A0803: What else is there to know about an atom? – Part 3

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In a universe, an atom is still the smallest particle you can measure. Indirectly, you can detect interactions that point to more elementary particles, but don’t get your hopes up. You will only ever detect interactions that give you no evidence of what else is in an atom. This second to last part of the series is to give you an overarching insight into what the initial motivation was to create a Universe as you can partially perceive it today. We once explained to you how All That Is came into being, for it is with the creation of All That Is that our story begins, and your story as well, as we once presented it. Today we want to deepen the knowledge of this so that your horizon of knowledge can experience a tremendous leap. 

How did All That Is come to exist, we ask? There must be an All That Still Is and from that All That Is must have decoupled. When All That Is came into existence, there were two features that connected.

Feature 1
All That Is is characterised by a consciousness that was more tremendous than any other consciousness now in All That Is. This tremendous consciousness came from All That Still Is and the story of this tremendous consciousness in All That Still Is is unknown to us. But the tremendous consciousness had the intention to let All That Is arise in the space of All That Still Is, because our All That Is must be a subset of it, which now presents itself as an object in All That Still Is and separates itself from the environment in All That Still Is.

Feature 2
All That Is consists not only of the consciousness of All That Is, but also of an energy potential that has not yet been fully utilised. The consciousness of All That Is must have received this potential from All That Still Is because it cannot function otherwise. We once told you that you can look at All That Is like a huge energy bubble in which there is the realm of the spiritual world, with its twelve main energy levels and a large area that harbours untapped potential. This untapped potential has been channelled into the realm of the spiritual world since the beginning of All That Is, so that the consciousnesses in the spiritual world can also create forms with it. One tiny form of this is your universe, which lives out its existence in the spiritual world as a small energy package.

All That Still Is is also a space, just like the space in the spiritual world. This three-dimensional space of All That Still Is is occupied by consciousness fractals, just like the space of All That Is and thus also the space of your universe. These fractals of consciousness in the dimension of the quanta of your universe are also present in the spiritual world and the origin of these fractals of consciousness comes from All That Still Is. From All That Still Is came the original consciousness that some of you call the Creator and the energy of All That Is also originates there. All That Is is also defined by the space of quanta, which this Creator Consciousness gave a new identifier to in the space of All That Still Is for the emergence of All That Is. Only when this Creator Consciousness gave a subset of the consciousness fractals of All That Still Is a new identifier could the object – which today represents All That Is – separate itself from All That Still Is. One subset in the object had great potential in its consciousness fractals and another subset had no purpose. Some other fractals of consciousness were occupied by the consciousness of the Creator Being. There were now three major subsets in All That Is and these subsets relate to the fractals of consciousness that exist in All That Is.

  • One sub-area of the fractals of consciousness in All That Is was given great energy potential.
  • A sub-area of the fractals of consciousness in All That Is had no purpose.
  • A sub-area of the consciousness fractals in All That Is was occupied by the Creator Consciousness

Each sub-area also corresponds to energy, so that the area of All That Is was flooded with energy. The first sub-area corresponded to an opposite form of energy from the third sub-area. The second sub-area separated these opposite forms of energy, so this methodology should already be familiar to you. There was the energy of potential that has not yet been realised and there was the energy that is Creator Consciousness and these two forms of energy are opposite in nature, just as the energy of stubbornness is the opposite form of energy of serenity. But there had to be another form of energy that separates these two opposite forms of energy and that is the energy form of black energy. The contact surface of black energy to the energy form of Creator Consciousness forms as innumerable intermediate energy forms as the contact surface of black energy to the unrealised potential that exists in All That Is. As you are already familiar with the use and mingling of energy forms to form intermediate energy forms, this should all be familiar to you. These opposing energy forms are like the Yin and Yang you know, so that is where your duality began. 

When the Creator Consciousness changed the fractals of consciousness in All That Still Is to give them a new identifier, it separated this area into All That Still Is so that All That Is can be seen as an object within All That Still Is. You are already familiar with this because in your universe objects are also characterised by being given a separate identifier so that they can be distinguished from their environment. However, All That Still Is is so much more, because now the Creator Consciousness began to separate the consciousness fractals that make up this consciousness, like a partial consciousness, so that, among other things, the Wingmakers were also created from the first new and still enormous consciousnesses. But the first two enormous consciousnesses were teleported into the realm corresponding to the unused potential, so that the Creator Consciousness created two partial consciousnesses with an opposite energy form and these two enormous consciousnesses are the Creator. But since these consciousnesses are like created spiritual beings that use an opposite energy as their main energy, different from that of the Creator Consciousness, these first two consciousnesses represent the antipole defined by all fractals of consciousness in this realm. However, this opposite pole finds its way into the spiritual world with every thought that is thought, so that new intermediate energy forms can arise here from the opposite energy forms, which always produce an opposite pole. If a new intermediate energy has been formed by an imagined thought, there is also always an opposing intermediate energy with it, and since every intermediate energy has a purpose, there is also always a purpose against it, because an opposing energy is also formed. If you have a benevolent thought that makes you do good, the thought will always create a counter thought that can tempt you to do bad. The better you become at producing positive thoughts, the better you can become at producing negative thoughts. The most emotional human can do the most cruel deeds because the poles always occur together. 

Since your society is designed to be meritocratic, the competition among yourselves will always make these poles appear together. That is why we once said that the duality you experience as humans is formed by your tendency to compete. The most fearful person one day decided to go this way and by bringing out this pole so much, he would also be able to become the most caring person. The person has formed one extreme in his behaviour, which automatically leads him to strengthen the opposite extreme as well. Therefore, with a lot of willpower, the person could become a completely different person in a short time. People who do something terrible but do not basically act in this way have briefly swung to an extreme, so that these people will not be able to become a completely opposite person overnight, showing completely different patterns of behaviour. Only those who have reached the abyss can also climb to heaven, because these opposites will repeat themselves in everything. The reason for the duality are the opposite poles, which in the beginning made up the realm of the spiritual world and the amount of energy that has not yet been converted. Every thought will use these energies of the opposite poles to create something new, which always receives two directions of action, depending on how the original thought turns out.

Imagine the following situation: A man meets a colleague at work and learns that the colleague has been promoted. What happens in this man now, because he has been competing with this work colleague for a long time for the favour of his superior, we ask? The man can be happy for the colleague or he can hate him because he seems to have been favoured. The duality here is clear because in a competition there can only be one winner. When is the man happy and when does he feel like the loser of the competition, we ask? The man would only rejoice if he had previously decided not to participate in the social competition. The man would then hate if the hope for social advancement was very great, which was now destroyed by his colleague, because the colleague received the social advancement that the man wanted so much. A person who invests great hope in a wish can only be disappointed. When does a person have great hope, we ask? When the person has little to no sovereignty in his actions! 

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