A0818: What are Metamaterials and how can you make them without much effort? – Part 3

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A workpiece made of Metamaterials does not need to be maintained because Metamaterials will neither lose their shape nor rust because they are special. If Metamaterials cannot be changed by natural influences, chemical reactions with these materials are impossible. Every Metamaterial has a purpose and no Metamaterial should decompose because products made of Metamaterials must last forever. You cannot travel around in space with a one hundred and fifty kilometre Fleet Cruiser if you had to fear that the hull of the Fleet Cruiser might rust through or suffer damage from micrometeorite impacts. This is absolutely out of the question. If you were to create an axe out of Metamaterials, it would not only be indestructible, but would also retain its sharpness for millennia. When we speak of Metamaterials, this material is not made by physical processes and cannot be classified with your present material science. The Metamaterials we are talking about have almost nothing in common with the physical properties of your Metamaterials today, because our Metamaterials are not only produced in a completely different way, but also have completely different properties. If you were to produce such a Metamaterial, it would be indestructible to your machines, even though Metamaterials can be destroyed. Here is a brief summary of the findings:

  1. Metamaterials are created by huge amounts of energy, mentally reprogramming a low grade material.
  2. Metamaterials have properties that are unknown to you or that you would currently place in the realm of science fiction writers.
  3. Metamaterials operate outside the laws of physics and do not exhibit chemical decomposition.

Even if your researchers had all the possibilities and could handle enormous amounts of energy, they would not be able with their present knowledge to produce a Metamaterial that would meet our definition. So if it is not possible for you, with all your knowledge and technology, to make a small sheet of Metamaterial out of a small sheet of paper, how are today’s crystal programmers going to do it, we ask? Quite simply! Mentally program a Metamaterial with the amount of energy you have accumulated in your energy crystals. How can you do this when, despite detailed descriptions, you still find it difficult to make a crystal glow? Because we will support you.
If you really begin to programme crystals, you will be assisted by the group of Sages who are allowed to fully train the readers of the Akasha interviews. Start doing this and you will quickly get better and better results. Stimulating a crystal to glow is not difficult.

If you create large vessels in your energy crystal and allow them to be filled with opposing energies so that you can perform a great potential equalisation, all the conditions are in place to create Metamaterials. You can also make a crystal glow. If you have read the entries on programming crystals carefully, you will know how to mentally instruct them to hoard these amounts of energy. We will go into this in more detail later so that as usual you will have a detailed guide that you can use and expand upon. It is all based on the crystal programming basics that we have given you.

Now how can a crystal consciousness be made to use the stored energy in the crystal to create a Metamaterial, we ask? Take the crystal and connect with it. Ask if the amount of energy in the crystal is sufficient to transform a sheet of paper into sheet steel. If you get a feeling that the amount is too little, ask if the spiritual world would be willing to support this experiment. If you get a clear sign or feeling that this would be possible, you have cleared the first hurdle to a Metamaterial.

The scribbler just notes that according to our definition a sheet of steel would not be a Metamaterial and he is right. All our later experiments will also produce Metamaterials, but the aforementioned process can also be used to produce wine from water or a sheet of steel from a sheet of paper. Sounds unbelievable, but even in earlier times a few humans were able to accomplish such things. Depending on their era, they were celebrated for it or burned at the stake. Your time period will bring all this within everyone’s grasp and depending on how much effort you put into it, the result will be. Let us now turn to some points that you should consider before embarking on the reprogramming.

  • If you want to make gold, even if the starting material is silver, it will not work because your crystal cannot accumulate that amount of energy, no matter how long you wait.
  • If you want to reprogramme water into wine, you should have tasted the future wine beforehand so that you can make clear to the crystal consciousness what the water should taste like after the programming. If you can vaguely remember the taste of wine, that is enough, because the crystal consciousness is you and it knows what you mean.
  • Every experiment is observed by us, so that we support where the upper level consciousness of your incarnation reaches its limits. By this we mean the following: Your upper level consciousness of incarnation may and would like to support you, but it has limits that it must not exceed. We will go deeper into this subject in a future series. We, the group of Sages, have permission to do this, therefore we can assist where you would not normally go.
  • Any experiment should first and foremost satisfy your curiosity and we say already now, humans who think they can run through the streets with a shining crystal and advertise their so-called magic will experience disappointment in the next experiment. You will first present your results to a small circle of those in the know, and we will approve of that. When you have carried out many experiments and gained great knowledge, we will have to give less and less direct help, because you will then have acquired the right to apply your knowledge independently in one form or another. Then, if you are one of those people who want to show off, you can do so without running the risk of being paraded by the spiritual world at the next presentation.
  • Every Metamaterial should serve a purpose. By this we do not mean experiments with alcoholic beverages or sheets of steel, but the Metamaterials which we will present and which will then serve you in one way or another. We will go into these possibilities separately in the next entries so that you become aware of what you can actually create and how it will change your life.

Lastly, we would like to return to energy so that you have a better idea of why you as crystal programmers can handle much greater energy potentials than your scientists in their research labs.

What is the astral nature of energy?
The astral plane is a vast energy construct and it is through these energies that your matter was created. Every atom originates on the astral plane because it is this energy that causes a fractal of consciousness on the quantum plane to shine through to your plane. To do this, an atom must first reduce its frequency, which causes the energy to increase more and more. What do we mean by this, we ask? The astral plane exists in three-dimensional space and a sub-area of it is your universe. The consciousness fractals in this sub-area of astral space vibrate lower than outside your universe. Outside your universe exists the space of the spiritual world, so that your universe occupies a tiny portion of it. The spiritual world vibrates at a frequency that you cannot measure now or in the future because your space is very low vibrational. If you had a computer with a clock frequency of one hundred megahertz, it could do the same tasks as a computer with ten gigahertz, it would just take much longer to finish. But the computer with the lower clock frequency needs less energy than the faster computer and that has to do with the fact that it oscillates less per unit of time. Every period of vibration requires energy and because the astral plane of your universe vibrates lower than the spiritual world, it also consumes less energy per unit of time. But if you could accumulate a packet of energy on your astral plane, it would vibrate much higher than the energy that makes up the matter in the space of your universe. Therefore, a gold atom houses a great deal of energy that is present on the astral plane, but not on the plane of matter. Before the amount of energy in your universe can be released, it has gone through a process of reduction to shine through to your world as an atom. This reduction requires a great deal of energy, which is thereby lost from the original energy package. A gold atom on the astral plane corresponds to an enormous energy package, but much energy will also be lost from it if you release the energy of a gold atom through a so-called nuclear explosion. The result is enormous in its destructive power, but the efficiency of the energy conversion is infinitesimal in relation to the potential energy package. It is not of importance to transfer the energy to your plane, but you crystal programmers handle the energy potentials on the astral plane. The efficiency is much greater and you will not build bombs that will endanger you or others. The next entry will go into this concept in more depth before we start with the first experiments.

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