A0801: What else is there to know about an atom? – Part 1

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An atom can occur individually or in a compound. Each atom is in itself a closed system that has an interface into the material world and that is its atomic shell, which builds up an energetic field around the actual atom. An atom houses a fractal of consciousness that has been given a purpose and thereby allows its energy shell to shine through to the material world. The spherical shape of an atomic shell is fundamental, so that everything in your universe is caused to assume a round shape. If an atom has a rounded atomic shell, that shell must be made of something that we have only addressed to a limited extent. The atomic shell is an energetic sphere that is full of information that defines the atom and its interaction with its environment. Every atom was basically created with the big bang, but a lot of time has passed since the big bang and in that time the energy shell of an atom has been reprogrammed again and again. If all the information is in the energy shell of an atom, why does it need a fractal of consciousness inside, we ask? So that the atom can move around! This is only half the truth, because the consciousness fractal can still take on many tasks that we have already addressed or will address in the future.

An atom always has the same structure and is limited by an atomic shell, at least physically. But an atom is also subtle, because atoms have spiritual counterparts that correspond to a consciousness fractal. Consciousness fractals are at the quantum level because consciousness fractals are the smallest unit known to your universe. A consciousness fractal has a fractal structure and the fractal outer shell determines how powerful that consciousness fractal is. If the outer shell is simply decorated with fractal shapes, the consciousness fractal does not have much energy to use to accomplish anything. Each consciousness fractal knows exactly what it is capable of doing, which also means that the consciousness fractal is fully aware of its existence. You can theoretically talk to an atom and if you ask it, you will always get the same answer to the same question. However, some atoms can provide the answer more quickly than other atoms. Each atom has a fractal of consciousness and the type of atom also indicates the amount of energy it can convert in a unit of time. A gold atom has the most potential in your universe because not only can it use the greatest amount of energy per unit of time, but a gold atom could therefore answer the same question you asked a lead atom much faster with the same answer. It’s all connected because each atom is given a purpose that defines the atom in its entirety, which also means the amount of energy it has and can use, depending on what it is supposed to do.

Let us return to the quantum level. At the quantum level there are many fractals of consciousness in a very small space and only a few of them represent an atom in your universe. In the interesting series on the ten information dimensions of your universe, we have explained to you that there is one information dimension that is the quantum level and that is filled with consciousness fractals. There are interactions between these fractals of consciousness on the quantum level that we had not explained in detail, which we will now do. If the space of quanta occupies exactly the same area of your physical space, then where you see the paper in front of you on which you are reading these lines, there are innumerable quantum consciousnesses, some of which transcend to atoms and which you can see with your eyes and feel with your touch senses. If you imagine a cube filled with quantum consciousnesses, there will be a delineated level of quantum consciousnesses that will be the paper on which you can read these lines. Between the atoms of the sheet of paper there are countless quantum consciousnesses that have not been given a purpose and thus have not transcended as an atom in your material world. The atoms of the sheet of paper represent a certain selection of quantum consciousnesses at the quantum level and if the sheet of paper were to rest in one place and your universe were to come to a standstill, the sheet of paper would be defined by quantum consciousnesses at the quantum level that are always constant. In the example with the cube of quantum consciousnesses, the same quantum consciousnesses would always define the sheet of paper. But what happens when the sheet of paper changes location in three-dimensional space and comes to rest a few centimetres to the right, we ask? Imagine this cube of quantum consciousnesses that must be your book because the book has many pages of paper that you are reading. If your universe is made up of countless quantum consciousnesses that fill space almost evenly and that never leave their place in three-dimensional space, then the book must be able to change places differently than previously thought. Between the atoms of the book there are countless fractals of consciousness in your universe that were not given a destination that would allow it to transcend to an atom. Now you shift the book a little to the right and wonder how the quantum consciousnesses in space could now be shifted. They could not, because on the quantum level not a single fractal of consciousness left its place when you moved the book. How is that possible because the location of the book is now different, we ask ourselves? It was not the fractals of consciousness at the quantum level that were shifted, it was only the destination of the atoms of the book that was passed on at the quantum level.

