A0768: Why are there intelligent spider-like beings? – Part 1

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Each intelligent life form serves a specific purpose because the Wingmakers created the intelligent life forms for a single purpose. Each intelligent life form can be seen as a host that a spiritual being takes over, just as each spiritual being can also control life forms, but there is a crucial difference. If a spiritual being dictates the actions of a life form, then the spiritual being knows that too. Take a dog and take a human being. In a dog, the consciousness of a spiritual being can make the dog behave differently than its blueprint dictates. In most non-intelligent life forms there is the body consciousness of the species and a proportion of a mass consciousness that ensures that the flesh of the life form is animated and that in addition to the body consciousness there is a mass consciousness of the species so that the life form also behaves as the species dictates. Every life form contains several consciousnesses, but only the intelligent life forms form a complex personality. Plants have a consciousness as well as a dog, but the consciousness of a plant is very slow and the personality of a plant can hardly be formed during its existence. When the plant passes away and the consciousness of the plant returns to its mass consciousness, the memories are erased so that this consciousness can inhabit a plant again and start all over. The consciousness of a dog can be judged similarly, except that the consciousness of a dog can think much faster than that of the plant. But also the consciousness of a dog is smaller than that of an intelligent species, so that dogs are much more individual than plants and also form a kind of personality, but this is also deceptive, because the body consciousness of a dog is much more potent than the consciousness from the mass consciousness of the dog species. When the dog dies, this consciousness is also erased and those who believe they will meet their deceased dog again in the afterlife are greatly mistaken because a dog represents a non-intelligent life form that always receives a pre-conditioned consciousness and when the life form dies, the individuality is erased. The situation is different with cats because, strictly speaking, cats represent an intelligent life form that is capable of much, but would hardly be able to develop further in evolutionary terms. Cats also receive a consciousness, but this is not erased after death; cats continue to live on a spiritual level that is intended for this type of intelligent life form. There are other species of animals where it is handled similarly, but these individual consciousnesses do not reincarnate into their species, so that the owners of a cat could actually seek out this consciousness on the spiritual plane after the death of the pet. But this is not the kind of consciousnesses we meant when we said that a spiritual being can control a non-intelligent life form. We are spiritual beings and we could take over any life form, but we are strictly forbidden to do so in order not to cause confusion. We could take over a dog in such a way that we could not only hear, see, smell and feel like a dog, but we could also determine what the dog would do next. We would be fully aware and we could experience everything the way a dog perceives its environment. Every spiritual being has such a possibility and much more if the spiritual being experiences the records of the so-called Akashic Chronicle. There the lives of intelligent and non-intelligent life forms can be viewed, exactly as the living being once experienced them, without the spiritual being having to limit its consciousness, because that is the great difference when not the body of a life form is taken over but inhabited. When a spiritual being inhabits an intelligent life form, the purpose of inhabiting is not to experience the life of a life form, but to be that life form in order to think, feel and act in that way without the spiritual being using its original consciousness to do so. If you still knew everything you knew before incarnating into your physical body, you would not be able to live at all as the blueprint of the human species dictates. All your problems, sufferings and complicated forms of society are foreseen in this way in the blueprint, and if you were aware of this beforehand, you could never have lived the life you have lived until now. Inhabiting a life form is different from taking over a life form because inhabiting a life form transforms you into that life form and taking over is more like getting to know a species. When the dog is taken over by a spiritual being, the spiritual being cares little what the dog thinks about it because the dog cannot reflect this taking over of its actions. A dog learns, but differently than an intelligent being, so that animals can also form evolutionary exceptions, which, however, always depend on how the environment is designed in which the life form exists. If there is a planet that has hardly any daylight as you know it, then the indigenous life forms will exist underground. There they will live, hunt and reproduce. The underground is a different environment than the surface of a planet, so the native animal and plant diversity is different than you have on Earth. Insects are present on each planet at first, before more and more animals are settled there. If you know your animal and plant world, then