A0807: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 3

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What the upper-level consciousness in the incarnation cube has for a task in the spiritual world we will illuminate in more detail, but one aspect of it is so interesting that we will go into it today. What happens to prospective or established mediums that most humans know little about, we ask? Mediums into the spiritual world are prepared for their task and although these preparations of mediums vary, there are categories of training that most people in the know are reluctant to discuss publicly because the mirror is held up to mediums over and over again so that personality awareness can mature. Basically, every human inhabited by an incarnation is trained by the upper-level consciousness. However, when a human is trained as a medium, the training intensifies. Depending on what the medium is to achieve after his training, the trainings are chosen and by this we also mean the degree of hardness of a training. A training can be done gently, so that the result can work over a long period of time to make the personality consciousness change. However, training can also be sudden and so intense that the subject might break. This type of training is not used for the first type of medium. The first type of mediums are the mediums of the fourth main energy level.

Mediums of the fourth main energy level
Mediums of the fourth main energy level are trained more than humans who are not trained to be mediums, but the tests for this type of medium are not very demanding so that the human is not frightened but is already rebuked. Mediums of the fourth main energy level are very submissive to the spiritual world and we also think their trainings last a very long time, so that these mediums do not reach a level of consciousness until they are very old, which mediums of the other types have to reach much earlier to be able to continue at all. Why is that, we ask? If you want to achieve extraordinary things, you have to invest a lot of time and perseverance. A human who runs the 100 metres in under 20 seconds has not invested as much work as a top athlete who runs the 100 metres in under 10 seconds. A medium into the spiritual world is to be regarded like an athlete.

A medium who works as a healing medium and is an aid to physical beings first had to prove that he is also worthy of the healing energy of a spiritual healer. How can a prospective healing medium prove to the spiritual world that he is worthy of receiving healing energy, we ask? By the future healing medium seriously wanting to use the gift to help other beings. How strong the healing energy turns out later depends on how many tests are passed by the prospective medium. The prospective healing medium is constantly taught and tested and most healing mediums of the fourth main energy level are consciously unaware of this. However, a great deal is done in the background that drives these tests. What happens to the personality consciousness of the aspiring healing medium, we ask? The human is trained by the upper-level consciousness of the incarnation and since this consciousness has heard that the person wants to heal, the first trainings will determine what the human will later want to do with this gift. When a prospective medium achieves healing success, he also reaps encouragement and this kind of appreciation will inevitably lead to the person’s egoconsciousness being raised. A person with a great egoconsciousness almost does not allow himself to be taught at all because he thinks he can already do everything. What must the upper-level consciousness do now to keep the egoconsciousness of the prospective medium as small as necessary, we ask? It must make the prospective medium aware that it is not the human who heals, but the spiritual world! A healer of the fourth main energy level will always be very grateful for the spiritual healing energy, otherwise it dries up and this is exactly what the healing medium is taught in different ways. Should the aspiring healing medium advertise his possibilities after his first healing successes, the gift will be taken from him. In this way the spiritual world demonstrates that it decides who is worthy of this healing energy. Healing mediums who think their healing successes are in competition with other healing mediums are not worthy of support. Healing mediums who will experience this training are more humble afterwards than before. Why is it so important for healing mediums to show humility towards the spiritual world, we ask? By doing so, the prospective medium shows that he or she is willing to make sacrifices for this gift. This and many other tests signal to the spiritual world that this medium can be worked with.

We would like to clarify one more little thing that will surprise many readers of the Akasha-Interviews now, but we have crystallised again and again in many entries on different subjects how important the training of the personality consciousness is. Hence now the following explanation:

Every person is trained. Every person has to work on himself first before he receives further power from the spiritual world, therefore it is not important how many beings a healing medium has healed in his life, but only how far he has been able to develop. A healing medium does not receive more power for the bodily life after his death because he has healed many beings as a healing medium, but only if he was able to develop mentally during the time of the bodily life. By this we mean the further development of the personality consciousness. A healing medium of the fourth main energy level will only be able to increase his consciousness by working on himself, but not because he has healed a large number of beings. The healing energy is also increased according to the degree of consciousness, but a healing medium could also determine one day that it only heals and does not think about its own actions or those of other humans and thus cannot gain any new knowledge. Then it does not develop further, but because it is humble, the gift is not taken away from it. You see, the healing results are a by-product. In the first place, the upper-level consciousness is only interested in training the human consciousness so that the human can develop further and thus acquire a great grant of power within the bodily life, which is forgiven after death.

