A0554: What really happened in Roswell in 1947? – Part 3

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When we shall now tell you how the second Grey group tried to make up for the mischief done by their cousins by ensuring that you should have a highly successful First Contact after the Second World War, we shall also reveal the misconceptions of the American Government that ensured that, that you have not had your official first contact, nor have you become more human as a society in all these years, but the people in charge of the alien species in the American authorities have been so backward in their dealings with these beings that it is a miracle that you still exist as an Earth race. 

If we now recount the sequence of events, you will be amazed to discover that you already knew much of this, but never realised how the overall situation was presented, so that today we will reveal the big picture, where you can seamlessly witness how incompetent power-hungry individuals are when they can control the fate of the entire earthly human race with just one decision. First, we must briefly explain who exactly the second group of Grey were that took much upon themselves to right the wrongs of their cousins, though we must also say they underestimated man’s hunger for power. They are researchers, but not researchers in the field of human beings, they have come quite close to the mystery of creation, so that they have an enormous knowledge of creation, but are absolute amateurs at deciphering why a human being acts as they often do. Let us now turn to the events that took place shortly after the end of the Second World War.

  1. The Grey race has gathered in great councils and they have been deliberating how to deal with the situation on Earth. The dominant Grey race had not sent any councillors because they do not want to face the accusations until today. It was decided at the council meeting that the great wrongdoing of the dominant Grey race should be redressed so that the Grey races do not get this negative narrative that the dominant race now holds. When the Grey deliberate, they are absolutely rational about it, so it was very quickly decided that the quadrant where the dominant Grey race has its territory should be avoided and sanctioned. In order that the great injustice on Earth might be righted, it was further decided that the suffering of the Earthly people should be ended and that the forthcoming first contact should be supported in that it should not only start more quickly, but that the process should also be much shorter than would normally be the case. This was seen by the Grey races as their task and so groups who maintained an outpost in the Earth star system were tasked with assisting Earth humanity to ensure that the official first contact with an intelligent alien species not only started quickly, but that this first contact was such a success, that all the species in the universe would realise that only the dominant Grey race had any intention of doing anything wrong to Earth humanity and that the majority of the Grey races were not only distancing themselves from the dominant Grey, but were actually acting for the good of Earth humanity and against all the interests of the dominant Grey race. We say already, they were determined to act within the limits of the rules and to do everything possible to negate the atrocities that had their origin with the dominant Grey race, so that the successful first contact of the earthly humans could mask the atrocities. In this way they hoped to gain a reputation as Grey races so that they would no longer be under general suspicion. You cannot imagine the pressure these races were under, because not only did the extinction of a species cause a great stir in the spiritual world, but your entire universe had learned that a highly evolved race was deviously trying to eliminate an underdeveloped species. This is a great affront that cannot even be topped by the actions of the Anunnaki at the time of the Flood, but the scale of it is so vast that it will take the dominant Grey race many more years before they are allowed to move back into areas that are not dominated by their race. We must also say that they have indeed been quite aggressive in defending their interests before, but the extinction of an entire species is so huge in its impact that their previous misdeeds are like minor offences. The Council charged many groups in your star system with being an added value to the Earth species, so many groups began to consider what that added value might be, and since first contact will always pacify a species, they launched many attempts at how to accelerate the pacification of Earth humans. This is where the many UFOs come in, which can trigger just such a thing. If many people see extraterrestrial UFOs, then they will talk about it and if they talk about it openly, then the quarrelling humanity will perceive itself more and more as one unit, because it will then be said “We humans on Earth and there the alien beings“. Humanity will move closer together and many quarrels will no longer be noticed because something much more important has now appeared. If the whole of humanity thinks like this, at least a large part of it, then this is the starting signal to start with the official first contact. If the Grey races manage to get all of humanity discussing the alien flying machines, then they would not only be closer to their goal, but also to official first contact. Many groups took it as an opportunity to fly around often and a lot, but they had to be careful not to cause panic with their appearance, so they did it rather infrequently to see how people reacted. When they noticed that many people were very interested, their second phase started.
