A0802: What else is there to know about an atom? – Part 2

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We are now a little off topic so we will give a brief summary about the atom.

  1. Each atom is an arrangement of information that defines it precisely.
  2. Each atom has a fixed place on the mundane plane and when the atom leaves its ancestral place, a neighbouring fractal of consciousness on the quantum plane will take over the destiny of the atom and allow that destiny to shine through to the mundane plane. It can also be said that the determination of the atom transcends into the mundane world.
  3. The speed with which the determination is transferred from one fractal of consciousness to the next closest fractal of consciousness on the quantum level occurs at the postulated speed of light, because the transfer of the determination is limited by the speed of propagation of a quantum wave.
  4. Each atom knows the atoms with which it represents an object together. If at least two atoms are united, the atoms know where they were united and how strong their binding forces are. The fractals of consciousness between these two atoms have a different identifier, so that they neither influence the object nor are influenced by the object. When two atoms form a bond, energy has been expended beforehand in order to be able to create this bond.

An atom has an energy shell that is subtle in nature and this energy shell has contained all the information since this atom first received its destiny. With the information of its destiny, the atom can move from one fractal of consciousness at the quantum level to the next fractal of consciousness because, strictly speaking, everything in your universe is in constant motion, even an apparently stationary atom. If everything in your universe is moving, bodies will shift the determinations of their atoms at the speed of light without you being able to measure it at the moment. If you were able to measure faster than the speed of light, you would see periodic fluctuations in the energy fields of bodies. If, between these fluctuations, you could reprogram the determination of an object as to its position in relation to its nearer environment, you would actually teleport matter at the speed you measured as the speed of light, wherever the destination of the teleportation might be. That sounds plausible, but why can’t the life forms in your universe do that, we ask? Yes, a few races are capable of it and all other races that practice interstellar travel accomplish it differently. 

If a spacecraft reduces its holding forces because it is then subtle in nature as an object, it could travel at the postulated speed of light without using the amount of energy that you have calculated today to do so. The reduction of the holding forces between the atoms ensures that this object receives a new identification in the space of your universe, so that all other atoms or consciousness fractals can no longer influence this object. For faster-than-light travel, there is a trick that is commonly used in this or another following form. If we said that an object can shift its position from one fractal of consciousness at the quantum level to its nearest fractal of consciousness at the speed of light, then fractals of consciousness could also be skipped over so that there is no shift of destination but a teleportation of the object – in this case the spaceship with the crew. The teleportation takes place at the speed of light, but the distance is longer than from one to the nearest fractal of consciousness on the quantum level. That is why the ethereal object of the spaceship with its passengers travels faster than light, because the atoms are not moved from one fractal of consciousness to the nearest fractal of consciousness at the speed of light, but are always teleported a few fractals of consciousness further.

How can a material become a superconductor? This is a valid question and the scribbler wanted this question answered first before we made it clear to him that we must first further define the atom as such so that you can understand why a superconductor can exist. What is a superconductor, we ask first? A superconductor has the property of transporting information at the speed of light. The energy required to do this is relatively small, in contrast to the energy you use today to transmit information. It is not new that information can be transported almost at the speed of light, but if you knew that it could be done much more easily because information could be teleported, the speed of light would no longer be an obstacle and you could be much faster in your transmissions. The quantum level makes it possible and we have discussed the basics in the previous passages without focusing specifically on data transmission.

But now we want to say something about this data transmission, which can be transported faster than light. Imagine a transmitter and receiver that are close together. Let us assume that the two communication partners are only one kilometre apart. Your current communication technology could transport a message faster than you can usually measure. The speed of light is not quite reached, but almost. However, if the communication partners are in two neighbouring star systems and are therefore light years apart on their spaceships waiting for a transmission of some kind to reach them, the message would take years to reach the interlocutor. But if you know that information can be teleported, a message could reach the other person in almost real time. We say almost in real time because you also have to process the message. All you need is the destination coordinate, which is constantly changing relative to the rotation of your universe. If you were able to recalculate these space coordinates faster than a period of the speed of light, the information or matter could reach the receiver in an instant without using excessive energy. This is also done, but advanced civilisations do not have to constantly calculate new coordinates for transmission because it is much easier. You only have to know the identification of an object, then it doesn’t matter where in the universe the object is, because you can mentally access that object. Every person, every stone and every apple has an individual identifier because they all correspond to an object that is separate from all other objects in the universe. When you think of a person, at that moment you have connected to that person’s energy field and you have done so consciously. You do not have to know where the person is, you could be in Germany and the person could be in America. You will be directly connected to that person. When you think of a particular device, you have connected into the energy field of the device. If you were mentally able to control that device like a Morse code machine, you could transmit a message in real time. If this device were on a spaceship in another star system, the transmission of the message would be just as fast as if you were standing next to the device while transmitting the message. What are we implying, we ask? Everything is interconnected and at the quantum level there are no distances, even though the quantum dimension exists in your three-dimensional space. Messages are transmitted in an instant from one end of the universe to the opposite end of the universe. This is called quantum entanglement and you can use this mental entanglement, which you do incessantly but mostly unconsciously. Let us now return to the superconductor. 

