A0556: Who is the organisation called the cabal?

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This organisation was formed at the end of the 18th century and these people got together at that time to achieve something. Many wealthy people were found there and very few people who were known as the rulers of nations at the time. This group was very small at first, so these meetings could be seen as a cosy men’s evening, but even then they were capable of bringing about important things. How did these men’s evenings become the infamous cabal, we ask? In that the hunger for power grew among some members, so that one day rituals were introduced to add to the glamour around this men’s evening. New well-chosen people also came into this circle who, dazzled by the rituals, saw something else in the men’s club than gatherings of weighty people who could achieve something.

These new members began to glorify this men’s circle, so that the real reason for the meetings faded more and more into the background and thus the egoistic and power-hungry persons took over a leading role in these meetings. Whenever gatherings are to be glorified into something through rituals, the actual reason is no longer given, because rituals performed by members of a group will always lead to the members’ ego consciousness being strengthened. Since the member who is allowed to perform the ritual receives a special status within the group, envious members also like to receive such a status in the group. This inevitably enhances the ego consciousness and also the power hunger of the members. Members are not only dazzled by these rituals, but also incited to do something to obtain a status in the group that is still reserved for these upper circles of members. When members think about how they can improve their status in the group, they will immediately start planning how they can influence the upper circle so that they can rise to that circle. This always ensures that intelligent and power-hungry individuals in the group do things that are of a questionable nature, so that they mystically tried to gain power to impress the upper circle of the group. 

Even then, there were already known persons whom you would call mediums to the spiritual world, so that these power-hungry persons sought help from these mediums. If they held séances in small circles in order to obtain information which should give them an advantage so that they could impress the upper circle of their group, then the séances do not remain undiscovered, for every spiritual being who is present with a partial consciousness with you on earth, because he is pursuing a task here, follows every séance attentively. When we tell you that countless spiritual beings are present on your planet right now, then every communication that is directed into the spiritual world is observed by these spiritual beings, so that even now, when we are communicating with the writer, all spiritual beings on earth are listening. They register this communication, but they have not been addressed, so that most spiritual beings do not care what is being discussed between the wrier and us. You are now living in a time when people are increasingly seeking a conversation with spiritual beings, but this was not the case in the past, because although many people called into the spiritual world, no one felt compelled to respond, because God does not exist per se. 

However, some people were able to establish a communication bridge in this way, so that many mediums of that time represented something special, where spiritual beings were always found who tried to train the medium. If the medium was religious, then religious training was carried out, because spiritual beings always proceed in this way. The writer is neither religious nor spiritual, but the writer is a realist, so that we do not have to embed our information in any of the known patterns of belief and our information appears pure from any outside influences. Now imagine a power-hungry member of the so-called cabal who has been deeply impressed by the rituals of the group and who begins, through some detours, to seek communication into the spiritual world. This person is guided by lower feelings and is subject not only to the religious belief patterns strongly represented at that time, but also to the disturbed world view of the group, so that a spiritual being who would feel addressed by such an attempt at contact would have to take very many belief patterns into account so that it could somehow transmit the information that is also supposed to train the person. This is then the moment when no spiritual being feels addressed when a prospective medium seeks communication into the spiritual world. 

If now such blinded and power-hungry persons repeatedly try to hold such a seance because it hopes for important information in order to thereby achieve a new status in the group, then not only spiritual beings hear these calls, but also extraterrestrial beings who are mentally very advanced. We have already mentioned in the series on the moon how far such a communication call can be heard, because the extraterrestrial explorers on the moon can hear these calls mentally and they are also able to respond to them. That is why the dominant Grey group have also heard these contacts and observed these budding mediums of the so-called cabal. Since for a spiritual being a person can be read like an open book, mentally developed physical beings can also read in a person like in an open book. When the dominant Grey race realised what potential lay dormant in the members of the group, they answered the attempts of the budding mediums to contact them, so that the focus of the spiritual beings was again directed to something else. 

When someone tries to communicate with the spiritual world, this attempt at contact is noticed by all the spiritual beings and they direct a small focus on the person to find out what is happening now. The way in which such an attempt at contact is initiated is just as important as the actual request that the person has, so that actually a spiritual being can always be found that feels addressed. If a spiritual being makes contact with the person because it responds, all spiritual beings immediately know that the person is being helped in one way or another and they turn their focus, which they had previously directed towards the person in order to find out what the motives for making contact are, away from this person again because they are now doing other things again. They do hear what is being discussed, but they don’t care about it any more. When the dominant race of Grey accepted the contact attempts of the budding mediums of the so-called cabal to respond, all spiritual beings took their focus off the person so that the dominant race of Grey was not unobserved, but just as you perform several things rather unconsciously than when you only focus on one action that you then perform very consciously, so too the spiritual beings paid rather little attention to these conversations and perceived it rather unconsciously. You can imagine this focus in a similar way, although we have not explained it in detail. 