The upper-level consciousness of incarnation works to ensure that the prospective medium does not become overzealous in strengthening his egoconsciousness. For this, the upper-level consciousness sets many tasks for the human consciousness to accomplish. These tasks are imposed on every human being and many humans also master them. Mediums of the fourth main energy level have to show humility and they also have to develop humanly, because this further development also always makes the medium wiser and calmer, but it is not the case that these trainings really bring the medium to his limits, which is quite different with the following types of mediums.

Mediums of the three great main factions of the spiritual world
We have already revealed much about the three great main factions of the spiritual world. We explained to you that the three great main factions are responsible for law and order in the spiritual world. They are, so to speak, the police of the spiritual world, who supervise the observance of the established rules there and punish them if necessary. The spiritual beings of the three main factions are known to you under the names of angel, devil and demon, but as with you on earth, these are only names that do not really give information about what lies behind them. The three main factions are led by spiritual beings who have a great deal of power so that order can also be enforced in the spiritual world. There are three main factions because in the spiritual world every spiritual being is free to found a faction. Therefore, over time, these three factions have prevailed, which have the most members behind them. As is usual in a democracy, the largest parties will discuss what the social structure will look like. There are fixed rules that are not only monitored but also questioned by these three main factions, so that many debates are held in the spiritual world to question the topicality of the rules. In order that these factions can also enforce the rules, they have been given power, which is necessary for this. The factions are led by souls and incarnations and since your universe is contained in the spiritual world as a small energy package and thus falls under the authority of the three main factions, these beings also have the say with you. For this purpose, as spiritual beings in your universe, they will enforce the rules of your universe against other spiritual beings, as well as ensure law and order as incarnate beings. With you on earth it is more complicated because incarnated beings on earth do not know at first who they actually are and why they are incarnated. This all changes when the incarnated being has reached an age to be trained by the spiritual world. The upper-level consciousness is already eagerly waiting to finally start the actual trainings for the medium so that he can fulfil his calling. Not every incarnated angel or devil has set himself the task of accomplishing something specific on earth, but they always incarnate in order to change something for the better and hope to attain the power that distinguishes them as spiritual beings. People who correspond in their origin to a spiritual being that comes from one of the three main factions have a great deal of power if they can prove themselves to be humans who also want to use this power for good deeds. If the upper-level consciousness of these humans feels that it is time to let the personality consciousness mature to the point where it can use more and more power, the tasks and tests will be more and more difficult than for humans of the fourth main energy level.

What kind of tests are these, we ask? Occupations are a classic and we also claim that strictly speaking there are no occupations as you like to show them in your films. Who is supposed to be able to influence a human to commit acts that the human consciousness does not want, we ask? No one! Except the person’s upper-level consciousness, which holds a lot of power. However, this upper-level consciousness can fool the human consciousness into thinking that it is occupied by an entity that is siphoning off the human’s life energy. The scribbler knows very well what we are describing here, because we, as his upper-level consciousness of our incarnation, have simulated exactly this in him in a film-like manner. All that which medially gifted persons have reported about so-called occupations, we have taken as an occasion to put the scribbler’s egoconsciousness in its place.

Another test has to do with strengthening the perseverance of the prospective medium. Again and again the same obstacles are put in the way of the medium and the medium chooses to either tackle the obstacle or ignore it. No matter what the medium chooses, the obstacles return and become more and more dominant. Only when the prospective medium has overcome the last and therefore most difficult obstacle is the test considered passed, so the next task must be worked through. What these tests are and how high the requirements are, is determined by the upper-level consciousness of the incarnation. Therefore, there are mediums who have to go through more difficult tests than others.

