A0763: What are allergies?

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When a person has an allergic reaction, the body resists staying in that environment and this is for the following reason. Every body has an immune system and every immune system reacts to externally supplied stimuli. A pollen can cause the same immune response as sudden strong sunlight because all the body’s sensors are designed to carry any change in the environment. When this information reaches the brain, it is pre-processed and then usually changed because the brain has programs ready to respond to certain stimuli. A pollen can adhere to mucous membranes and because that is what a foreign body does, the mucous membranes have many ways to detect something like that. If the foreign body has been recognised, then bodily processes will ensure that this foreign body can be further determined. For this purpose, the brain has created a directory over the years in which every type of foreign body has been stored as information. The information says how dangerous this foreign body is and how often the human body has already had to deal with this foreign body. This archive was created in the brain over the years because the brain has crystalline structures that can grow new networks in the brain. This archive is stored in the brain as a complex network and the frequency with which the human body has been attacked by a foreign body is stored in the same way as the defence measures to be taken. When the time of year comes and a lot of pollen floats through the air, the mucous membranes are wetted with this pollen. The mucous membranes will report the foreign body to the brain and the brain will look up in the archive what to do if such an attack was carried out. The body will then be charged from this archive with information on how strong the defence mechanisms should be. At first the immune system will trigger many strong reactions, but if the body is exposed to this kind of attack very often, then the immune system weakens the defence because the brain is trained that this human body has no choice but to live in this environment with these foreign bodies, so that the defence of the immune system could not push the human being to leave the environment with the foreign bodies. The body now reacts less and less to these foreign bodies and the human body has now immunised itself against these kinds of foreign bodies. The immunisation consists solely of documenting the number of attacks. If the attacks exceed a certain number, then immunisation automatically occurs, no matter what type of allergy is pushing your human body to leave the environment with the foreign bodies. What can you now do with this knowledge, we ask? You could immunise yourself with a thought and for that you only need to know at what number the immunisation occurs. All foreign bodies are treated in the same way, so that a grain of sand in the eye after immunisation against this foreign body will also no longer cause the eye to itch and produce an unusual amount of tear fluid. However, if you don’t know what the number needs to be for immunisation, use the following trick. You insist on doubling the number of attacks for a particular foreign body. If you have an allergic reaction, then you should instruct that the number of attacks be doubled for that allergic reaction. Imagine you are walking through the garden and out of nowhere sneezing attacks, palate itching and eye itching start, then this is a clear indication that there is an attack of foreign bodies that are being placed on the mucous membranes and their nature is being determined. The brain immediately starts to induce the person to leave the habitat with these foreign bodies by means of the known physical reactions. If you now instruct that the stored number of attacks for this allergic reaction be doubled, then your brain receives a small transformation and the number of attacks has been doubled. If at that moment the allergic reaction subsides, then you have successfully overcome the hurdle and reached or surpassed the required number at which the immune system initiates weaker and weaker countermeasures against the foreign body. If you then keep doubling the number of attacks, you should very quickly become immune to the foreign bodies on your mucous membranes. How does a person instruct such a doubling of the number of attacks from a particular type of foreign body, we ask? Quite simply – say the following sentence whenever you have an allergic reaction to foreign bodies on your mucous membranes.

“Please double the number of attacks that triggered this allergic reaction. Thank you very much”

If you repeat this until the allergic reaction is gone in a few seconds, you will never again be allergic to these foreign bodies on your mucous membranes. This works very well with allergies caused by foreign bodies on your mucous membranes, but it does not work if you have an intolerance. If you have a strong reaction to the lactose in milk because you are lactose intolerant, this has nothing to do with foreign bodies irritating your eyes, but rather chemical processes in the body that treat the milk components as foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract. These foreign bodies are in the body, therefore these foreign bodies are subject to different defence mechanisms than pollen on the mucous membranes. Every food is also logged in the brain, but the human body received different settings on your planets than on other planets, so different human races on different planets have different food compositions. Since the asian human race received the attitudes from an extraterrestrial asian-looking human race, the extraterrestrial attitudes also outweigh the earthly attitudes, which is especially noticeable in the tolerance of dairy products. Now how can a human being mitigate the attacks from the body, when this mechanism works differently from the one with the foreign bodies on the mucous membranes, we ask? The attitudes that cause you to feel the symptoms of intolerance must be reconfigured. How can you reconfigure these attitudes, we ask? By asking us to do so. If you ask for the attitudes to be reconfigured so that you no longer feel physical symptoms, then we will start to reduce those attitudes one by one. If you react against the sugar in the milk with stomach ache, then ask that the settings for these symptoms be toned down. We will then configure these settings so that you experience less severe symptoms. The next time you consume milk sugar again, after the symptoms have occurred, ask us again to weaken the settings that cause these symptoms. Eliminating intolerances cannot be done immediately because although the reconfiguration of the settings is quick, the body reacts very sluggishly in the specific area of the gastrointestinal tract, so the settings will only have a gradual effect. Why can’t you ask us to heal whatever is bothering you, we ask? Because you should not live too easy a life. Any spiritual being could heal any life form on your planet so that the life form would not have to experience any physical discomfort until death. You would live to be over a hundred years old and you would look like a twenty-five year old person until shortly before you died, knowing neither infirmity nor disease. If you were to live like that, you would not know what it is to live a temporary life, nor would you be able to develop your humanity further, because you would not understand what deprivation means. You are not supposed to live a fully healthy human life and you are supposed to understand what it means to grow old and frail, because that is imperative for your social development. When you accumulate the knowledge of things and you understand that there is more than the material world, then we as your masters and teachers will also be willing to support you to become better and better, but we are subject to certain rules, so that we also only reveal what you could also apply yourself. If you ask for more than we are willing to grant you, then you will receive less and less support, because you will lack the necessary humility and we will hardly support such a thing.

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