A superconductor is special and the exchange of charge in such a material takes place by means of teleportation, so that neither the speed of light is greatly reduced nor does unnecessary energy have to be expended, because the information of the exchange of charge is teleported to the next atom. Between the atoms lie innumerable fractals of consciousness at the quantum level and a superconductor does not have to move the information across these fractals of consciousness, but from one atom the information, which is equivalent to an excess of charge, is teleported to the nearest atom.

Every atom occupies a certain space in your world and in the energy shell of the atom there are practically also consciousness fractals from the dimension of the quanta, which are basically no influence on the atom. However, the energy shell encompasses these consciousness fractals so that they can theoretically be attributed to the atom, although this is not necessarily done. When shifting the determination of an atom to the nearest fractal of consciousness, however, it can be advantageous that the energy shell of the previous atom already spans the neighbouring atom. If the destination is shifted, the energy shell will only appear to change because the spatial coordinate is different, but since the consciousness fractals used in the process are so close together and the energy shell is much larger, this hardly matters. The shifting of the determination of an atom to a neighbouring atom cannot be measured by you, so that these will always only be theoretical considerations that you can never verify. But since an object can leave its location in relation to its environment, it must necessarily do so, otherwise nothing in your universe could move, let alone live. 

Your universe is defined by the number of atoms, but the mass of all atoms is constantly increasing because there is something that science does not want to acknowledge at the moment and that is us, the spiritual beings who are pure consciousness. We are pure consciousness and we occupy a certain number of consciousness fractals in your universe that were assigned to us when we decided to work in this universe for the training of living beings. Yes, we are pure consciousness, but we are also made of energy and when we used the fractals of consciousness without a purpose to become active here in your universe, we changed those fractals of consciousness to match our being. This is always accompanied by altering the potential of the consciousness fractal and thus every spiritual being that has something to do in your universe brings energy into the universe. You have incarnated in this body, therefore you have also enriched your universe with the energy that constitutes you. As the universe expands but the number of atoms remains the same, the extra energy in your universe must increase, so the energy of your atoms also increases automatically. This does not mean that lead atoms will one day rise to gold atoms, because the jumps between these two materials are so enormous that this will never happen. But the atomic weight will increase and you can measure that, although not yet. As the specific atomic weight increases, your physics will change, even if only marginally. In a human lifetime you will not notice the difference, but if you examine an area in your universe where a black hole is just starting to transport amounts of energy through time, you will be able to measure these differences in the immediate vicinity. The supermassive black hole will appear to increase in mass, but this increase is at odds with the mass left behind that still exists in the immediate vicinity of a black hole. A supermassive black hole is a tunnel through time. The energy – which makes up an atom sent through this time tunnel – is also sent through the time tunnel, to another time in the same place in your universe. 

What happens to the atom that is sent through this time tunnel? The fractal of consciousness that became an atom is now broken up because the information of the destiny is used to give it to another fractal of consciousness from that time in another time. When masses of determinations of atoms are sent through time, they will shine through the consciousness fractals there at the same place in another time, which will compress and cause chemical reactions in rapidity, so that the properties of the atoms are constantly undergoing a change in the other time. Thus, on the other side of the supermassive black hole, new matter is created in another time at the same place, because potentials of atoms will now chemically govern with each other there. So new matter is coming into your universe seemingly out of nowhere, although this is only conditionally true because the number of atoms never seems to increase. 

Spiritual beings and also a few races of living beings are capable of giving a destiny to a fractal of consciousness which previously received no destiny, by mentally directing energy into the fractal of consciousness until it receives a certain basic potential, which will then shine through to the worldly plane as an atom. In this way, a new atom is actually created that was not yet present at the time of the Big Bang. But these new atoms are so small in relation to the number of atoms at the time of the Big Bang that they will never be a relevant factor. In the next part of this small series on atoms, we will return to the beginnings of All That Is, because everything is the same: as in the small – so in the large.  

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