A0805: What exactly is the upper-level consciousness that dwells in the incarnational cube during life? – Part 1

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We have illustrated to you several times how to visualise your multidimensional consciousness, and we have explained again and again that after your passing it is you of Earth who spend the incarnation in the spirit world its personality. During your lifetime you mature more and more into the incarnation that your incarnation already is within you. We also explained again and again that you will not disappear as a personality, but you will awaken in the spiritual world and then be a spiritual being whose personality is that of the human who previously died on earth. We also told you that there are humans who are not inhabited by an incarnation. These humans, too, will awaken in the spiritual world after their death, but not as an incarnation, but in a body which we described as a quasi-body and which such beings receive who will live on in the so-called afterlife. We also said that this afterlife is to be interpreted like heaven, of which you can read again and again in your religious texts and of which there are also several levels. But there is no level that corresponds to purgatory and especially to the postulated hell. We also told you what percentage of the earthly personality consciousness is contained in the incarnation after death, depending on how far the personality consciousness was able to develop while alive. If the human has hardly anything to show, the incarnation will only take over that which also represents an added value. What can really be regarded as added value for an incarnation will be discussed at length later in this series. All this is not new to the readers of the Akasha-Interviews and yet the veil of the mystical lies over all this, because there are only a few people who have been able to process this information correctly up to now. Why is that, we ask? Because up to now you have not been able to grasp such abstract processes. You have received many hints from us, but the big picture is much more complex, so we can only present you with new details step by step, which will then work within you for a time, and then you can take the next step towards greater understanding. You have now had a long time to think about this process because we released the initial information years ago, so you can take the next big step with this series on the upper-level consciousness of incarnation.

Let us start in the spiritual world because that is where your home is. You have wanted to receive an increase in power that will be so tremendous that you rarely get to enjoy it. You are an incarnation that was created by a soul a very long time ago. The present souls in the spiritual world were all separated from the Creator Consciousness when it began to dissolve into the consciousnesses of All That Is. That is why souls have much more power than is received in one incarnation. The souls one day began to separate parts of themselves in order to create independent incarnations. We emphasise the term independent because independence is very important in the spiritual world and, as with a mother and her child, these are two completely independent individuals. An incarnation is absolutely independent from the moment of its creation and it will very rarely contact the soul that created it. The incarnation knows to a large extent everything that the soul knows, it just has not yet gained any experiences of its own that will change it. Every change and thus every further development is paid for with power potential, because that is what the laws in All That Is dictate. Who defined these laws, we ask? They were the first consciousnesses that the Creator Consciousness separated from its own consciousness at the beginning of its journey in All That Is. The Creator Consciousness gave them tasks to ensure that the frequency in All That Is only ever increases, but never stagnates or decreases, because everything can only ever increase, but never decrease. Everything is designed to gain power and beings only receive this power when they are willing to learn something. What must happen for you to learn, we ask? We put it so strangely because it hits the nail on the head. Every reflection is an effort that you make to learn something. If you were thoughtless and lived without facing challenges, not only would you not evolve, but life would be useless because you would be of no use to your environment or to yourself. Everything you learn will be of use to you, because learning does something to you, which we will now describe. 

Every human being has a personality consciousness and this consciousness makes up the human being to a great extent. When a person learns something, the consciousness of the personality consciousness increases – to put it in a nutshell. The increase in consciousness in children is enormous and when the human is at a certain stage of development, the so-called learning curve subsides and the consciousness will only increase moderately. What has this to do with your upper-level consciousness that is right now dwelling in an incarnational cube in the spiritual world as you read these lines on earth, we ask? Everything! Because at this very moment there is a redistribution of power in the conglomerate of consciousnesses in the incarnation cube, because you are learning something. No matter what you learn, it will strengthen the personality consciousness because that is what has been written into your universe. There are other rules for spiritual beings in the spiritual world, but at the moment you are a life form. You are learning and the incarnational consciousness is spending a little more consciousness on you. 

How can you imagine this process, which we have often described as the assimilation of consciousness fractals, we ask? Imagine the following situation: You as an incarnation have been asked in the spiritual world by your soul to live temporarily as a life form, thereby gaining a great grant of power. You then decided together to experience life as a human on earth, because earth currently guarantees the greatest grant of power, which you cannot attain on any other world. You are satisfied as an incarnation with the basic data of life and give the starting signal to live this human life. No sooner said than done. However, because the entire incarnation consciousness cannot incarnate into a human, you have changed.

