A0808: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 4

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If the upper-level consciousness of the incarnation are the masters and teachers of a person, what are the tasks that this consciousness has, we ask? This consciousness, which we are, will not only observe the bodily life every second of its existence, but we experience it, so to speak. Everything that the human sees, feels, tastes, hears, smells, touches, thinks and senses, this upper-level consciousness experiences as well. Your emotions will flood the upper-level consciousness because, although we are responsible for every feeling experienced for the first time, humans can transform these feelings into emotions that are immensely powerful, especially with earthly humans. These emotions put the upper-level consciousness of incarnation into ecstasy. Spiritual beings have a much wider range of feelings than humans, but we lack the ability to transform feelings into emotions because an emotion can only be experienced through a bodily body. When the upper-level consciousness experiences an emotion, the energy that releases that emotion is stored at a feeling level that the incarnation can always relive later. Therefore, every incarnation in a bodily life strives for moments that are filled with great emotions. However, this does not mean that only positive emotions are enjoyed, because duality always forms both directions, so that a love emotion can also develop into profound hatred and should be felt in this way. Very emotional humans do not necessarily experience outstanding emotions, but they experience many facets of emotions. Mindful people experience emotions almost unfiltered, especially in the early days, which then causes them to suppress emotions rather than experience them. Many societal guidelines will control the experience of emotions and very few humans are immune to this form of manipulation.

When an incarnation recognises that a great emotion is being experienced, it has often done things in advance to make that emotion possible in the first place. We have told you that each human cannot in principle experience a new feeling and only the incarnation within you can bring forth a feeling which the human consciousness then experiences in certain situations. If the feeling has already been experienced by the human, it is stored in the conglomerate of the energy bodies, so that similar situations can give rise to this feeling again. The incarnation can anticipate many things through its great consciousness and it ensures that you can experience the associated feelings in certain situations. When you experience an emotion, the energy bodies of the human will continue to increase the feeling until a feeling becomes an emotion. We have already described the process for experiencing emotions in detail in previous posts. Once the human has experienced an emotion, the energy package corresponding to the emotion is deposited in the incarnation. Just as all your experiences find their way into the person’s inner universes as moments, emotions are stored directly in the incarnation. The energy of an emotion may seem enormous to a human, but for an incarnation, the amount of energy is not what matters, it is the frequency band that reflects that emotion that is important. The incarnation will integrate many of these frequency bands into its own frequency spectrum, which is automatically rewarded with a grant of power. However, this does not apply to all frequency bands, because only those emotions are taken over that are to be judged as positive.

The incarnation does experience everything that the human experiences consciously and also unconsciously, but in general the upper-level consciousness does not live the bodily life, it only monitors it. How can you imagine this, we ask? Imagine the following situation. A child is taken to a playground where he or she first tries to occupy himself or herself by playful activities alone. Now, if the supervisor just stays at the edge of the playground without doing anything, he/she is supervising the playground with all its players. Very few children will invite strangers on the playing field into their play activities, so that all players on the playing field keep to themselves. The supervisors of the field players know this behaviour, so they will gently influence their protégés and lead them to the other field players, who in turn will be enticed by their supervisors to invite other field players into their play activity. Like a conscience, the supervisors will almost unrecognizably ensure that the play activities of the playfield actors generate some added value in which the participants on the playfield will participate. The pitch participants will learn something through playing. It is also not necessary that the play experience produces the maximum possible result, but only that action is taken in a group of playfield participants, because this is precisely where intelligent life forms can grow. The game participants will leave the playing field satisfied because the game was not only a positive pastime, but socially every game activity for a child is to be valued like a small leap in consciousness. If you could look at the game supervisors, you would see a certain satisfaction in them because they were able to help a group have a good time together where many social issues could be rehearsed through play. If a supervisor were to remain by the side of a play actor for a lifetime, you might think that the supervisor is acting as an upper-level consciousness.You are correct in this. This upper-level consciousness derives its satisfaction from the fact that the supervised person lives through very many social issues almost in a playful way and becomes more human with each training by the upper-level consciousness, because the conscience always shows the player the right way. If the player shimmies through the playing field by following the clues, all the playing activities of a day will be lived through, so that the playing field, which you can call the bodily life, will one day no longer have much to offer.

What happens when the human has played through the issues of bodily life, we ask? He will look for a new field of activity and here persons begin to live through the most insane things, just because the normal bodily life no longer seems to offer anything. Far from it, because it is precisely then that the upper-level consciousness begins to tackle all the belief patterns and traumas in order to dissolve them. Once this difficult phase has been overcome by the human being, times occur that bring about the great gains in knowledge, because the human consciousness has matured to such an extent that it looks down on the goings-on of the humans outside the social fabric and recognises its former self in many ways of acting. This is seen as a time of rest, so most humans will not reach this stage until the end of their lives. The situation is different for mediums, who have to reach this last phase of human maturity much earlier in order to have the tools to be able to use their mediumistic abilities wisely.

Once a human has begun training to become a spiritual medium, all the decades that a now wise and calm human has had time to mature to this point are lived through in a few years. These few years will turn an immature human into a mature, wise and calm person, because only in this way are spiritual mediums able to use their special powers properly. Any teacher who appears neither calm nor wise is not a spiritual medium in the true sense of the word. These teachers know about the power of words and perhaps they are also capable of performing miracles. But true spiritual mediums – who have passed all the tests and matured to the point where they can act almost like your so-called magicians – will not direct groups, but captivate by their inconspicuousness. The less inconspicuous a spiritual medium is, the fewer tests have been passed by the human and the less human consciousness has been able to mature in the short time. If only a few tests are passed by a medium, it can nevertheless mature into a true spiritual medium over many years. If maturity is only reached slowly after the tests, the medium is also granted more and more special abilities, but there is a catch here that should not go unmentioned.

What happens to a medium who could not mature enough during the time of the great trainings, we ask? Depending on the extent to which the great tests have been mastered by the medium, abilities are unlocked after the tests. These abilities may not be taken away from this medium, no matter what it will do with them. An immature medium will gain abilities after the great tests, which he has earned by then. What does the rather immature spiritual medium do with these powers now, we ask? It applies the powers and because it has not been able to mature enough, it will compete with other spiritual mediums as if in a contest. This often leads to one medium beginning to look for faults in his opponent in order to bring out his own abilities. This makes all the difference because mature spiritual mediums do not need all this. They will pursue a task, but since they have been able to mature into very sovereign beings, they will not want to hold competitions or direct groups because they are above things. Spiritual teachers are often religiously indoctrinated, so that their task is to direct masses, in the sense of religious indoctrination. Mature spiritual mediums of modern times are not religious, not even spiritual, because they are realists. With this we do not want to belittle the work of the religious-spiritual teachers, but they will no longer exist in a few generations, because the official first contact with an intelligent, extraterrestrial species, which will soon take place, will negate all that.

The modern age no longer needs religions, and immature spiritual mediums of today have hardly any more abilities than the humans of the modern age. Therefore, the degree of maturity of spiritual mediums of modern times is even higher than the degree of maturity of mature spiritual mediums of this time. The upper-level consciousness of incarnation knows what it means to attain a high level of maturity, so that mature humans of this time have attained the highest possible humanity that is possible in this time. To get there, human consciousness has to overcome many obstacles and hurdles.

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