A0810: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 6

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Today we want to use the pages of the entry to introduce you to what exactly thoughts are supposed to be. When do you think a thought and what happens before and after the thought that you or we have thought? You as the personality consciousness think thoughts that have been constantly initiated by us. If you have been able to evolve as a human, you will be less and less compelled by us to think a thought and will appear calm and very wise. You have worked through many issues through your thoughts that are laid out in your body consciousness and need to be addressed in the course of your life so that you can learn something from them. Once you have dealt with the issues of your life, you will be less and less tempted by the upper-level consciousness to worry about them. In the body consciousness all the issues of a human life are present, which are passed through in phases depending on the life situation. When a new phase of life is started that is to deal with a certain theme, the body consciousness will begin to strengthen this theme in the so-called feeling pool. 

Your puberty is a complex conglomerate of human issues that will receive a strengthening almost overnight so that the young human cannot let go of the opposite sex. Many basic themes as well as secondary themes will be addressed now. However, only a few basic themes can be worked through during puberty, so you will take many of these themes with you into adulthood. The themes are present as feeling packages and are strengthened by the body consciousness, so that a standpoint on a strengthened theme tends mostly towards an extreme against which the human can hardly defend himself. Each theme reflects the duality perceived as the Yin and Yang. There are basic and secondary themes, which are present in the so-called feeling pool, whereby a secondary theme does not belong to exactly one, but to many basic themes. Therefore, a change of viewpoint on one secondary theme will have an impact on many basic themes. If you are racist, the basic theme will be self-perception, because you think that only what you know is right and must remain so. Racism also includes gender equality as a secondary theme, so racists often cultivate a narrow image of an ideal family. What husband and wife have to do in the family is just as fixed as what friends and neighbours have to subordinate themselves to. The secondary theme of equality is at work in one extreme. Since it is easier to change a viewpoint on a secondary theme than on a basic theme, a few changes of viewpoints on secondary themes can turn a racist-looking contemporary into an open-minded human. This human throws many previously entrenched positions overboard in order to now appear very open-minded towards many people who think differently and live differently. Racism consists of many secondary themes, which are also favoured by traditionalists and which seem to be strengthened in a certain direction in their extremes. Address these secondary themes with racists, traditionalists or stubborn people. If you are skilful at it, the scales will fall from the eyes of these groups of people and they will quite quickly become very open-minded about foreign issues.

Now what is a thought and what is a feeling, we ask? Both are the same, but with you humans, it is not the personality consciousness alone that thinks or feels, but your multidimensional consciousness will ensure that many consciousnesses think or feel, so that your thoughts can seemingly never come to rest. Why is this, we ask? Each consciousness of yours has something to say because we are all more or less engaged in a task that will often evaluate each subject differently. The personality consciousness actually only wants to think about the beautiful things in life and all the other consciousnesses make sure that you as humans can experience every facet of life. We, as the upper-level consciousness of incarnation, see to it that in the course of life you address and resolve all the issues in your so-called feeling pool that you have not yet finished working on. It would be ideal if you could manage to take a neutral standpoint on every subject, because then you would be to the point where you would automatically experience emptiness of thought. When you think of nothing else, you have entered a state that we would call simple enlightenment. When you have not only addressed the issues of your life, but have solved almost all of them, you have reached the preliminary stage of enlightenment. If you are spiritual or religious, further instruction could make you truly enlightened persons, in that real teachers will instruct you in spiritual and religious ideologies. The preliminary stage must be mastered for this, otherwise you cannot attain spiritual-religious enlightenment. When you no longer have all those thoughts that hardly allow you a quiet moment, you will have much mental potential available to use elsewhere. We have explained in detail what enlightenment really is in a post on this, but emptiness of thought is essential for it. That is why only people who have worked through all their issues and appear very calm and wise achieve long-term emptiness of thought, because they can take a neutral position on most issues.

This neutral position on a topic in the so-called feeling pool can be tested by us again and again by briefly strengthening the topic and thereby allowing it to boil up, figuratively speaking. The strengthening of a subject is not done arbitrarily by us, but external factors that will support the test can occur and be used by us for a test. Mediums into the spiritual world are tested in this way, and real mediums who are tested in this way for years have to tackle all the issues of human life in a short time and at best resolve them completely. If the issues have not been completely resolved, we will constantly ensure that these very issues are strengthened over and over again as previously described, so that genuine mediums can never rest mentally. The strengthened issues can rise almost explosively to the personality consciousness so that these mediums will overreact as if pricked by a hot needle in a situation. They will harm themselves and their environment, but only then will they be able to address an entrenched belief pattern to eventually release it. They will decide that this overreaction in an issue is not only harmful, but also seems unnecessary. We will explain in more detail why this is so, but to conclude this entry we would like to address one facet of thought that seems to be new to you.

Where does the influence of a thought end?
A thought that is made is not only perceived by the personality consciousness, but also by every other being in your immediate environment. Every thought is radiated, therefore every mentally advanced being can also receive these thoughts. We have said many times that your brain is an engine of your consciousness that allows information to flow. This information is mostly physical because your consciousness is not integrated into your body, but your multidimensional consciousness is attached to the human body. Your consciousness clothes the physical body because the fractals of consciousness adhere to your body shell. Your so-called aura is something else, but imagine that when you are awake, countless consciousness fractals of your consciousness are concentrated all over the body. They adhere to the human body and only in this way are you able to think a conscious thought. Imagine that these myriads of consciousness fractals also form your energy bodies and together they also form what is called the feeling pool where all your issues bubble up. Each energy body radiates its existence and each thought is a part of it. You are, so to speak, a pot without a lid, so that every mentally advanced being can look into this pot and see what kind of soup is being cooked there. If such a being thinks that the soup is still lacking a little spice, it can ensure that a flavour is strengthened in the soup. You, as the consciousness of the human, only perceive the strengthened flavours, but you do not know who actually added which flavour. You only experience the overall result and from that taste experience you will work in the future to soften or strengthen some tastes so that the overall experience will be what you think it should be at that moment. Many cooks spoil the taste experience and so it is with the human feeling pool. If many beings think that a little spice would be good for human life, the taste experience and thus the emotional chaos of the human can end with disastrous consequences. Although we cannot forbid any alien being to enrich our feeling pool with its own feelings, there are special rules for alien beings on earth that prohibit a human being from being influenced too much. 

When you think thoughts, your energy bodies radiate these thought processes as feeling packages and beings near you will automatically receive these thought processes from you because they arrive in their own feeling pool. However, these feeling packages are extremely weak so that a human recipient of these feeling packages cannot perceive them because his own issues are bubbling very dominantly in his feeling pool, if we are to describe it metaphorically. Genuine mediums who are very advanced live a void of thought because their issues in the feeling pool have already been resolved. If strange feeling packages now arrive and the genuine medium is rather introverted, the strange and weak thoughts rise up to the medium’s personality consciousness and can be perceived. Real mediums who could perceive thoughts of other beings are not rare, but these mediums are mostly not introverted, so that it is difficult for them to perceive alien thoughts and also to recognise them for what they are. A feeling package received in this way from a foreign person is not perceived like a story in the mind of an introverted medium, but this medium receives a premonition of the foreign train of thought in which the actual message is contained. If such an introverted real medium trains this reception of alien thoughts, no other human on earth can fool the medium. This medium can read in the human being as in an open book, since all the human being’s current issues are perceived as these feeling packages by the genuine and introverted medium. 

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