You first divided the incarnation consciousness into two subconsciousnesses. Each of these subconsciousnesses is you as an incarnation. You exist twice, so to speak, and you can fully consciously pursue two different activities in parallel. The smaller partial consciousness will incarnate into a human being and the larger of the two partial consciousnesses will supervise the bodily life from the spiritual world. The smaller partial consciousness will receive twenty percent and the larger partial consciousness will receive the other eighty percent of the incarnation’s original potential. These two subconsciousnesses will perform every task and answer each question in the same way, because they are identical, except that they differ in one aspect, and that is the speed with which tasks are performed. Whether one subconsciousness is to think something through or to create, both subconsciousnesses generate exactly the same result, only that the larger subconsciousness is much faster in doing so. You humans also divide your personality consciousness more and more, depending on how many tasks you are trying to process in parallel, so to speak. If you are driving a vehicle along your roads, a large subconsciousness of yours will do the driving. If you are listening to the radio or having a conversation with a passenger while driving, a subconsciousness will again detach itself from the personality consciousness and carry on the conversation alongside. If the conversation becomes more interesting than the traffic on the road, the potential can be redistributed between these two subconsciousnesses so that you participate more consciously in the conversation than in the traffic. If you refocus on the traffic because the conversation has ended, the subconsciousness that was having the conversation will reintegrate into the total consciousness of your personality consciousness without you noticing. You see, as in the large – so in the small. As far as the partial consciousnesses of incarnation in the spiritual world are concerned, it is similar. There is now a great and a small partial consciousness and both partial consciousnesses are supremely aware of their existence and they will also recognise the other partial consciousness for what it is, so that they themselves know that they exist twice. Both subconsciousnesses are the incarnation and since the incarnation has already temporarily divided its total consciousness countless times, the subconsciousnesses know this too, so that it is as natural for them as breathing is for you. What they do, however, is they will give themselves a task, which is usually of a different nature, otherwise the incarnation would not have to outsource partial consciousnesses either. The smaller subconsciousness of the incarnation is given the task of enlivening a life form and the larger subconsciousness is to observe the smaller subconsciousness doing this. Why the larger subconsciousness goes about this task we will explain in detail at a later time so that you can understand why the process of incarnation has to be done in the same way and not differently. The smaller subconsciousness that wants to incarnate into a life form will split up again in order to detach several subconsciousnesses from it, which in turn receive different tasks, all of which have something to do with the bodily life. If we briefly list what became of the original consciousness of incarnation, you will be able to survey it better. Let us assume that the following initial constellation prevails:

  • The Incarnation divided its total consciousness into two partial consciousnesses of different sizes, and each of these partial consciousnesses is the Incarnation, except that this redistributed the speed at which the Incarnation could previously think in percentage terms. Both subconsciousnesses will give the same answer to the same question, but the subconsciousness with more potential is much faster at it than the smaller subconsciousness. Both partial consciousnesses now receive their tasks, which remain until the bodily life has been lived.
  • The smaller partial incarnation consciousness with twenty percent of the incarnation consciousness will incarnate as a life form. For this it divides its twenty per cent again to give further tasks to further subconsciousnesses. One sub-consciousness of this is you as a personality consciousness and you receive very little potential at first. When the personality consciousness has been established in the life form, this subconsciousness is basically deprived of the memories of the previous existence. If you as a personality consciousness do not get access to any memories, you will think that this human life is all you have. Only when you have evolved over a long period of time will you be trained to maintain the knowledge that death is not the end of your existence. We have covered a lot of this too. When the personality consciousness has no memories of life in the spiritual world, you start from scratch, so to speak, and so it should be. The remaining subconsciousnesses know about this, and they also still have these memories, but now that they have all been given a task for the bodily life, they will react differently to situations than the original incarnation would have done.
  • The greater subconsciousness has many possibilities to influence the bodily life because it is your conscience, so to speak. We had enlightened you about the inner being of a human and we told you that it is the being of the being that has incarnated into your body – in its pure form. This great subconsciousness of incarnation embodies this being and this incarnation consciousness is subtly trying to show you the path that it would like to take.
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