A0557: Why is the dominant Grey race blamed across the board for wanting to wipe out the Earth species?

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This has to do with the fact that the dominant Grey race actually decided collectively to master the threat posed by the Earth human race. Many will probably think that just because a few individuals in a species plan something reprehensible, the entire species cannot be held responsible for it, and they are right, but in the case of the dominant race of the Grey, there is indeed something that we can say exactly that, and we will now describe what that is.

The dominant race of Grey is a non-human species that has inhabited your universe for a very long time, so this species is very advanced in its evolutionary development. When a species progresses further and further in its evolution, sooner or later it comes to an evolutionary developmental step that does not allow it to progress further. The dominant race of Grey has reached this last evolutionary step a very long time ago and they will not change much either physically or mentally, so we can proclaim: The dominant race of Grey conforms perfectly to the blueprint by which they were once constructed on a planet. 

The humans of Earth were constructed with the human blueprint and a human-like being on Earth was used to construct Earth humans. This is done with every intelligent species on a planet so the Earthly ape was used as a human-like being to construct the Earthly human. When the Wingmaker construct an intelligent species on a planet, they adjust the body of the constructed being so that it corresponds to the blueprint to a certain degree of development as the last evolutionary developmental step. The blueprint of an intelligent species always contains the full potential that this species could freely develop, but the body on a planet is always adjusted in such a way that this potential can never be fully developed. Why? You may ask, and we will explain the reasons.

When a new blueprint for an intelligent species is conceived by the Wingmaker, they have very carefully considered what this species will one day be capable of, so that the random evolution of living beings does not actually exist. This is not entirely correct, so we will take a closer look at the evolution of living beings in another blog entry. Intelligent species will always go through their evolutionary steps and all evolutionary steps are marked in the blueprint. What the physique of a species looks like at each developmental step is just as much part of the blueprint as the mental abilities. Earthly humans will soon take their first evolutionary step when they mature into true telepaths a few decades after your official first contact with an intelligent alien species. Telepathy was specifically provided for the first evolutionary step so that you could evolve as a race on a planet before then. If you had acquired telepathy before, you would not have been able to develop socially as you did. Telepathy will make you more peaceful again because you will no longer be able to hide your motivations from other people. If the potential is given in the blueprint, then the Wingmaker have configured the first races so that they can never reach that potential. This allows the Wingmaker to see how the beings of a race develop. Then the next race of the same species is constructed in such a way that, as the last evolutionary developmental step, they can again come one step closer to the full potential of their blueprint, until there is a race on a planet that is constructed in such a way that, as the last evolutionary step, it can fully realise the potential of its blueprint. Then this race on the planet acquires all the characteristics that distinguish the blueprint. 

The dominant Grey race is not in this category because it quickly became clear that the blueprint does not work well on this type of being. You are a human species that exists so very often in your universe. Every race on a planet was created from a native creature that exists on the planet. You were constructed from an ape and many human species were also created from an ape species, but not every ape species automatically generates such human beings as exist on your world, so there are many human species that looked different from you on Earth at the beginning of their creation. We had once shown the writer many different species of humans that had human characteristics but did not look like you humans on Earth. 

Each human body is constructed by the Wingmaker and they decide which human-like being to use as a basis and how far the race on the planet can evolve towards the full potential of their blueprint. Countless human races on distant planets can use a great deal of the potential so that their final step of development makes them almost fully conform to the blueprint, but on none of these planets lives a human race that can live up to the full potential of the human blueprint. You humans on Earth have been designed so that in your final evolutionary step you can live up to the full potential of the human blueprint and you will then be given almost as much power as a spiritual being has and with that power you will be the most successful species in the universe because you will be able to do things that no other species can do. 

When you make the final evolutionary leap in a few million years time, you will have that power and you will have evolved physically into a being that you already know but would never have assumed was a human race that once looked very much like you, but as we have said, it is not only your mental abilities that are given in the blueprint, but also your physical evolution. One day you will look like the great white greys you already know. You have never understood who this race actually is, so today we proclaim: The great white greys are your cousins who once looked like you and who have already entered their final evolutionary step. They will not be able to get the full potential of their human blueprint. You will be the first species to attain this tremendous power and everyone in the spiritual world is extremely excited to see what this will one day mean for us all.

The dominant race of Grey will never come close to this potential. They will still exist when you earthly humans have truly ascended to the pinnacle of creation, but they will no longer be so dominant because you will be much more powerful as a species. Why then is the entire race of dominant Grey responsible for the fact that earthly humans had to endure so much suffering in the world wars? The dominant Grey race was constructed from a creature that has mass consciousness, so we can also say that this entire race had worked out the plan to wipe out the earthly humans. We have already told you a lot about mass consciousnesses and we will come back to this again and again.  

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