A0553: What really happened in Roswell in 1947? – Part 2

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When the extraterrestrial group, several thousand years ago, established their outpost under the surface of the Earth, these beings were only motivated by the urge to scientifically study the flora and fauna on Earth. These beings also had occasional contact with the native species, but this was extremely rare. When a species establishes an outpost on a celestial body, these beings want to remain there for a longer period of time, so that the outpost is set up in a way that the alien species is familiar with from their home world. If they are human beings, then their outposts will always need a lot of space because they recreate their homeworld in the outposts, with rivers, lakes, mountains and always with beautiful vegetation. Occasionally, animals will also be seen there, but this is not seen so gladly, because such an animal, which can somehow leave the habitat, can cause considerable damage on the surface if an alien being suddenly appears there, which can usually interbreed with a species related to it. For this reason, alien animal beings are only allowed to move into such a habitat under certain conditions. The outpost may also be enlarged, but certain sizes must not be exceeded.

Once the alien species has established its habitat, it will immediately begin to explore the planet. Many of your ancestors have seen UFOs in the night sky because they could often gaze at the night sky. The alien species do not normally maintain direct contact with a native species, but they did not see the need to camouflage their flying objects at that time either, so these flying objects could always be seen. Back then, such news was not heard by the whole world, but such sightings were only discussed in small circles, if at all, so UFOs are actually much older than you might think. The outposts are beginning to scout the planet so that they are able to create an accurate geographical map that reveals much more than the boundaries of your continents. Once the planet has been geographically explored, the activities of your continental plates are studied so that the alien visitors know exactly how the surface has changed and what else is going to happen. When the alien visitors have categorised the planet, they start to study the plant and animal life. All the data is stored in a species’ library, so that each new planet represents the creation as such better and better. The researchers of the species make many investigations with the new data in order to get closer and closer to the original creation. When they get a little closer to creation, it is very satisfying for an exploring species, because that is what exploring societies do. They are constantly collecting data and analysing it so that they can better and better understand the bigger picture behind it. Now you must be wondering why they don’t ask the spiritual world directly? There are several reasons.

  1. They then do not know how valid the information from the spiritual world is.
  2. If they find out for themselves and can back it up with valid evidence, it is a very great satisfaction for them.

Now, if many groups of a species operate many outposts on foreign worlds, then it also happens from time to time that the researchers of the group show a great interest in the native intelligent species. This is rare because they are fundamentally not interested in the native species. Why do they not show interest in the native species, we ask? Because a native intelligent species is always constructed and therefore they always differ a little, but since they do not correspond to natural creation, data of the native species will hardly be comparable among all other worlds. Analysing these data sets hardly makes sense and now you are surely asking yourselves what sense the abductions of humans by extraterrestrial beings are supposed to make and exactly this sense does not exist. It makes no sense for extraterrestrial researchers to collect data that they cannot use. But there are always exceptions when we look at the social behaviour of an intelligent species. If the behaviour of an intelligent species would differ in periods of its mental development, then that is data that can be analysed. If there are several planets where, for example, there is a human race that is on the same level in its spiritual development, then this data can be compared. If the official first contact of the species on the worlds is still imminent, then this data is truly worth the gold that the Anunnaki so eagerly collect. If at the same time, on different planets, a human race is about to ascend to an interstellar travelling species, then this data is incomparably valuable. We will return to this subject later, but for now we will reveal what really happened on your Earth that later led to this incident in Roswell.

We will now reveal for the first time something that virtually no person on your planet knows for certain, even the writer will be surprised when he receives our following explanations.

You were to receive your official first contact with an intelligent alien species shortly after the First World War. At that time, much was already prepared, but it did not happen because a group of extraterrestrial beings in Germany tried to sabotage this official first contact. Why did these extraterrestrial beings want to sabotage the first contact, we ask? Because they wanted to carry out something beforehand that you can still read about in a watered-down form later in the concentration camps. Why, the writer asks and seems confused? Because the population was to be reduced further and further. Why, asks the writer? Because fewer people can be better managed than would be the case with many people. The writer still does not like to see the bigger picture, which we now want to explain to you.

We have already told you much about your upcoming first contact, and we have also said that first contact is always done in a certain pattern, so that these first contacts have been used for many millions of years on all worlds. When the first giant spaceships are seen in the firmament, the countdown begins for a few years later the delegation spaceships with a delegation of the alien species to land in front of each government on your planet at the same time to pay their respects and present many gifts that will make each human much more independent, so that this process also transforms the society of the native species. If a group of extraterrestrial beings were interested in reducing humanity in order to be able to direct it more easily, what might be the point of that, the writer still wonders? Earthly humanity is special because earthly humanity will one day be the crowning glory of creation. In a few million years you will have evolved in your earthly body to the point where you will have almost all the potential of a spiritual being. You will correspond to the last evolutionary stage of the human blueprint and you will spread throughout the Universe, which will be a danger to many Beings because they will lose the supremacy they currently hold in certain sectors of your Universe. So who are these beings who not only wanted to decimate humanity, but also to thwart the official first contact?

They were a group of aliens that you might call the little Greys, but we have told you before that this form of alien being is very diverse, so that there are so many different races among the non-human Greys that this would become a very long series if we had to list them. One race of Grey seems to be very dominant, so there was a group on Earth that ran an outpost and that pushed their own agenda. But we also proclaim that this group has been forbidden to continue to operate here on Earth, so that there are many groups of the Grey race who very peacefully still operate outposts on Earth today.

The dominant Grey group at that time tried to thwart the official first contact, so that the humans continue to act so barbarically in an inhuman form of society, so that they are very easily controllable. If first contact takes place but is not a success, then the people are not pacified and if the people are not pacified, then sooner or later they will wipe themselves out. If Earthly humanity is wiped out, then the dominant Grey race need not fear losing its sectors in the universe to the Earthly species. Since Earthly man will one day spread all over the universe, this is a threat to this species, which they wanted to eliminate with their agenda. What have they done now, we ask? They sowed discord wherever possible, so that all countries were enemies and thus appeared weakened. The First World War had not achieved the goal they had hoped for, so that Germany should achieve everything for them. It was they who prompted the German leadership to conquer as many territories as possible and it was they who were responsible for the mass destruction of human lives. The power-hungry politicians were happy to support on all sides so that no country can escape responsibility. 

Your cabal is the union of power-hungry humans who were only too happy to be manipulated by the dominant Grey race. This alien race has done it so cleverly that even the Anunnaki would turn green with envy, but not well enough because the reptoid race on Earth saw through this plan and banished the dominant Grey race from your star system. 

Unfortunately, it was too late, so that the Second World War caused so much suffering that the official first contact was to be postponed. When the dominant Grey race was expelled, the universe realised what that race was actually up to, so all Grey races were under general suspicion. Many Grey races are peaceful explorers and in fact very few Grey races do reprehensible things, so the outposts of the other Grey races on Earth were allowed to continue.

World War II ended and another alien Grey race wanted to undo the damage of their “cousins” so they tried to positively accelerate the advancement of the human race, which backfired to say the least. We will reveal these incidents in part three so that you know what went wrong in America at that time before the Roswell Incident, even though this group of Grey had honourable intentions. They also inadvertently caused your official first contact to be postponed again, but these events will be told in detail in the next part.

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