A0770: Why are there intelligent spider-like beings? – Part 3

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When astral intelligent spiders start doing something for the spiritual beings, it is almost always something to do with energy work they are doing on the astral planes. The spiritual world consists of different energies and since your universe occupies a tiny area in the spiritual world, your universe will also consist only of solidified energy. Matter, as you perceive it, does not exist, because actually even a diamond is only a package of energies. Your energy forms have strong holding forces, which is why forms can block themselves so well on the material plane. Intelligent spiders can manipulate these forms on the material plane from the astral planes because they are only energies, nothing more. If the holding forces on your Earth were to be lowered, then your material plane would have to be looked at in the same way as an astral plane, so that this plane would also have forms, but they would not block as much as seems to be the case with you on Earth at the moment. When you witness an astral journey – because you mostly only observe this astral journey, but rarely direct it – you will observe the forms and beings of the astral plane that occupy exactly the same space as your material world. This astral plane of your Earth is a real plane of existence, just like your material plane. But these astral planes exist in the frequency spectrum on a different frequency range than your material plane of existence. The earthly-astral planes border on the range of frequencies that your material plane of existence occupies. These planes of existence coexist, but they do not overlap, so that between the material plane of existence and each earthly-astral plane there is a realm that cannot be attributed to any particular plane. The transition from the material plane of existence to an astral plane is always separated by an unbridgeable frequency range, which appears to you humans like the much-mentioned grey curtain, which you can sense during a meditation, but which can never be properly lifted, otherwise you would perceive an earthly-astral plane with full consciousness. If persons nevertheless manage to lift this curtain through much thought control, they become more conscious on the astral plane of the earth, so that you can perceive what is happening in the space around you, which also includes these astral planes. Since every human being unconsciously always ensures that what is experienced and seen in the material world is scooped up on the astral plane, you could find an environment on the astral plane that is very similar to your material world, but does not represent it because it is constantly being recreated. If people are very consciously aware of the astral plane, then they could bridge the area between planes of existence without the personality consciousness losing its focus, which happens all the time when you fall asleep. The transition from the material plane to an astral plane is very difficult to accomplish fully consciously, but to move from the astral plane back to the earthly plane with the personality consciousness without becoming conscious in your own body is considered the supreme discipline of mental exercises. This is and remains reserved for only a very few people among you earthly people who have been able to develop to such an extent that they have acquired the mental capacities for it. No normal astral traveller will be able to do this and even if you are firmly of the opinion that you can, then we tell you the following: You yourselves actually believe that you travel the astral plane fully consciously, without realising that you are mostly just watching and can rarely determine what you do next. There are persons who travel the astral planes very consciously, but even these persons do not understand at all or only vaguely what these astral planes really represent. Why do you think that out of wantonness and boredom you are allowed to travel the astral planes and then the material world with your consciousness, we ask? These few people who are actually allowed to do so are explorers and discoverers who want to discover the secrets and not braggarts who want to brag about them. There is always a reason why people become conscious on the astral planes and only the fewest of these persons show reasons that may also allow them to travel further. Intelligent spiders have as a reason us spiritual beings who are very pleased that there are the astral intelligent spiders who not only have reasons to travel further than on their native astral planes, but they also have so much potential with their consciousness that they can not only travel to other astral planes from other planets, but they are able to transcend the frequency space that lies between the material world and the astral plane, so that astral-intelligent spiders can not only be present on the terrestrial-astral planes, but they are also able to experience your material world as a manifestation of consciousness. This is a subject that we have never described in detail, because until today hardly any human being is capable of manifesting his consciousness outside of his body, and not on the astral plane of the earth, but on your mundane world. This manifestation of consciousness can practically only be carried out on an astral plane, so that only persons who really have the reasons required to travel fully consciously through the astral worlds and the spiritual world are also authorised to carry out a manifestation of consciousness in any material place in your universe. If there should be such a person, that person could manifest his or her personality consciousness in any place that the person could imagine. That person could mentally travel all the worldly worlds as if he were on the spot. This person hears, he smells, he experiences everything as if he were present there, except that the personality consciousness can be seen as a subtle manifestation that cannot be perceived by most earthly or extraterrestrial intelligent life forms. Intelligent spiders are capable of this and since intelligent spiders can hardly be influenced, since they live very sovereignly also have no ego consciousness, astral intelligent spiders have themselves under control at all times because every thought that an intelligent spider thinks as a manifestation of consciousness on a material plane is also transformed into something and that of course on the mundane world. When an intelligent spider is present as a manifestation of consciousness on your mundane world, it can move mountains, so to speak, because even a mountain is not only an object, but a mountain is also only made up of energy, which a manifestation of consciousness can redirect, so any unwise thought is to be avoided. Now you know very well why no astral traveller will appear on your or other material worlds as a manifestation of consciousness – intelligent spiders do, because they accomplish much that is at present completely unknown to you. If intelligent spiders were not a manifestation of consciousness on your Earth, your environment would not be as it should be. All astral beings are either consciousness manifestations of physical beings or they are spiritual beings that are present to help the life forms in your universe. Most spiritual beings split their consciousness into many small partial consciousnesses which then pursue a task, but these partial consciousnesses may mostly only observe and distribute tasks to astral beings who are present as consciousness manifestations because they originally belong to a life form. These life forms have very many possibilities to do something in your universe that is forbidden to most spiritual beings. Spiritual beings, with the help of the astral intelligent spiders, try to make your environment flourish and astral intelligent spiders make your so-called evolution take shape, but astral intelligent spiders can do much more, which we will now discuss. Have you ever wondered how this biodiversity on your planet comes about, we ask? No? You think the Wingmakers are responsible for it? That’s right, because the Wingmakers have created every life form and when a life form is bred on a planet, the Wingmakers have caused it, but they themselves are not now starting to recreate every race on a planet, but the Wingmakers have many helpers who are doing that and they include us, the spiritual beings who are present in your universe. We, in turn, are not allowed to intervene readily in the Wingmakers’ creations because we simply lack the powers to do so, but we, in turn, have the astral beings that correspond to a life form, so that life forms have much more far-reaching powers to act in their universe than we are allowed. The astral-intelligent spiders receive orders from us, which they either carry out on the respective astral planes or they are present as consciousness manifestations on a material world, for example, to breed new living beings there, which are to flourish according to the Wingmaker’s settings. So it happened with your plant world, so it happened with your animal world, and so it happened with the human races, which were first bred on Earth in order then to unite the best attributes from all the proto-human races in a new human race, which you represent on the Earth’s surface today. All this would be impossible to accomplish in this complexity without the astral beings, and the intelligent spiders are predestined for this because they combine all the qualities that are needed for this. 

