A0762: What is ADHD?

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If we want to talk about this attention disorder, we first have to explain what your so-called attention actually is. When is a person attentive and when is he not, we ask? Everyone suffers from attention deficiencies because it is a completely normal process. If you were fully aware all the time, you would not be able to attend to your social needs, nor would you be aware of any bodily reactions. If you were to mature overnight into a species that practised full attention, you would be extinct as an earthly race in a few generations – we are very serious about that. If you practised full attention, you would only have eyes for that before you. You would sink into the moment and you would perceive a second as hours. Because your body consciousness would be excluded from your thought processes, you would not perceive any information from your body because the body is currently imposing many behaviours on you that are difficult to escape. All your thoughts today are mostly about how you can exist here in earthly life so that you will always be better off, but never worse off, for this your ego consciousness will always dictate many thought processes, which you then interpret as your own thoughts. What are these thoughts supposed to teach you, we ask? How to get a better and better position in your society – that is what it is all about. When you are in the process of gaining a better position or a higher status within a group, you turn your attention away from the essential things. The person will appear more and more selfish to the outside world and that is what the creators of the human species want. If you were to give your full attention to other things, you could very quickly discover many secrets that will only be revealed to you much later in your evolution, so that a human race on a planet will always go through different evolutionary phases that are very typical of the human species. This is what countless human races have gone through on their home worlds, and you are going through such an evolutionary phase as you are about to ascend to the next evolutionary stage. You are about to witness a global event in a few years’ time where you will take the next evolutionary step in the course of that event. When you all take the next evolutionary step together, you will experience a different level of attention than you do today, and all the people who were suffering from attention deficit disorder before the event will be seen as healed people. You yourselves will perceive your own experienced moments much greater, so that a present experienced moment will seem very short. You will no longer be very strongly driven by your ego consciousness and you will no longer be so strongly influenced by your human body as is the case today. All of these changes will only come to light when the first signs of the global event appear, which will fundamentally change your entire coexistence, because you will then be a different person who draws attention to completely different things that you would only smile at today. If we tell you today – in the year 2022 – that in a few years everyone will only know one topic of conversation and that for several years, then hardly anyone would take us seriously today. With the first sign of the global event, your attention will be diverted overnight from your many personal and global issues to just one issue, so that all the quarrels, between people, groups and even states can no longer generate any attention in you at all. This has happened on countless inhabited planets and will happen countless times on extraterrestrial worlds that are about to make official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species. You will experience this first contact on Earth within this decade, and by that we mean all humans on Earth at the same time. Your ability to focus attention is then experiencing a renaissance, because at present you are not able to focus your attention at all, and it is not only your body and ego consciousness that are to blame, but your brain works differently today than it did long ago, or as it will work when the first gigantic spaceships take up a geostationary position in your firmament. Every human being will one day be able to step outside the door and admire at least one of these gigantic spaceships with his own eyes. When that day comes, each brain will undergo a slight change so that each person can focus their attention better. If you can focus your attention better, then you will get more processing power for your thinking tasks, so that you can also think faster. As you begin to think faster and faster, you will notice details that were previously hidden. As more and more details are revealed to you, you will get a better and better overview of all the things that concern you. As you become better at seeing the bigger picture in everything, you will notice many attempts at manipulation in your society to steer you in certain directions. If you can see the bigger picture, then you will automatically look behind the façade of society and you will then see why you or others have acted the way you or they have and you will want that to stop. You will then be your own rulers, because although the rulers of your society will also get a better grasp, which is the same as the increase in attention, the rulers of society will have to have an extraordinarily high ego consciousness, which will cloud their grasp. Since they have attained a certain status and will therefore do everything to defend this status in this group, it is very difficult for them to begin to strongly adjust their attempts at manipulation, so that the rest of the population will quite quickly expose the manipulative attempts of the small and large rulers in your society, and this is only possible if your attention and thus your perceptive faculty is not weakened, which it still is at present. Your brain is complex, but your brain does not contain the consciousness that is you, so your brain can be seen as an engine that transfers all information between your consciousness and the human body. However, the brain not only tirelessly ensures that this flow of information can take place, but the brain also has control functions so that the flow of information is also pre-processed and can also undergo a change, always as the body consciousness dictates the settings. The body consciousness and the ego consciousness do not belong to your consciousness and these consciousnesses control to a large extent all your physical concerns, whether they are escape mechanisms or whether you need affection. These alien consciousnesses are responsible for ensuring that the human body can function properly on its respective home planet. This is how it is done with all intelligent life forms, so that you can incarnate with your consciousness into any species without having to know how exactly the respective body functions. It is like modern cars where there is a small selection of human-car interfaces that can be easily operated by any human and the complicated technology with the many electronic assistants are monitored and operated by the central computer in the car. The driver really only needs to know how to start, steer and brake the car, everything else is controlled by the central computer in the modern car. A person suffering from ADHD attention deficit disorder has received a setting from the central computer in the human body that ensures that the person hardly seems to be able to focus his or her attention. As a result, the person will also be oblivious to many things that other people without this attention disorder may already be aware of. This disorder is deeply embedded in the system of the body’s consciousness, so that medication can seem to be helpful, but the person thereby develops other behavioural abnormalities that are not yet noticeable as such. The best alleviation of symptoms occurs with the starting shot of the official first contact, so that these persons then behave as you do today, whereby you then behave as far advanced persons already do now. All, without exception, will benefit from this official first contact and when the official first contact has been completed, everything has changed, even for persons who today still suffer from manifold behavioural disorders. 

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