings give adapted information to religious people?

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If we want to talk about spiritual beings giving information to people, we must first describe the motivations of these spiritual beings, because there are many beings who do this, but very few of these spiritual beings have the competence to do it. What do we mean by that, we ask? When a human being asks a question, the human being also wants to receive an understandable answer, so that the question is decisive for which spiritual being feels addressed. If you ask a question to the spiritual world and you want to receive advice so that you can better find your way in human life, then spiritual beings who belong to the accompanying beings of a person will always answer this question. If each person is still accompanied by at least one master at the time, then this spiritual being will answer the person’s question. If a person has a specific question that has something to do with how the bodily processes in a human being work, then a person’s Master might answer it or a spiritual being will be called in who can explain the subject better and more understandably. The functions of the human body are known to most spiritual beings, but as with you in school, there are teachers who can teach the school material well and less well to the pupils. It is the same with spiritual beings, so that there are spiritual beings who are trained in certain areas. 

Now, if a person wants to know something about the atomic bomb without that person knowing anything about atomic physics, then it requires a teacher who is not only exceedingly patient but who also knows how to train a person in something without the person losing patience and turning to other things again. If it is always a balancing act between the person’s motivation and the training itself, then the spiritual being must be extremely competent in order to be able to handle such a mammoth task. If many beliefs are active in the human being because he has acquired his own idea of how things are to be understood over time, then the spiritual being can begin by dismantling these beliefs so that the human being can also be properly trained. 

What does a person do when it is explained to him that his beliefs are very obstructive to a better understanding of things, we ask? The person feels patronised and this person does not like at all that everything he believes in is suddenly questioned. If the person has too much, the person will not ask again and then the spiritual being has missed its chance to answer the real question and to train the person, because that is one of the greatest satisfactions for a spiritual being who has taken on such tasks. To experience how a person learns to look beyond his own horizon and thereby processes facts that are hardly comprehensible to an ordinary person gives every spiritual being the satisfaction it longs for. There are people who do not want to learn anything more because their life seems hard enough already, and there are people who are so curious that they would literally go through the wall with their heads. If the person is also open to questioning his or her own beliefs, then spiritual beings can answer the questions in such a way that none or only very few passages of the answer have to be adapted to the beliefs. 

Now, if a very religious person seeks conversation in the spiritual world, then it is hardly possible to work on their beliefs, because religious people believe and they also do not question the belief. If you knew such a person, then you could hardly ask critical questions about this belief, because religious people then act irrationally. Hardly any spiritual being would start to work through these strongly held beliefs with a spiritual person, but spiritual people are presented with the information in such a way that it almost never works against their faith, but the actual information is woven into the beliefs so that the answer is provided and also the faith is strengthened. If the answer would meet resistance from a spiritual person, then that person will not ask again, so spiritual people will always receive information that will strengthen their faith. 

If spiritual people were to ask questions which directly deal with the person’s faith, then the spiritual beings don’t even have the opportunity to train the person because there is no correct information which can be woven into the belief patterns, instead, this faith information is mostly worthless because it is generally always based on misunderstandings, just as the actual faith is too.

If people believe, then they should never direct a question into the spiritual world that concerns their belief, because that is hardly desirable for a spiritual being, only to strengthen the beliefs in the person. You can ask us anything you like, as the writer does all the time. We want to train you and not only strengthen your faith.

Question: If the religious medium says that he does not want to receive adapted information, what does the source of information do?
That is an interesting question that we did not expect. What would a spiritual being do who receives such an instruction? If a religious person gives such an instruction, then that person is also not very religious. If a religious person gives such an instruction, then the person will have thought about it for a long time. The spiritual beings will then begin to really train that person after the beliefs have been worked through to the point where the person is also able to see behind the curtain. What do we mean by that, we ask? A person who can see behind the curtain has learned many things that enable him to understand society as such. This person looks behind the curtain of a person, a group and behind the curtain of society. For spiritual beings your forms of society are crystal clear, we know why one leads to the other and you humans do not know this. You do not know because you do not bother to see these curtains. When a person is taught by the spirit world, because he asks many questions on different subjects, then in each answer there is not only the desired information, but each answer will also train the questioner in another way, so that one day this questioner can see behind the curtains of your society. When a religious person begins to critically question their faith, they want to know why something is the way it appears. Therefore, this person is a worthy student who will be taught a lot if he wants to. If you are spiritual or religious because you believe in something without critically questioning those beliefs, then this instruction would hardly be followed by a spiritual being because you never want to question your beliefs, only people who are willing to do so are truly trained by the spiritual world.

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