Question: Do intelligent spiders also work on humans on earth?
No, intelligent spiders are forbidden to consciously show themselves to humans or to perform tasks on a human being, because even unconscious humans can perceive the frequencies of astral beings through their second energy body and since astral-intelligent spiders also emit their self-perception, humans would constantly receive unconscious alarm signals that will only irritate them. If by chance a meditating person perceives imaginary spiders, it is mostly for training purposes, because there are reasons that far advanced people have to fulfill in order to be able to perceive the astral planes ever more consciously. If astral travellers perceive a gigantic spider, then it could be an astrally intelligent spider or not, because the astral traveller is to be trained by spiritual beings, which hardly any astral traveller consciously perceives. Astral travellers still believe that just because they cannot perceive anyone on the astral planes they are unobserved, which is a bad joke to say the least. Every astral traveller travels on a stage and the auditorium, which the astral traveller cannot perceive, is filled to capacity and all the spectators are watching what the supposedly undetected astral traveller is up to. If you find this amusing at the moment, you can project the same procedure onto yourself, because it is similar, except that the number of spectators increases with age, as your life attracts more and more attention in the spiritual world. Take your worldly goings on like a soap opera and you all have a starring role in it, often generating little impact in the goings on of your world, but you have your own great moments watched from the spectator seat by the spiritual world. The more you mature, the more mature your stage performance and the more spiritual beings follow your earthly doings. This activity is followed closely from the spiritual world and nothing, really nothing at all, remains hidden from the spiritual beings. Therefore, you should think about how you want to be perceived, then you would not find the naive ignorance of astral travellers so amusing.

Question: Do intelligent spiders also experience an official first contact on their home world?
No, because official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is only necessary if the home intelligent species produces a society similar to yours. Intelligent spiders are solitary creatures and since they already travel very effectively mentally on the astral planes, no official first contact is necessary with intelligent spiders. There are extraterrestrial beings who make contact with intelligent spiders so that they can also be of help physically. For this, intelligent spiders are allowed to dwell with their flock in spaceships, where they are given a demarcated area to stay. Far advanced species are always partly conscious on the astral planes, so that much is controlled there for which you still need control panels and computers today. Intelligent spiders are very potent when they appear as manifestations of consciousness, so they can be of great help in spaceships. However, at some point the alien races have developed so much potential themselves that they no longer need the intelligent spiders and take them back to where they came from. These intelligent spiders have a lot of power, so that many races have also tried to use this power for their own advantage, which usually did not go well, because intelligent spiders are very sovereign beings that do not need anything of what most life forms strive for. Never get too close to an intelligent spider unless you are on a plane of existence as a manifestation of consciousness, then you will experience the benevolent nature of these amazing creatures.

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