A0817: What are Metamaterials and how can you make them without much effort? – Part 2

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Do you actually know what you can do with the energy of a single gold atom, we ask? No? Well, then we will give you a brief preview. A single gold atom can secure your current energy consumption for decades. We are exaggerating a little, because you would certainly not believe the truth. If you were able to draw the energy of a single gold atom in portions, you could transform low-grade raw materials into high-grade materials. The greater the difference between the starting material and the transformed material, the more energy had to be used. As you can create a sheet of steel of the same size from a sheet of paper, you could also use a low-grade source material to transform a hull part of the small transport spacecraft into a Metamaterial. To do this, however, you would need to channel enough energy into the low-grade source material through a kind of flash of thought, where you not only have to muster the energy and release it completely into the source material in an instant, but you also have to tell the energy what to do with the source material. But we will get to that. So if you could shape a large sheet of paper to look like an image of a hull part of your spaceship, by a flash of thought you would be able to transform that paper shape part into a high quality Metamaterial. Many mouldings could be created and joined quite quickly by further flashes of thought, so that in a very short time you would have created the outer hull of a small transport spacecraft with few worldly resources and without much effort. When you are in the process of assembling the outer hull structure, you could also create areas in the resulting interior space by doing the same, so that you also provide a space where the energy crystal will be placed. Once the energy crystal has been installed, it is also ready for use, because a corresponding energy crystal is always ready when the plan to build a small transport spacecraft becomes reality. We have often described how to program a crystal, and industrially produced energy crystals will provide everything the small transport spacecraft needs. Once the energy crystal is in place, the outer hull parts can be used to create passages. In this way, the outer form and the inner life of the spaceship will take shape and the last shell part will complete this process. We have only given a simple overview here and there are still many small areas that we have not touched on at all, but basically you now know what a spaceship is mainly made of and how it is built. Many species have perfected this process, which is used everywhere on all advanced planets in one form or another – not just in constructing transport vehicles.

So far, so good, but now it is time to announce how Metamaterials can be created in the first place. We start by explaining what kind of energies you will use in flashes of thought. What is energy, we ask? Energy describes the interactions of two different potentials. What kind of potentials are these, we ask? Potentials of types of energy that are astral in nature. You will encounter subtle attributes only on subtle planes, your solidified plane having also been formed from energies of the subtle plane. Your physical body is only made of energy. Your planet and your entire universe have been formed from the energy potentials of the spiritual world. The Yin and Yang have found their completion in your universe because Yin and Yang are the fundamentally opposite potential. You are the yang because you represent an object in the yin that is separate from the energy of the Yin. This separation can only occur because the astral planes provide the laws that make up your universe. Yin is not dark matter because Yin is something that has been derived from it. Yin describes all the states that yang can assume and since Yang is everything that you can somehow measure, the Yang corresponds to a potential with which you try to explain everything and with which you operate what you have currently developed. If Yin and Yang were in balance and the balance was not disturbed, the potentials would seem to be in a state of rest. Far from it! Every potential is constantly in motion and as your universe is never at rest, it is never balanced. Only when the two scales are given equal weights can the result be judged balanced. Think of the weights as packets of energy and as we revealed in the little series on atoms that an atom is the Yang and the dark energy is the Yin, therein lies the potential of your universe. The Yang you can partially determine and measure. The Yin is not familiar to you at all, because today you still completely exclude the spiritual world from your calculations. If you were to locate the amount of energy that is supposed to be the unknown dark energy on a subtle level, you could assume a potential balance between the mundane and spiritual levels. This potential balance exists because these potentials represent the basic energies of your universe. If there is a flow of energy between these planes, why have you not recognised this so far, we ask? Because your scientists still consider this to be witchcraft and do not believe it is possible. Not yet, but soon, because then gigantic spaceships of your official first contact will suggest otherwise. When gigantic spaceships a hundred kilometres in diameter can be seen by every human in the firmament by day and night, every human, and above all scientists, will have to ask themselves how this can be possible at all. We are talking about the technology and not about the beings who have to steer these inconceivably large spaceships. How can such enormous celestial vehicles be built? How do they not only get into space, but how is it possible for these gigantic bases to fly around? Your complicated technology and most advanced propulsion systems can only carry a space capsule to the moon and back, and for that you must use considerable resources of your planet. No concept known to you, no matter how fantastic it may sound, can even begin to explain why these massive spacecraft could occupy geostationary orbits with you, let alone how they are constructed and operated.