you also know approximately what to expect when you visit a similar planet that is created like your Earth. It is the same with planets that are inhabited more underground, because every inhabited planet also produces an intelligent life form that is best adapted to the environmental conditions. The Wingmakers have many possibilities to create inhabited planets and the choice of animals and plants is gigantic, but each environment is adapted in such a way that it itself corresponds to a blueprint that can be transferred to other planets. Therefore, spider-like creatures will always be found where the surface of a planet is not designed to be very life-friendly, so the underground will always be richly populated. If you cannot discover much on the surfaces of your planets in your solar system, then you will have to search the underground, there you will come across many surprises that you cannot even imagine today, or are spiders as big as a family car not a surprise to you? Of course it will be a surprise to you, but let us tell you, the spiders that act like a sentient human being are not unusual because intelligent spiders are not as rare as you might think at this time. You yourselves have something similar on Earth, we don’t mean your little spiders on the surface, but you harbour huge underground spiders that have been herding their flocks there since the time of the dinosaurs, which they still feed on today. The New Lemurians, who inhabit your Earth at a depth of over 70 km, know about these underground spiders, so that they have also taken many precautions to ensure that these spiders remain there, where they can live their lives undisturbed. These underground spiders are not an intelligent species that we wanted to talk about, so we will now continue with the explanations of the intelligent spiders that richly populate your universe. Your homeworld is best suited to host a bipedal intelligent life form on the surface, while multi-legged creatures are more likely to choose a home underground. If a planet is habitable on the surface, the intelligent species will always be a species that will spread on the surface, but if that is hardly possible, the intelligent native species will be an underground species, like ants, spiders and all sorts of other insect species that you already know. There is no intelligent species of ants, but there is a species of spider that is as intelligent as the people of Earth. Spiders can experience emotions, even if you find it hard to believe, and the intelligent species of spiders have profound feelings that they can also transform into emotions. The species of spiders can also travel astrally and as many spiders are constantly astrally present, they assist the consciousnesses on the astral planes in their efforts to be of help to other beings. Yes, you hear correctly, the spiders perceived by an astral traveller are not originally astral beings, but they are consciousnesses of physically intelligent spiders who feel and think just as you do, the body consciousness of a spider producing different attributes than the body consciousness of a human being. When the astral consciousnesses of the physically intelligent spiders are present with you, they perform certain tasks for which they are best suited. Astral spiders are just as intelligent as you humans, so these creatures can have the same dialogues as you humans, although spiders live differently from you humans and spiders do not form larger communities as you humans do, but spiders have feelings and are interested in many things that humans are interested in, so they too are influenced by their bodies, but not as much as you humans. Intelligent spiders cannot talk, nor do they write anything down, but intelligent spiders share the astral plane, so that intellectual communication takes place through the astral planes and physical communication almost comes to a standstill. The Lemurians could not communicate telepathically with each other, so they were always present with a partial consciousness of themselves on an astral plane and managed communication that way. The intelligent spiders, just like the Lemurians, communicate via the astral planes, which is the simplest mode of communication in their evolutionary phase. Intelligent spiders were created by the Wingmakers so that there would be underground species that could also evolve, and since this species is very old, this species was also able to finish its evolutionary process a long time ago, so today’s intelligent spiders are neither as brutal as you spiders currently think they are, nor will they physically procreate their offspring as you currently do, but intelligent spiders create their offspring and no pair of spiders need to come together to do this, but intelligent spiders are solitary creatures that only gather in the astral realm to be an aid to the spiritual beings there. We have often said that spiritual beings are bound by rules which we must observe as far as possible, otherwise we are not allowed to be present in the universes. Physical beings are not subject to these rules, so they can do whatever they want within a certain framework. If there are physical life forms where the incarnations still know many things that inhabit those life forms, then the incarnations could choose that life form to accomplish something in your universe without being affected by the rules for the spiritual beings.

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