A0816: What are Metamaterials and how can you make them without much effort? – Part 1

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We are happy to be able to discuss this topic in increasing detail from today onwards. We have already revealed quite a bit about Metamaterials in the series on the Anunnaki spaceships on the Anunnaki blog. However, with this series, we will first discuss the basics so that when you do your own experiments, you will understand why you can create Metamaterials in the first place with a flash of thought. As it will be a long time after your official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species that you will evolutionarily reach the stage of being able to provide the amount of energy needed for a flash of thought without any tools, you will first use energy crystals in your experiments.

What exactly is a flash of thought?
A flash of thought is the ability to charge yourself with energy and release this accumulated energy in one direction in an instant. You can use your energy body like a capacitor that you can charge with more and more energy and then send a pulse that will release the accumulated energy explosively from your energy body. What kind of energy will you be able to store in your energy bodies, we ask? The energy that you usually use as an energy source. There are humans who use as their energy source either the energy of the fourth or eighth main energy level of the spiritual world. There are also humans who, as spiritual beings, use a different energy source because they belong to one of the main factions in the spiritual world. The so-called angels and devils, who are responsible for order in the spiritual world, use an energy source that we will discuss in detail in another series. Assuming you could charge your energy bodies with the energy from your source of existence, the amount of energy is less important than the moment of release. If you were to store a large amount of energy in your energy bodies and release it over several seconds, your Metamaterial would be less in result than if you were able to release a smaller amount of energy in just a moment. It is therefore essential that you understand that a flash of thought should only take a short moment to guarantee the effect it needs to carry out your experiments. As you will not be able to store this amount of energy in your energy bodies for some time and then release it almost explosively in a defined direction the next moment, you will first use energy crystals that can provide this for you. We will describe our experiments using energy crystals, but we will still explain exactly how you can create a flash of thought yourselves. We told you that the Lemurians on Earth did many experiments with flashes of thought, but they also used energy crystals. You have the ability to create new forms of energy in energy crystals that are excellent to use in experiments.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand. What are Metamaterials, is our first question? A Metamaterial is created from quantities of energy. What is the difference between this and a conventional material, we ask? In the process itself! The process is crucial and when we give the following example, you should realise what we are talking about. Suppose a bridge is to be built over a wide river over which vehicles can drive. Using today’s techniques, a bridge can be built that fulfils all the requirements that are currently decisive for a designer to be awarded the contract for the construction project. The implementation of the construction project, the costs and the benefits wanted to be well weighed, otherwise the engineering firm would not have been awarded the contract either. When the construction project is finished, it has usually overrun its costs and its lifespan is accompanied by expensive maintenance work. After fifty years, a bridge then has to be built again because the new building regulations do not allow the dilapidated structure to continue to be driven on. Now suppose there is an engineering firm that plans and carries out the construction project according to the New Physics. The construction cost is a fraction of what a conventional bridge of the same calibre would cost. The construction time is greatly reduced because the new Metamaterials are manufactured and processed differently than the conventional building material. The lifespan can be put at almost 1000 years and we are not exaggerating.

If the New Physics with Metamaterials produces a completely new building concept that only offers advantages, then advanced civilisations will plan building projects in exactly the same way and this is indeed the case. No advanced civilisation builds something only for fifty years, which then has to be repaired or replaced. You can build houses out of wood and mud or out of reinforced concrete, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but a house made out of Metamaterials only has advantages because the building concept and the building materials dictate it. If you owned an electric car that cost less than a wristwatch and that you didn’t have to charge or maintain because it lasted forever, the advantages would be obvious. You must not focus on cost in connection with the New Physics, because cost will only be a small factor in the project. You will spend more time experimenting because the possibilities are almost limitless when you handle Metamaterials. We will now use the example of a small transport spacecraft to demonstrate the concept of New Physics using Metamaterials. You will then be amazed to discover that this is exactly the only approach that your civilisation will one day adopt, because the whole galaxy is doing it this way, and for many reasons that we will reveal.

How is a small transport spacecraft made?
Before we tell you how a small transport spacecraft is made, we will briefly describe what the main components of such a spacecraft are:

  • A transport hull. Assume that a small transport spacecraft has the shape of an oblong shoebox, because these transport vehicles are meant to carry payloads and goods.
  • Energy crystals, which provide the energy supply. Even though energy is a free commodity of the astral planes that can be harnessed by any being, the amount of energy needed to power the transport vehicle is very large. Energy crystals provide vast stores of energy that are charged with quantities of energy either from other energy crystals or incessantly from the astral planes. Energy crystals have the advantage of crystal consciousness, replacing your computers and sensors.
  • You will not find life support systems in the way you currently use them. Only the central energy crystal will provide the necessary life support. This energy crystal will relentlessly replenish the existing atmosphere and also provide everything a crew needs to make short supply flights. A small transport spacecraft needs no sleeping quarters, no kitchen and no bathroom.

You may wonder why this list is so short, but a transport spacecraft actually contains nothing more. No mechanical or electronic components need to be used because the central energy crystal takes care of all these tasks. Nor do any windows need to be installed, unless it is a sightseeing barge designed to present the outside world to travellers. The pilot of a small transport spacecraft mentally connects with the crystal consciousness in the central energy crystal and sees the controls and exterior of the spacecraft in his mind’s eye. If the pilot wishes to practise a flight manoeuvre, the pilot feels how it must feel to accomplish this manoeuvre as a spaceship. The pilot more or less perceives himself as this spaceship, he sees his external environment and gets a feeling for how this vehicle can be navigated in his environment. Whenever the pilot is distracted, the internal control of the crystal consciousness intervenes and keeps the craft steadily on course. If the pilot wants to fly a turn around a landmark, he will receive these flight manoeuvres as a premonition and the crystal consciousness will then manoeuvre the aircraft together with the pilot in the way the pilot had previously imagined. It is like a guided computer simulation in a flight simulator, except that the pilot of a spaceship receives the information as feeling packages and acts accordingly. He can fly any manoeuvre, but the crystal consciousness, like a flight instructor, takes care that the spaceship or the environment are not too badly affected by the pilot’s intentions. The pilot sets the trajectory and the crystal consciousness will choose the most effective and safest trajectory. Another special feature is the means of entry into such a flying machine. Where you still have to go through doors to board a vehicle, extraterrestrial spaceships have nothing that should look familiar. In the past, extraterrestrial spaceships also had such boarding doors, but that was a long time ago. We mean that the more the species evolves, the less the need for doors. Today, it is common to step through the outer hull. The holding power of an area of the hull is weakened to such an extent that this area becomes not only transparent but also subtle, so that objects or living beings can pass through it. Once the entry or exit has been completed, the holding power of the hull wall is increased again to the normal level and the outer hull is closed. Next we come to the manufacturing process, whereby we will address this information in the coming entry.

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