A0769: Why are there intelligent spider-like beings? – Part 2

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Every intelligent spider is very conscious of what kind of life form it is and intelligent spiders do not have to learn how to visit an astral plane, but are already present astrally in the cocoon. When an intelligent spider creates its offspring, it is not a small spider creature that stands before it after creation, but intelligent spiders create a creature in a cocoon where the creature must first find its way around in order to actually hatch under its own power. Intelligent spiders are solitary creatures, but they will always create several creatures because their species is still very endangered at first before they reach a size that then makes them the dominant species. In the first time many younglings perish because only the strong-willed younglings are supposed to survive, therefore very often spiritual beings incarnate in intelligent spiders who belong to a main faction and who are supposed to ensure law and order on the spiritual as well as worldly levels. The younglings of intelligent spiders are not yet very conscious at first, so the incarnation that inhabits a youngling cannot perform any actions at first. Unlike humans or other upright walking intelligent life forms, the offspring does not need to be cared for, so that the body consciousness of the younglings takes over the modes of action for the first time and the incarnation can only supply the energy that keeps this spider body alive. When the youngling becomes more and more conscious, the incarnation takes over the actions and now it depends on how deprived the incarnation can live in this body, because intelligent spiders very rarely eat food, no matter how great the food supply is. If the incarnation, as the predominant spider consciousness, does not muster the willpower to tend a flock but always devours it, then the source of food will very quickly pass away and the intelligent spider will perish because, although it can go a long time without food, it cannot live entirely without food. The underground environment will regulate itself so that there will always be fewer hunters in terms of numbers than animals used as food. If the intelligent spider has been able to build up a herd, it will guard the herd and only feast on an animal when it absolutely has to. The spider will lie in wait most of the time to make life as difficult as possible for intruders to use its flock. The intelligent spider will not even stop at conspecifics because the body consciousness has developed this instinct very strongly. Look at a situation like the one with two hostile farmers on your planet who steal each other’s cattle. There, too, it will escalate at some point if the laws cannot ensure law and order. Intelligent spiders will not form a society as you know it and intelligent spiders will also think about many things that have to do with their herd, just like farmers, but intelligent spiders are always mentally present on the astral planes, which is their main task today. Imagine you are a busy farmer to whom his farm and everything connected with it is incredibly important, so that his time is almost entirely spent in activities connected with his main task. But like any other person, this farmer needs distraction and diversion to think about something other than his farm. The farmer will pursue a hobby and this hobby will be intensively cultivated because this also seems important to the farmer. Intelligent spiders tick in a similar way, so that most of their time is spent protecting their flock and as a distraction and diversion intelligent spiders will do a lot astrally, which is a predominant need for them. This need – to be astrally active – is not accidental, so that one day the blueprint of the intelligent spider species was modified to assist the spiritual beings in a universe. Intelligent spiders usually sit motionless in a corner of their cave and observe the goings-on in the cave, but they are also present on the astral planes at the same time. If they can perceive both planes of existence at the same time, then the consciousness of intelligent spiders has a lot of potential, which they also need to accomplish many things on the astral planes, which we will now explain. Who is not afraid of both small and large spiders, we ask? Almost every person is disgusted by these small and mostly harmless creatures on earth and there is a special reason for that. When the human species was created, it got to the point where the humans and the spiders fought each other, because the large spiders do not always live only in the depths of a planet, but at first they will also populate the surfaces temporarily until the intelligent species is created, which will then push them underground. Large spiders exist on every planet because almost all planets, depending on their nature, always receive many animals of the same kind, and the spider is also one of them, so that large spiders have always been a danger to the intelligent species living on the surface. Rarely are large spiders completely wiped out on a planet, so they will automatically retreat more and more into the interior of a planet. Every human species will one day encounter the large spiders and in the human blueprint it is deposited that a spider is always a danger, which will never change. Spiders the size of a family car are more effective predators than all the big cats put together, so the human species will always despise spiders, no matter how big they are. Small children are not afraid of spiders because small children are also protected by their parents. If there are intelligent and non-intelligent spiders, then these two types of spiders should be different in their actions, you would think, but wrongly thought, every spider follows its blueprint and this is also the case with intelligent spiders, so even huge spiders belonging to the intelligent species will trample their enemies to death just like non-intelligent spiders belonging to the underground spiders, so you should also never physically approach intelligent spiders. Intelligent spiders also feed on their herd animals, but differently from their non-intelligent counterparts, because intelligent spiders absorb the energy that the herd animals emit. We will describe the procedure for this in more detail one day, but this much we will reveal. Intelligent spiders can feed on the energy of living creatures, but they will never consume so much that the living creature dies as a result. Dead animals are processed by other creatures, but intelligent spiders consume life energy so that they can do what they are now designed to do. Every intelligent spider on the astral planes will always follow the urge to do something useful, and that is exactly why the incarnation was once incarnated. When intelligent spiders are present astrally, they take the form that body consciousness dictates. The more conscious a species is, the easier it is to change its self-perception, so that far advanced humans can also choose any form on the astral plane that the human desires, because far advanced humans identify less and less with their bodies. Intelligent spiders will perceive themselves as spiders on the astral planes, even though the incarnation in the astral intelligent spider is more apparent than in a human being who undertakes astral travel. People who undertake astral journeys will become less and less aware of their bodily body over time, so that the body consciousness can also exert less and less influence. Astral-intelligent spiders are given many tasks that also transport them to the earthly-astral levels. When astral-intelligent spiders perform tasks for you, you surely ask yourselves who assigns these tasks. If we now briefly explain to you who the clients are, then we need one more part to discuss the assignments of the astral-intelligent spiders. We commission these intelligent spiders so that they can assist us in our work on the ground. These intelligent spiders have many ways on the astral planes in which they can assist us all, so that we actually share the work. Some spiritual beings belong to the accompanying beings of a life form and some spiritual beings do not. The accompanying beings of a life form have extensive powers that they use to assist the life form. Other spiritual beings may not readily do something that attendant beings have permission to do. Since astral beings corresponding to a life form have far-reaching powers, astral-intelligent spiders are also allowed to accomplish things that spiritual beings are hardly allowed to do. What all these actions are, we will reveal in the next and last contribution to this series.

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