Imagine a single gold atom in your three-dimensional space. In front of you, this gold atom exists and this atom houses a fractal of consciousness at the quantum level exactly where you might glimpse this gold atom in your universe. Since quantum space exists exactly where you can perceive the three fundamental axes of space in your universe, at the location of the gold atom is the associated quantum consciousness at the quantum level. If you could move the gold atom one centimetre to the right, at the quantum level the determination of the quantum consciousness is always transferred to the fractal of consciousness to the right of it, so that the gold atom is figuratively transferred from one fractal of consciousness to the next fractal of consciousness. One centimetre in your physical space houses 21^24 fractals of consciousness at the quantum level, so this number of fractals of consciousness would have received a change if the gold atom had been moved that distance. Since everything is just information, this information can also be easily transferred from one fractal of consciousness to the next fractal of consciousness. This requires a type of energy that is similar to a directed movement, which we will describe in more detail later. 

The gold atom has an energy shell that is of a subtle nature. This energy shell contains the information of the gold atom, because the transcending of the amount of energy to the physical level of your universe has transferred this information. If an object were made of two gold atoms, the energy shells of the two gold atoms would not only contain their purpose as a gold atom, but also the connection of the two gold atoms to an object that is separated from the rest of the universe. The gold object consisting of two gold atoms now also generates a common energy field in which the information of the gold object is stored. There it is described which atoms the object consists of and how they are arranged among each other to represent this gold object in your universe. All objects, regardless of type and size, generate a total energy field around their outer form that can be measured. Since subtle forms can hardly be detected and measured by you at present, your measurement of a total energy field around a body must be something else, and so it is. This total energy field corresponds to the electrostatic attraction of the atoms of the object with its surroundings. When an atom begins to shine, it radiates its destiny and you can already determine this so-called aura today. A person’s aura is made up of the objects that comprise the person’s energy field. The person has a physical body and some energy bodies that fill the quantum space with life, because it is your complex consciousness that defines you as a human. Without your consciousness occupying fractals of consciousness at the quantum level, you would hardly be a human life form. Your personality consciousness makes this connection because your consciousness fractals have connected with each other at the quantum level. No matter where your physical body goes in your universe, the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness follow it. Thus the body is always followed by this so-called aura. What has the aura to do with the actual subject, we ask? Everything, because your aura is just as much an object as the two connected gold atoms, which slowly but surely change their spatial coordinates, always to the nearest fractal of consciousness on the quantum level. If the gold object comes to a standstill, the aura or rather the total energy field of the gold object has been shifted by many fractals of consciousness. In the process, only the information of the gold atoms was transferred to the next lying consciousness fractal on the level of the quanta, so that the previous consciousness fractal of one of the gold atoms was deprived of its purpose and transferred to the next lying consciousness fractal. As a result, the next closest fractal of consciousness now shines the destiny of a gold atom out into your mundane world. The speed at which the transfer of destiny to the nearest fractal of consciousness occurs is equal to your postulated speed of light. This process of transferring the destination of an atom to its nearest fractal of consciousness also determines in your universe how fast matter can travel through space. Einstein interpreted this connection correctly, but he never found out that information can be transferred faster than the postulated speed of light. This works when the destination of an atom is not shifted but teleported.

If an atom generates an atomic shell, then countless consciousness fractals lie between this atom and a second atom at the quantum level and this energy shell holds all the information that defines the atom.

  • Where is the atom located in the space of your universe?
  • With what other atoms does it form an object?
  • What is the purpose of the atom? What kind of atom is it?
  • How did it come about that the atom dwells in the place where it is resting in relation to its immediate surroundings?
  • What is to happen next to this atom, because an attempt to change the properties of the object is always preceded by conscious actions that are predefined as on a long list. An impulse of certain strength and direction will have predictable results on the position and movement of the object, all of which have been predetermined in the information dimensions of your universe.
  • What effect will a change in the object’s position have on it?
  • Why could the object be moved in the first place?

All of this was predetermined before the two gold atoms even began to shift their positions at the quantum level.

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