After official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, the extraterrestrial scientists will solve this mystery for your scientists. They will convince the earthly scientists that there is a potential equalisation so enormous that all your energy sources look like a candle flame in comparison, if we had to measure the efficiency. It all has to do with the fact that your present potential equalisation that you use in your batteries is only something that is at the lower end of the efficiency scale. If you were to try to run a stove with small matches, the heating effect would be zero. But if you had an energy source that could transform the energy eruptions of a volcano, you would not only be able to heat your oven, but all the ovens of all the houses on earth. This is more or less your energy output today, although it is much more dramatic than the picture you have just given. It also means that your equipotential bonding that you use to fuel all kinds of useless technology is totally inefficient and here is why. There is the primordial potential equalization, so to speak. This primordial potential equalisation will have the greatest effect when the potentials seek to equalise. If you take a small amount of energy from the astral plane and wrap it up, so to speak, in a small package of energy, you have created potentials that are striving to reunite. Like a rubber band, the main energy stream tugs at the small energy packet to allow the enclosed energy to return. If you take a lot of energy out of that main energy stream to store it in an energy packet, then very large and effective rubber bands are tugging at that energy packet. If you were to poke a small hole, so to speak, in this energy packet, the energy would push back out of the energy packet to the main energy stream more quickly than if the amount of energy was less. The flow of energy from the energy packet back to the main energy flow is the potential equalisation we are talking about. You are usually describing a current flow that runs a lamp or a motor. The concepts are the same, except that the energy packet in a battery or even a nuclear power plant is so unspeakably small and thus the potential equalisation is hardly worth mentioning. Why is this, we ask? The energy on the astral plane is much more potent than the energy you use on earth. If the energy on the astral plane corresponds to the primordial potential, then this energy has the greatest efficiency in a potential equalisation. You on earth use potentials that only correspond to a small proportion of the original potential. If you only know matter, then you only perceive Yang. If you can only use small forms of energy in the energy flow of Yang, which have hardly any potential, then the efficiency of your machines and the accompanying potential balance can only be assessed as low. If you would use the pure energy form of the Yang and then start a potential equalisation with the Yin, you will achieve the greatest efficiency. All advanced civilisations use a potential equalisation of the primal potential that describes the Yin and Yang. You could derive this potential equalisation conventionally or you could use only energies that are on the astral plane and therefore in their pure forms and with the greatest potential. But if you had pure Yang, the amount of energy in a potential equalisation with the Yin would be enormous. What is pure yang, we ask? The Yang is your matter and the purest Yang is gold, which can provide such a tremendous amount of energy that your atomic energy would be the match you compare to a massive forest fire. That is an understatement, but it is also just to illustrate what we are talking about.

A gold atom is pure Yang and if you were able to get this pure Yang to give up its energy by means of potential equalisation, the efficiency would far exceed anything conventional. Is this a nuclear bomb, we ask? Basically yes, because although you are currently using heavy elements for this, you are also doing so very inefficiently, which pleases all beings in the universe. If you could turn gold atoms into bombs, your planet would already cease to exist. You do not know the process yet, and by the time you have the pleasure of being enlightened about it by extraterrestrial scientists, you will have long since abandoned your technology for mass destruction. Different defensive weapons will be used, which we will describe in a subsequent series on the space battles of advanced civilisations. Let us return to Metamaterials.

You need enormous amounts of energy to transform a workpiece into a Metamaterial. We hope we have been able to explain to all readers that your present energy production is not capable of this. You will use the energy of the astral plane, because there you can achieve the greatest efficiency with potential balances, which you also need if you want to reprogram a workpiece into a Metamaterial, because that is exactly what it is. You are reprogramming the properties of a workpiece in an instant and this requires a large amount of energy that you will first accumulate in crystals. The potential equalisation takes place in a different way than those who know electrical engineering would now assume. We have explained this in detail in the series on the ten information dimensions. When you start this potential equalisation, you must have done something beforehand so that the energy of the potential equalisation knows what to do with the workpiece. Exactly! The energy knows what to do and this is explained to it by the crystal consciousness of your crystal, if we may describe it in this way. You tell the crystal consciousness what the energy should do with the workpiece and the crystal consciousness itself knows what to do. However, in order to do this you must follow some rules, which we will list in the following entry to this series. Look forward to it because the possibilities are limitless and we mean it. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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