A0806: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 2

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Today we would like to enlighten you about the tasks of the larger subconsciousness in the incarnation cube.

Now that you know who is talking into your conscience, you are probably also wondering what the big difference is between the partial consciousnesses that make up your body energy field or the so-called aura and the great partial consciousness of the incarnation. That is a legitimate question.

Every partial consciousness of the incarnation carries within it the being of the incarnation and no matter how big or small a partial consciousness is, the being does not change. It is only when you learn that being undergoes a change, but then that being changes all the subconsciousnesses simultaneously. Why is the great subconsciousness your conscience and all other subconsciousnesses are not, we ask? Because all the other subconsciousnesses have taken on a special task and that legitimately prevents them from being the conscience of the person. If the other subconsciousnesses had a conscience, they would hardly be able to perform their tasks for bodily life because of compassion. These subconsciousnesses hardly have the conscience that would actually make up all of you. Why is the conscience in you so silent, you might ask? It is not! Your incarnation tries to reach you every day and it has many ways of doing so, which we will list in brief:

  1. It is constantly sending out salvos of feelings to prevent you from doing something reprehensible or to signal that you are on the right path.
  2. It triggers suffering when you are on a completely wrong path in your human development.
  3. It has the ability to direct your attention. The incarnation directs your focus to passages of text or actions that you notice seem important.
  4. It talks to you and sometimes you perceive these conversations. It is your personality consciousness without your egoconsciousness that is constantly negotiating with this conscience of yours because the incarnation wants the person to change their actions. You are the so-called consciousness of the person, but that consciousness is partly made up of an egoconsciousness that is imposed upon you by your human body. Without this egoconsciousness, the human species on Earth would never have evolved. We even say that without the egoconsciousness the earthly species would cease to exist, because the egoconsciousness is constantly ensuring that you survive.
  5. Your conscience has given you many aspects to work on in human life, so that the further development of the incarnation also promises the success that you wished for at that time. You have been disguised in your being so that you can work on your faults. Each incarnation mostly knows its own faults, so that a bodily life can ensure that these supposed faults can be consistently addressed and resolved.
  6. Every incarnation wants to experience certain things in a bodily life. Therefore, your conscience can ensure that you address certain activities. Perhaps the incarnation wants to experience itself as a musician or to engage in extreme sports. All this is possible because the conscience has possibilities to direct the bodily life to a certain extent. More about this in further entries.
  7. The conscience can ensure that you experience the dreams from which you can learn something. A person’s masters and teachers are the conscience that we talk about all the time. We will see to it that the human consciousness can develop as we have wished before.
  8. We can make contact with other humans so that we can control a situation, but only to a certain extent. When a person has a conversation with another person, the consciences of the persons can to a certain extent direct the interlocutor. By this we mean gestures, charisma and how the conversation partner reacts to the dialogue. We don’t put our words into the other person’s mouth for this, because it is much easier, which we will describe later.

Now you know who these masters and teachers are that we have been talking about. You knew before that we, the scribbler’s masters and teachers, have something to do with his incarnation because we are a part of it. We also explained that we are the scribbler and the scribbler is us, but we only revealed the exact background in this blog entry.

We are the upper-level consciousness that is your conscience because we are the unchanged incarnation of you that has not had to give up memories or adjust its behaviour. We have been given a task, but are not influenced by that task in our actions. While all other subconsciousnesses of the incarnated smaller subconsciousness differ greatly in their behaviour, we, the masters and teachers of a person, have remained just as we were before incarnation. Therefore, your conscience or inner being is the spiritual being that you have always been. We are only allowed to make direct contact with the person’s personality consciousness under certain conditions, which is why very few people maintain direct contact with their incarnation. Normally these contacts are very subtle and only when the person is introverted can real conversations arise from them.

An example
A person is faced with an important decision and is overwhelmed in the decision-making process. Many external influences always make her oscillate between a decision of the mind and a decision of the heart. She cannot decide for one side because duality takes hold and thus there are two extremes in finding a solution, which offer different advantages. We have said before that if you are so torn, then by all means listen to your heart because your conscience is always right. We are an incarnation and as an incarnation we know beforehand how your life will go in the near future. Because we can process a wide range of information in an instant, we can best anticipate what your decisions will lead to. If the person with the difficulty of finding a decision would pause for a moment and consciously listen within, their conscience will point them in the right direction, even if it often seems unenjoyable at first. In the long run, decisions in which your conscience has been consulted and in which you listen to your heart, so to speak, are better for you than a short-term pleasure, which you would prefer to choose at first. 

Now how is it that some persons can speak directly to their incarnation and other persons cannot, we ask? First we proclaim that every person can have a dialogue with their incarnation. It is just that most persons do not wish to do so at all or have not yet acquired the tools to do so.

  • When a person consults the so-called Masters of the Akasha, it is us.
  • If a person tries to contact Archangel Gabriel, we answer.
  • If a brave medium feels he or she must have a chat with God, so are we. 

But not all conversations with a spiritual being are us – the incarnation of a person – but many extraterrestrial scientists contact you humans. These extraterrestrial beings want to find out how your mental potential has progressed or just to see how far society has developed on Earth.

When a medium has progressed to the point where the upper-level consciousness of the incarnation is satisfied with its development, it will reveal itself as such. Until the medium has developed to that point, he or she has to go through a great many tests and trials, which always bring him or her to their limits, because such communication has to be earned. When the person or the prospective medium inexplicably has unusual experiences that not only confuse but frighten him, the upper-level consciousness of the person’s incarnation works to make the prospective medium a more and more sovereign human. These are, among other things, the trainings that we have so often referred to and that the scribbler has been going through for years. He has become more and more sovereign towards us and that is exactly the goal of every incarnation, only that this seems to happen more cruelly with some mediums than with other mediums. That some mediums have to suffer more than others is at first a fallacy, but if you include the origin of mediums, you would notice something grave. Humans who are trained to be mediums have to reach different stages of development, depending on their spiritual origins, to get past the big tests. What do we mean by this, we ask? On earth there can be three kinds of humans:

  1. A human of the fourth major energy level.
  2. A human of the three great factions of the spiritual world
  3. A human of the eighth main energy level

All three types of humans can become classical mediums. At present we distinguish mediums into healing mediums and information mediums, whereby humans are more often found as healing mediums than true information mediums. A human of the fourth main energy level also has to pass tests as a classical medium, but the mediums of the eighth main energy level or the three great factions of the spiritual world are put through their paces, so to speak, over a period of years. For this, the upper-level consciousness of incarnation will pull out all the stops to test whether the personality consciousness is also worthy of the power with which it can proverbially move mountains. The more tests that are passed, the more the human’s personality consciousness matures in the process, because each test will repeatedly push the subject to his or her limits until he or she can push them further and further. Why will the upper-level consciousness of incarnation be so adamant that it is the humans of the second and third kind who have to pass such devious and disgusting tests, when the mediums of the fourth main energy level have it much easier, we ask? We will use the next part of the series to explain to established and prospective mediums why some of them are treated so cruelly when they have always wanted to do good.

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