A0809: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 5

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The upper-level consciousness of the incarnation not only guides the human consciousness through the bodily life, but it is also responsible for you experiencing dreams in your sleep that are meant to train you. We, the masters and teachers of a person, who are also the upper-level consciousness of the person, will go through a training every night with a portion of the personality consciousness that is to trigger something in the human consciousness. All the trainings in the dreams mature the human consciousness so that the human becomes more and more human in sleep. If you wake up from a dream and think that the action in the dream could not be surpassed in oddity, yet that dream has helped the personality consciousness to mature. We have discussed dreams many times and we explained to you that we take a sub-consciousness of your personality consciousness which is allowed to experience the dream. This portion of the personality consciousness is so small that you cannot think fast enough in the dream to realise that what you are experiencing is not real. You are then allowed to observe, as in an experience park, the actions and situations that we will experience together. It is not the subconsciousness of the personality consciousness that experiences the dream, but the personality consciousness that observes what is happening in the dream. This is because it allows us to experience a given action in which the existing personality consciousness thinks it is an actor in the dream, which is usually not true. We also have trainings up our sleeve where the personality consciousness is allowed to take more and more control in the dream, but we will come back to that later. The personality consciousness is just along for the ride and because the potential of the dream consciousness is so small, it doesn’t realise it. You think that every dream is dreamed by you, but the reality is totally different.

The Dream Stage
Every night the human will dream because that is when the body starts to transfer all the stored moments to an astral plane and this usually happens when the human is resting and physically recovering. When you are asleep, the person’s masters and teachers will begin to prepare the dream stage for the upcoming dream. We always know well in advance what is to be trained next for the human’s personality consciousness, so we separate an astral area in the person’s body energy field to create a limited dream stage there. As spiritual beings, it is part of our existence that we can create something on an astral plane in an instant. The creation of forms through a single one of our thoughts is part of our being because that is what our existence dictates. We could, in the time it takes the scribbler to write this entry, create a whole world in a separate area of his body energy field, with vegetation, animals and insects that would hardly differ from your world. We could create seemingly living humans going about their tasks and at first everything would appear exactly as it does on your solidified world. But if you were there consciously, as you are now consciously reading this text of ours, after some time you would notice something. Everything repeats itself! It is like a cycle in this world that starts again and again. Why is that, we ask? Because we take an image of the real world and then fill it with what looks like life but is not. You on earth are living beings, which means you will die one day. Everything in your universe comes into being at some point and a little later it passes away. On the dream stage there is neither life nor death, but all forms will always exist until someone redefines the purpose of a form to use the energy for something else. It is little known in your world that you still persist as consciousness after your bodily existence, so earthly humans, like all intelligent life forms, have a strong fear of passing away on earth. Your body will intensify this fear, because the body consciousness, which has not originated from the incarnation consciousness, has the task of preserving its existence, come what may. The body consciousness of yours will autonomously carry out processes which will then be recognised by the personality consciousness as something corresponding to states of fear. It is not you as the personality consciousness that feels fear, but the body consciousness will generate fear or disgust in you so that you take actions to protect the body. The body consciousness will also control the libido so that your species can continue on the planet. Few persons know all this, but you will know it when you dream a dream. What do we mean by that, we ask? When you dream a dream you will feel little or no fear because the dream consciousness does not have a strong connection to your body and therefore the body consciousness cannot generate fear unless you have adopted your own belief patterns. Your belief patterns work in such a way that you will generate aversions or even fears. If you are afraid of something in a dream or feel a strong aversion or dislike, these are self-generated beliefs that are present in your consciousness. 

It is precisely these belief patterns that we address as a theme in the dreams in order to move you to dissolve these belief patterns or traumas. Everything that you perceive on a dream or meditation stage is first of all to take away your fear of something. In the next step you are quite subtly directed to a subject that is also to be addressed. All your dreams, strung together, are a lifelong training in themes that you are to work through in order to become more and more human in your behaviour. The upper-level consciousness of incarnation knows everything about you because not a single thought of yours remains unrecognised. Here we come to a subject area so multi-faceted that we will first give an overview that will at first startle most readers of the Akasha-Interviews. As we use the following entries in this series to discuss many facets of this subject area, you will understand that you need not be confused or frightened because there seems to be no need at all.

