A0555: What really happened in Roswell in 1947? – Part 4

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When the first Grey group, now known to you as the dominant Grey race, carried out their machinations, they took over many humans to achieve their goals. We have already told you that there is no such thing as occupations as you presently imagine them, but extraterrestrial beings are able to infiltrate human consciousnesses so that they can speak to people like an inner voice. The writer just thinks that’s like him too and raises an eyebrow. It may seem so, but they are technically two different ways of doing things, which we will explain another time. When the dominant Grey race infiltrates a consciousness, it is only by egoists and power-hungry individuals because these individuals are much easier to direct by a more intelligent race for their goals. These persons were not chosen just like that, but they were first prepared by other infiltrated persons, so that rituals produce strong feelings in a person, which the dominant race of Grey used to reveal intuitions to these persons, which eventually led to the mass death of innocent lives. This dominant Grey race began long before the First World War to position their key figures so that their plan could work. This circle of influential people really had a powerful effect on world events, but they themselves never realised that they were only being used to achieve the goals of the dominant Grey race. We will go into more detail about the cabal in the following blog entry, ending the series on the Roswell incident today. 

We have already said the crashed craft was not an alien craft, but the earthly technology in the craft was several years ahead of the technology of the time, so it seemed very alien indeed to uninvolved persons. The second and peaceful Grey group handed over some technology to the American authorities, but this technology was to be used for peaceful purposes so that you would not need raw materials that would only lead to the environment being damaged and the population becoming more and more dependent on technological achievements. What do we mean by that, we ask?

When you buy a technological device today because you think it will improve your life situation, you are actually doing the opposite. Why, we ask? Every technological device complicates everything because you were already able to do the things that the new device is supposed to help you with. If you buy a dishwasher because you think it will improve your quality of life and save you time, then calculate how long you have to work until that appliance is paid for. If you then add in the resources you use to operate and maintain the appliance, you will soon realise that you are just as good at washing dishes in a bowl, but you use far fewer resources. Every technology you humans use requires electricity, which also has to be produced. If you think about it, you will realise that all wars are fought because you want to watch a complicated technology use a lot of resources to clean your dirty dishes instead of doing them the traditional way. 

The Lemurians could do almost everything that you can do today with your complicated technology, and they used almost no technology to do it. They, like almost all advanced species, discovered crystals and with crystals you are able to achieve more than with all your technology because not only do you have access to an almost inexhaustible source of energy through crystals, but you can give simple instructions to a crystal so that a crystal can do things that you cannot achieve even with the most advanced supercomputer. If you don’t believe us, then read the blog entries on the writers blog that describe programming crystals, then you will understand very well why advanced cultures hardly need to develop technologies and yet they can travel between galaxies in small or gigantic spaceships. When the second Grey group handed over technology, it included devices that can produce electricity from nothing. These power generators are still in use today, although scientists still haven’t figured out why these simple devices still produce electricity. The Grey have never passed on weapons technology, so all rumours about them are false. Nor did they hand over flying saucers, but the American government had these flying machines for a time to study. But we also say with absolute certainty that they never understood why these simple spaceships were capable of doing what they are always said to do. The Grey later recovered these craft, so the American authorities found out some things, but they never found out that inside a crystal there is a consciousness waiting to be given an instruction. They were able to replicate some functions, but only with your extremely complicated technology, so that they use extraterrestrial technology to operate extremely complicated technology with the electricity produced, which will then become obsolete at the latest with the official first contact, which will start in a few years. Then, at the same time, spaceships of an alien human species will land on your planet in front of every government, and then you will receive as a gift the technologies that the second group of Grey wanted to give to American officials shortly after the Second World War. The distrust of the officials and the power-hungry superiors led to this technology coming to you only 80 years later, and by that we mean to all of you, because the official first contact is a global event that lasts for several years, and which starts in a few years with the appearance of huge spaceships. After a few more years, the emissaries of the alien species land simultaneously by your governments and thus the official first contact with an intelligent alien species is sealed. 

The gifts will include crystal-powered electricity generators, which will then be produced quickly and in a resource-saving way for all humans, so that you as citizens become more sovereign again and the dependencies on the industries are reduced. All this was to take place shortly after the First World War, because you on Earth were not the only species to receive your official first contact in this time period, but two other planets with human species were to rise almost simultaneously to an interstellar travelling species, because official first contact always forms an interstellar travelling species out of a native species. The dominant Grey race ensured that first contact with you could not be started, but the first contacts on the other two planets were celebrated quite outstandingly, so that since that time two more human races have risen to become an interstellar travelling species. The two species have developed very well, so that we can say that if you had also made first contact then, you would have been pacified for almost 100 years and you would have already explored a great deal of your galaxy. You would also have visited the other two planets and officially introduced yourselves, because that’s what happens when a species is accepted into the community of interstellar travellers. 

Now, almost 100 years after the eventful incidents with the dominant Grey race, you too are to receive your official first contact and neither the dominant Grey race nor any other race will be able to do anything about it because Earth has been under special protection for a long time. This protection has been stretched between the worldly species and the spiritual world around Earth because in a few short years the final attempt will be made to make official first contact with the Earthly species. The countdown is on and even the power-hungry government officials, no matter what country they come from, will not be able to do anything about it. You on Earth are very special, which we have talked about many times in other blog entries, and you as a species should finally come to rest, it is long overdue. In a few years the official first contact will begin, just as we have described in detail, and by the end of your present decade you will rise to become an interstellar travelling species, and then you will learn in one form or another what not only the Anunnaki once did to you, but what the dominant Grey race had in mind for you, so that the Roswell incident will also be addressed. Many will be disappointed to learn that it was all made up to give America a reputation that lasts today, but is all lies, suppression and misinformation. America is powerful as a state, but no more powerful than Russia, so that one day this star will also go out, just as Rome once did, because bureaucracy simply always leads to a state disintegrating from within. 

Roswell will be the talk of the town for a few more years, but when the huge spaceships first appear as small glittering dots, the whole edifice of lies will collapse, because everyone will realise that America does not have at all what she is always said to have behind her hand, and America, like every other state, will only be contacted on the last day, the day of the official first contact, like all other states, because for the extraterrestrial species America is not a bit different from any other country on Earth. Had the American officials dealt more humanely with the second Grey group and taken seriously what that group reported, you would be travelling many stars today and you would have telepathic abilities today, as you know from the blockbuster movies, but do not be grim about it because you are now the generation that gets to experience this official first contact in its entirety. This experience will shape you, not only during your lifetime, but also after death when you reappear in the spiritual world.

These were our explanations of the Roswell incident and all that led up to it. You see, much is rumoured because some facts were already known, but as is so often the case, you could not see the bigger picture. We hope we were able to give you a detailed overview. 

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