  2. In order for the people of Earth to also be able to discuss extraterrestrial life in its entirety, in order for the frequency pattern for the recognition of intelligent extraterrestrial life to also become more and more dominant in the frequency pattern of Earthly humanity, all people must be better and better networked with each other so that the information can also quickly reach each person. In order to accomplish this, it was decided to teach a group of people how to accelerate their technological progress and now we are entering a period of time where a group of Grey’s tried to assist the American people so that their progress would enrich the world and thus also raise the frequency pattern for the recognition of intelligent extraterrestrial life in the world. They began to train individuals, we don’t mean physical contacts, but mental assistance, so that these people could develop something that would add value and promote the said frequency pattern. They were able to achieve some things with it, but it didn’t look like they would be able to accelerate first contact in any way, so they sought contact with the American government. This turned out to be exceedingly difficult, so they tried many things, which only upset the government apparatuses because they did not know exactly what it was that wanted to contact them mentally. When they were able to talk to government officials through middlemen, these conversations were not very fruitful, so it was decided to start a formal first contact so that the Grey group could introduce themselves. Eisenhower never met a Grey, nor did many officials at higher levels get in touch with this group, but many agencies did. When the first meetings were held, people were very surprised because they had never experienced anything like this before, but these meetings were very constructive, with the Grey group always emphasising that they assumed that everything they brought as a gift would one day be made public. This was also perceived by the people, but the people never understood exactly the motivation of this group, so that distrust quickly made its rounds. People had to report their findings of the meetings further, so that in a bureaucracy there are always people sitting at one level who are so hungry for power that they would literally walk over dead bodies, which they did. Many groups formed that claimed access to the Grey group for themselves, so that people died quickly between the groups who could have decided something, so that this power vacuum was filled by the opposing group. Once the human groups began to determine who would have control over the Grey group, the Grey were already aware that this would not be easy. They would have preferred to talk directly to the American president, but they were not in a position to demand this because they were seeking contact, not the president. The information from the Grey group only got through to the president in a distorted and timid way. The power-hungry officials twisted everything so that the president never really knew what the Grey group really wanted and what the official with his group wanted from the Grey. One thing led to another and before the American people knew it, the news about extraterrestrial life was no longer so objective, forcing the media to ridicule the subject of UFOs and thus extraterrestrial life forms. This agenda of American officials continues to this day, for no member of the public could truly discuss the subject of intelligent extraterrestrial life with an open mind without being discredited afterwards. Your official first contact was postponed again by this action, because the scattered misinformation would not have led to a satisfactory result of a first contact. The Grey group tried for a long time to explain to the group of government officials why they were doing all this, but the government officials from that point on were only concerned with information supremacy and the technological advantage they could gain through the Grey group. The Grey group shared a lot of technology with the human groups, but because the understanding around this technology was not there, at first only technology that did not guarantee a very big advantage was shared, but everyone starts small. As the humans demanded more and more technology that could also create great destructive potential, the Grey group withdrew, so that the American government actually has alien technology, but to this day it barely understands it. Many technological achievements started there, but not all. Fibre optic tubes for transmitting information were no more a part of it than lasers or laser weapons. The technology used by evolved species to ferry ships from one galaxy to another is so simple that you will not find a circuit or microcontroller you know of in such a ship, because they are run completely differently. If you were to look at underdeveloped species, they usually have their official first contact before the industrial revolution and very few species have had a form of society as long as you have, where you consume so many resources for your useless technology. Is the American government still in contact with an alien species today, the writer wonders? No, it likes to spread the rumour that it is, but no species is allowed to make contact with any government on your planet, because all species have realised that if the current official first contact has to be postponed again, then the governments’ potential for violence will continue to grow and the dominant Grey race would achieve its goal after all. There are isolated contacts with humans and some of these humans have occupied key positions in the respective countries, but only very rarely does such a contact go beyond a mental connection.
  3. If the American government no longer has access to an extraterrestrial group, what does it do now? They have been puzzling for decades about what this Grey group actually wanted and they actually don’t get to interpret their statements for what they were. They wanted to be an added value to the whole planet by training and technologically assisting the people so that not only a peaceful coexistence of the people is guaranteed, but between all species in your universe. They kept saying this and no one took it seriously because the mistrust was so enormous that no reasonable cooperation could be achieved.

Question: Does a government already have technology with which it can travel our star system, apart from the known systems?
No, many like to believe that the American government travels the planets with alien technology, but this is not so. Many rumours are also spread by these government apparatuses so that America is always highly regarded or feared, but these too are all baseless rumours.

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