Mediums of the eighth main energy level
The mediums of the eighth main energy level have to pass the most difficult tests. This is because these beings never incarnate without a reason. An incarnated being of the eighth main energy level will always pursue a task, even though we once said that these beings, as incarnated life forms, do not have to have a task. Since the energy of the eighth main energy level also works strongly in an incarnated human of this main energy level, he will also always fulfil his actual purpose and that is the support of bodily life forms. The humans who are descended from one of the three main factions will influence many things on Earth through their being alone. Humans of the eighth main energy level could use a tremendous potential with which they can literally move mountains, but this is usually never achieved because the tests for these mediums are so difficult. Every prospective medium will one day pass all the tests and, depending on how they scored, the upper-level consciousness will begin to strengthen the personality consciousness. The greater the human consciousness turns out to be, the more the medium can do with it. Those who want to call a lot of power their own also have to work a lot on themselves. Unlike mediums of the fourth main energy level, the upper-level consciousness of the incarnation must not reduce the human consciousness again once the medium has been granted power. Mediums of the fourth main energy level request the healing energy and as long as they do good with it, they are allowed to use this healing energy. Mediums of the other types are basically flooded with much power and their tests enable them to use this power until the end of life, no matter what they will do with it.

When the personality consciousness receives a boost from the upper-level consciousness, it is only temporary at first, so that the prospective medium can experience what it means to have power. Then the training and tests begin. If the prospective medium proves himself, the tests become more and more elaborate and intensive. It is not uncommon, however, that one day a part of the power is taken away from the personality consciousness in order to make it clear that the medium has to work on himself. Mediums of the second or third kind communicate with the upper-level consciousness of the incarnation. The first tests are often intended to unsettle so that the personality consciousness can be pushed to its limits.

If the limit is reached in a subject, the personality consciousness may realise that a red line is now about to be crossed, where it decides to work on it or do something unreasonable because it has had enough, so to speak. Mediums instinctively suspect that they are being tested, but not all mediums know this, so reaching a limit is always like walking a tightrope where the outcome is on a knife edge. What will the medium do next and could the border lead to unexpected reactions? The upper-level consciousness of the incarnation knows all this for the most part beforehand, because it knows itself and thus the personality consciousness very well. We claim that every upper-level consciousness of the incarnation of the eighth main energy level wants to cause the personality consciousness to have a nervous breakdown. Why should it want to do this, we ask? Because then the boundary has been crossed in one area and thereafter the personality consciousness has negated all beliefs in one subject. What comes after that resembles a building up of the personality consciousness in a way that is close to the natural way of incarnation. It is always to be interpreted in such a way that a nervous breakdown bursts all beliefs that are to be interpreted like chains, so that afterwards the human has the opportunity to completely redefine himself. These moments are sought by the upper-level consciousness of incarnation, but it is not always necessary to cross these boundaries so that a nervous breakdown threatens. It is also enough to reach the limit again and again without crossing it. Every human who tests his limits again and again will one day begin to push these limits so that he is capable of more and more. A boundary is also a belief system, so obstacles should ensure that the medium works on his beliefs to dissolve them. The fewer beliefs a medium has, the more authentically he or she can act. The more authentic a person is, the fewer roles they have to play in a society. The fewer roles a person has to play, the more resources they have to do other things. You see, the fewer beliefs you have, the less baggage you carry around and if you feel that the baggage is unnecessary, you will eliminate it. But if you do not know that you are playing roles in society, you will be deprived of much potential that you could use much better elsewhere. The upper-level consciousness will promote the authenticity of the medium and especially humans of the eighth main energy level must be very authentic, because this sovereignty will ensure that the acquired power is not used for villainy.

Eighth main energy level mediums have to go through all these tests and trials beyond what is reasonable to prove that they are also equal to the power of the eighth main energy level. For years, mediums of the eighth main energy level are forced to develop into better and better humans and they can only defend themselves against this if they choose suicide, but even there the upper-level consciousness of incarnation has ways of preventing this.

Question: When at the latest will these tests be stopped by the upper-level consciousness?
Never! But we also know that after usually five years of intensive training the great tests are over and that after that a phase of rest sets in, during which the person notices many changes that will announce the coming power potential. It is rare that this grant of power is not given, but all mediums have abilities that vary in strength. If the grant of power is given, much will change, but no medium will peddle it, because his personality consciousness will then have matured to such an extent that this will no longer be sought. Very sovereign beings hardly have any potent egoconsciousness left to be nurtured. These mediums are above most things and they then also know what they will tackle next. No medium falls from the sky and hardly any medium knows about all these things, because hardly any medium is a real information medium that sees this as one of its tasks.

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