A0764: What is the black sun? – Part 1

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When a person speaks of the black sun, that person is referring to a black magic ritual, which is often used by would-be magicians. The black sun has been known as an emblem for a long time and many groups have seized its symbolic power, but only in black magic circles is it really known what the black sun really represents. The number twelve is a sacred number because the number twelve is used in many ways. The spiritual world consists of twelve main energy levels and each main energy level has a special reason for existing. When the spiritual world convenes a council, that council usually has twelve members and the number twelve is used in other ways. Whenever a being seeks connection in the spiritual world, there must be twelve reasons that allow the being to enter the spiritual spheres. Every single reason must be fulfilled, otherwise the being will be denied access. Each reason stands for an arm of the black sun and only those who call all twelve reasons their own receive permission to enter the spiritual realm with full consciousness. If only one reason is not fulfilled, all effort is in vain, because there are gates into the spiritual world that are associated with the black sun. These gates were already used by the Lemurians and when Lemuria sank into the ocean and some survivors founded the conglomerate of Atlantis, these Atlantians also one day asked the modern people to help the inhabitants of the city states and as a reward for this, these modern people received an emblem that represented this black sun. With this emblem the modern people could identify themselves and they themselves knew only too well what the black sun meant. We said that there are gates on your earth that lead to the astral plane and if you mentally walk through such a gate in full consciousness, you will perceive something very similar to the black sun, because the black sun is the symbol for these gates. When you have mentally walked through such a gate, you will appear on an astral plane, just as you experience the material world. You will hardly notice any difference and those persons who can prove the twelve reasons will experience the astral plane very consciously. All other persons who do not have at least one reason will also experience the astral plane, but more as a dream or an astral journey. We have already told you quite a bit about astral travel and we have also said that most of the time you can only remember an astral travel, but you are never fully conscious of it, so you are more present when your personality consciousness experiences something together with the sixth subconsciousness of the incarnation. You are only present because you are mostly just watching what the sixth subconsciousness of the incarnation is doing. If you have all twelve reasons for experiencing the astral plane, then your personality consciousness on the astral plane will determine the action. That is why we said that you will not notice any difference on the astral plane. A person who can show all twelve reasons is not someone who has never dealt with the spiritual world, but these people are considered the teachers of the people because they train the people and that in many matters. Your present teachers are considered the undisputed masters of this generation, but not every master also has the twelve reasons available that are needed to enter the spiritual world. Only those who have worked on themselves to such an extent that they can say that their life is of benefit to society, only these people come into the further selection. The earthly masters who are training you today cannot show the twelve reasons for passing through the gate of the black sun, because they lack at least one reason and that is us. We represent the spiritual world, even though at present we speak to you only through the writer, but we are the mouthpiece of the spiritual world. Only very few mediums on earth speak to the spiritual world in such a way that they are able to bring vast amounts of information to you, which is not simply to appease you, but which really represents an added value in terms of information content. Mediums that can do this for you are rare, so that these few mediums would be able to walk through a gate of the black sun in full consciousness without losing any of the consciousness when the person enters the astral planes or even the spirit world – which is extremely rare. All other mediums will also provide you with information, but only rarely will revelations be among them. These mediums do not have the motivation to really experience what connects the material and spiritual worlds, so they never really make the effort to want to understand. When these mediums pass through the gate of the black sun, they too will very consciously enter the astral plane, but the spiritual world remains denied to them. Even though many astral travellers may now disagree, but an astral journey is never fully consciously perceived, but mostly you only watch and have little possibility to determine what the consciousness should do there. Since you and your sixth subconsciousness of incarnation think very similarly, you hardly notice this because we do this to you all the time even when you are awake, without you noticing. If a person wants to pass through a gate of the black sun, then that person must also know where these gates exist. What exactly does a gate of the black sun represent, we ask? We told you in the blog entries of Lemuria and Atlantis, that this extraterrestrial race of humans always settled where main energy currents lead into or out of the earth, so that they could handle the earth’s energy currents particularly efficiently in the vicinity of these earthly energy currents. There are several earthly energy currents and innumerable tributaries of these powerful energy currents that still magically attract those in the know today. Wherever a stream of energy meets or leaves the earth, there is a gate of the black sun, so to speak. These energy currents charge your energy field and thereby you receive more potential, which you can use to come closer to the spiritual world. However, most people only come closer to the earthly-astral planes without realising that even these gigantic astral planes are only a tiny fraction of what your Universe has to offer. Your universe is only a very small portion of the plane of matter, which is home to countless other universes. The plane of matter is a main plane of the spiritual world, of which there are exactly twelve further planes, whereby the thirteenth main plane is not a main energy plane in the actual sense, which we have explained to you in detail in the series on the main planes. The twelve main energy levels of the spiritual world correspond to the twelve areas of the black sun, so that there is a reason for each main energy level, which must also apply in a figurative sense to the beings who wish to experience the spiritual world. Even spiritual beings do not have unhindered access to all the planes, so that there are twelve reasons that even a spiritual being must fulfill in order to be present on these main energy planes. We will now enumerate in abbreviated form the twelve reasons that must apply to an earthly human being so that after passing through a gate of the black sun a human being can travel fully consciously through the astral planes of your universe and may also travel further so that this human being becomes conscious in the spiritual world as if he were stepping out of his house and, with full awareness, can perceive his environment without distraction. You can hardly imagine today what it is like to perceive the environment only with your fractals of consciousness, because at present your body has to filter out so many details so that you get any impression at all of how your environment is shaped. 

Reason 1
The person must be pure of heart, so that egoistic reasons will not open the entrance, because only persons are allowed to perceive the astral planes fully consciously who can control themselves, and this can only be done by people who can see through themselves and society and have therefore worked for a long time on their behaviour towards others. These people not only radiate calmness and wisdom, but they also live it, so that people who only pretend outwardly to appear like a guru will not be given the opportunity to travel the astral planes and the spiritual world with full consciousness. Persons who are truly calm and wise, you not only see it by their charisma, but these persons also instinctively act accordingly, no matter what situations they may encounter.

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