A0552: What really happened in Roswell in 1947? – Part 1

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If we really want to tell you what happened in Roswell then, we must also tell you the prehistory that preceded all subsequent actions. We won’t be able to tell you all that in one blog entry, so we’re already declaring that this series will consist of at least three parts. Roswell is not particularly exciting, so something extraordinary made this place so special that even 80 years later people are still discussing what really happened back in 1947. Before the Roswell incident hit the press, something happened that you only know to a limited extent because the information about it has been kept secret for a long time. We will tell this back story in this series and we will tell it in a way that you can better relate to it from your point of view today, because we have already revealed a lot on the writer’s blog that puts this back story into perspective.

There are countless alien species that have mastered interstellar travel, so that they can travel from one star system to another star system like you take a highway trip to reach a destination. Many alien species travel to strange worlds to see what there is to discover. If the planet seems suitable to stay there for a longer period of time to explore the planet, then the solar council of the star system is asked to allow this species to establish an outpost. If the solar council has agreed, all species that belong to this solar council, because they inhabit a celestial body in the star system as a native species, also know what exactly the alien species wants to achieve with this outpost. No group of non-native species establishes an outpost on an alien celestial body just like that, but there is always a reason for it and these groups must also give this reason. If the reason is satisfied, in that the reason seems honourable and a native species on the celestial body does not stand in the way of its development, then any group of alien species on a celestial body may found such an outpost. Depending on how far the indigenous species has progressed in its development, areas on or below the surface are often chosen for it, so that the alien group remains undetected by the indigenous species. 

What reasons can there be for an alien group to choose an outpost on Earth, we ask? This will be extremely interesting to readers when we now reveal the true intentions of the alien races, because you know so many scary stories that are absolutely untenable in themselves. These stories are neither logical nor do they reveal anything about alien societies, but only stimulate a protective mechanism in the readers of such stories, so that they should buy the next book from this scary storyteller. But if you are honest, these scary stories not only sound unbelievable, but they all fall apart when the scary storyteller is asked ‘why’. If the scary storyteller shrugs his shoulders after the first or second `why` and forms a questioning face, then you know that this teller of exciting stories has no idea of what he wants you to believe. A scary storyteller takes a fact and embellishes it more and more, with hardly any limits to his imagination, so that you will seldom recognise anything entirely new in the stories of scary storytellers, but always only old prejudices that are supposed to teach you fear. The more unbelievable a scary story seems, the more readers the story will attract, but it doesn’t stand up to logical proof because it has been completely pulled out of thin air. All the stories you read in fairy tales are rewound in one form or another in these stories. 

If you believed in the bad wolf back then, today your logic and common sense tell you that these stories are fairy tales that you yourself would no longer believe. Have there been situations where a wolf ate a little girl? Yes, of course there were such situations, but does that make the fairy tale authentic, we ask you? No, it never happened like that and when you look at your fairy tales today about malevolent alien beings who want to enslave or eat you, why do you believe these completely far-fetched horror stories, we ask you? We actually say to you. They are thrilling and disturbing and these stories never end because the scary storytellers always have new ideas on how to continue such a story, so that the readership waits spellbound for the next fairy tale to find out how the fairy tale continues. 

If you no longer believe in the fairy tales of childhood because you have realised that common sense tells you that fairy tales are made-up stories that skilfully combine a few facts to tell an exciting tale, why not take that common sense and apply it to the new fairy tales that are circulating everywhere? If you do, you will soon find that these tales contain some facts around which an exciting and disturbing story has been spun, nothing more. 

A craft did indeed crash in Roswell, but it was not an alien flying object, nor was the technology far ahead of your technology at the time. Quite other things happened in Roswell, which we will reveal in this series. The writer is a little disappointed because he always thought that this crash was kept secret and that a coincidence brought it to light. He’s not entirely wrong, but we haven’t even started the back story yet, so we won’t go into that at this time. 

When alien species operate an outpost on a celestial body, they always have a reason for doing so. Some celestial bodies have resources that can be mined and other celestial bodies are populated with animal and plant life that are closely studied by alien researchers. Animals and plants are one thing, but an indigenous intelligent species is quite another thing that must be announced beforehand to the solar council. One requirement for an outpost states the following:

Under no circumstances, shall any development of an intelligent indigenous species be interfered with

This interpretation leaves many possibilities open, because it does not say that an alien species may not seek contact with a native species, and this is where opinions differ as to how far such contact may be established. Is the species allowed to make itself known and nothing more? No, they are allowed to do even more. If the alien species is in contact with the indigenous species, then the alien species may also ensure positive progress without the indigenous species being forced to do anything. What did the Anunnaki do back on Earth, we ask you? They introduced themselves to the indigenous species and they brought many things to Earth that made the indigenous species an advanced civilisation. But they themselves did not force the native species to do anything, even if the writer would like to disagree, because we have reported in the series on the Anunnaki that the Anunnaki fought the resistance of the humans in a cruel way. That is correct, but they did not act as Anunnaki in these incidents, but their appointed earthly representatives asked them to do so. That is a big difference, so that little deluge resulted in even them breaking the rules, even though they could so skillfully act within those rules to still exploit a native species and native resources.

If an alien species offers help to a tribe, then that is legitimate within the rules. If an alien species simply wipes out a tribe because they have built their settlement in an area that has a lot of mineral resources, then that is against the rule. If the alien species promotes a tribe that goes to war against another tribe, then the alien species may support its favoured tribe. If, in return for helping to wipe out another tribe, the alien species is allowed to mine the mineral resources where the former tribe still resided, then that is again within the rules and does not violate the principle of influencing a native species, even if you would now judge it differently. But if you consider that such a tribe can always advance with the support of the extraterrestrial species, then you must also realise that it is always positive for the future of the indigenous species. This was as true in the days of the Anunnaki on Earth as it was in the days before the Roswell incident.

When we will report in part two how prior to the Roswell Incident an extraterrestrial group of beings attempted to positively influence American society so that in the long run great progress could be generated for the indigenous species on Earth, we will also address many misconceptions at that time that caused you to actually receive negative progress and that you should have made your official first contact over 50 years ago. We have drifted a bit in this blog entry, so we actually need at least one more blog entry and we hereby want to extend the series to four parts.

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