Who thinks what thought?
The scribbler believes that he would have no thoughts if we did not constantly sell him our own thoughts as his thoughts. Technically, he is absolutely right, but he ignores the fact that our thoughts – which he thinks – also make him think, so that the scribbler’s thought processes are often triggered by us so that he can continue to think about them. We are not doing anything other than exactly that at this moment, except that he knows that thoughts will now appear that are absolutely certain not to be his own thoughts, because he is taking dictation from us at this very moment. It is only because the scribbler knows that dictation is now being dictated by us that he can determine at all that they are not his own thoughts but ours. When we speak of our thoughts, we mean the thoughts thought by the scribbler’s upper-level consciousness, which we represent as the scribbler’s masters and teachers. 

We infiltrate our thoughts into the scribbler’s thought pool so that he can perceive these thoughts and thereby put this dictation on paper. How can you imagine such communication, we ask? What do telepaths do to be able to transmit a piece of information, we ask? A telepath will transmit the feeling of the information to the other being. There is something like a reservoir basin for this, in that information is available as subject fields. Every intelligent life form has such a feeling pool. This so-called feeling pool is hardly protected in you humans, so that every telepathic being can deposit something there. If packages with certain themes are deposited in this so-called feeling pool, how do they become thoughts that you think consciously and also unconsciously, we ask? The feeling pool, like a whirlpool, is constantly in motion because the themes in the pool can interact with each other. Two packages that are similar in nature can unite. The merging of packages in the so-called feeling pool will always produce intermediate energies that will follow the mechanism of duality. Figuratively speaking, a larger package is formed from the two similar packages in the feeling pool, which will strengthen a subject in its extremes. This new feeling package consists of energies that form the opposite extremes of the theme and this strengthened package bubbles, so to speak, very strongly in the so-called feeling pool. When a package of feelings has received a strengthening that makes the subject boil up, figuratively speaking, this package of feelings rises as an information to the personality consciousness and is perceived there as a continuous train of thought. Spiritual mediums who are strongly introverted consciously perceive the rising of these packages of feelings. First, a premonition is perceived that corresponds to this bundle of feelings. Within a moment, the medium already knows the content of the transmitted message before it is thought as a sequence of thoughts shortly afterwards.

The basic thought is first perceived by a medium, but it is not that this basic thought of ours already contains the finished formulation, but only the essence of the information. Every stream of thought has a beginning and an end. Both sides are given by us spiritual beings, but what is thought between the beginning and the end by the personality consciousness we do not want to control for the time being. When the scribbler receives a sentence from us, it is to be interpreted differently. We will also throw many little snippets of thought into the feeling pool between the beginning and the end, so that the scribbler not only perceives the basic thought but can also adopt our formulations. When spiritual mediums begin to develop their mediumistic abilities, at first only the beginning and the end will be transmitted and the spiritual medium will begin, on the basis of his beliefs, to form his thought from the basic thought of the spiritual being. Therefore, spiritual beings must work to dissolve the spiritual medium’s beliefs so that the thought pool can be filled with information that will then also appear formulated in the thought process as we have intended. Telepaths have other possibilities because in a telepathic communication the whole message is transmitted as a package of feelings. Telepaths have not made it their business to train the recipient of the message, so our actions, however, will always have something to do with training. We could transmit our message exactly as we intended without any loss of information, but then the scribbler learns nothing from it. Now he knows very well that he must be highly concentrated so that the wording is also authentic and not something he thought about the subject before.

This is how spiritual beings and also telepaths transmit information to another being. Telepaths use telepathy differently from spiritual beings, but we will discuss that in the next entry in this series.

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