The dominant race of Grey have now trained the budding mediums so that they first passed on helpful information which then led to the budding mediums being given a new status in the group so that they quickly rose to the upper circle of the group. When the dominant Grey race formed the group of humans as they intended, they were also able to manipulate the information handed over so that these power-hungry individuals did whatever the alien Grey group wanted, although they had to be very forward and far-sighted in doing so. People must not be forced into anything because then the spiritual world will sound the alarm. But if people are persuaded to do reprehensible things, then this is again within the rules and the spiritual world will not sound the alarm. If the persuaders can cause great harm, then the spiritual world must not do anything because every human being has free will which must be respected. But what the spiritual world can do is, it is allowed to counteract, so that the spiritual companions tried to warn the persons and send them signs and inspirations, so that the persons themselves realise that their actions are wrong and that they should come to their senses. If the ego consciousness is very pronounced and the greed for power makes the person act irrationally, then even the signs and inspirations from the spiritual world can have no effect. The dominant Grey race has proceeded very cautiously, so that their true intentions were not at all apparent at first. In retrospect, we must confess that for a long time the extent of the conspiracy was not known to the spiritual world, so that it was actually already too late when the true motives became known.

When the group was structured as the dominant Grey race had planned, the information became clearer and clearer that there was overpopulation threatening life on the planet. Then, as news from the Grey spread, twisting the facts more and more, the wheel began to set in motion that would see to it that the earthly species wiped itself out. When the signs did start to appear, the first countermeasures were taken to bring the people in the group to their senses. At the same time, other groups of people were contacted in one way or another to take a counter-position to this group of the so-called cabal. Since the spiritual world can actually only ever make good contacts with good-natured people who want to and are also able to keep their ego consciousness under control, these groups were indeed diverse, but their effects were rather to be considered minor, so that the members of the so-called cabal are being hoodwinked to this day, because their rituals and procedures are based on lies and misinterpretations, which the present members still practise and believe, but which no longer have any effect at all.

As it became more and more obvious what this group was doing, the reptoid beings on Earth also became suspicious. The reptoid race controls everything in your star system, but they leave the people of Earth alone because they only care that you can evolve without influence from outside your own race. When the motivation of the dominant Grey race was realised, the reptoid groups were very quick to ensure that the dominant Grey race had to leave your sector immediately. However, the reptoid race does not begin to influence the infiltrated humans on Earth, but only ensures that you can choose your own path. 

All stories about the “bad” people being taken away or eliminated are absolute tall tales, because you as humanity are not going anywhere, nor is the planet going to disappear because it is making a so-called dimensional leap. Whenever someone tries to make you believe that the 5D world is coming or that reptoid beings in human form are supposed to exist with you, shake your head because they don’t know what they are talking about. Neither do you or only a group of “light” people ascend, nor do the “dark” beings disappear on your planet, because light and dark beings do not exist. 

The writer keeps wondering why we always say in blanket terms that it was the dominant Grey race that was responsible for you having your World Wars, when he knows that there are different stages of development of individuals. We won’t clear up his astonishment yet, because the writer is welcome to ask us that afterwards in a separate blog entry. 

All of you who are reading these lines are sometimes “light” and sometimes “dark” beings, because all of you, we emphasise again, all of you carry all characteristics within you and depending on the level of development of an individual, you are sometimes “light” and sometimes “dark” or in other words, you are sometimes good and sometimes evil. All your stories about “dark” beings are not wrong, but you do not understand at all what this “dark” is as a quality. It is a feeling that you have all the time and you are also always changing sides so that you are now sometimes “lighter” and when you argue you belong to the “dark” beings. There are not good and evil people, but people often do good things and also sometimes evil things or do you now want to start choosing the hair colour for who belongs to the light population and who belongs to the dark population, we ask? No, the Middle Ages are long gone, so why do you talk about there being the light and dark beings, we ask? Such a way of thinking belongs in the Middle Ages, but not in the here and now.

What else do we have to say about the cabal, we ask? Nothing, because they are again what they once were, only with strange ideas about how the world should be. They can still cause a lot of things to happen and we don’t deny that they still organise reprehensible things today, but these effects are rather small because the world is constantly evolving and this group cannot cause any change in the group through their rituals and also because of the power-hungry members. When the official first contact starts in a few years, then the small influence of the cabal will dry up completely, so that we also proclaim:

Fear not what this organisation of power-hungry individuals can perpetrate, it is hardly relevant any more

When the process of first contact starts, this group will dissolve altogether because their present influence will disappear altogether within months. Neither will they be eliminated, nor will they be picked up and banished by alien species, but they themselves will realise that their meetings are a complete waste of time because they can no longer exert any influence. 

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