A0765: What is the black sun? – Part 2

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Reason 2
Persons live a frivolous life so that sexuality plays a great part in their lives. A person who is still guided by the bodily urges must never travel the astral planes and the spiritual world in full consciousness and this has the following reason. Every consciousness consists of many subconsciousnesses, each of which has a task, and one of these subconsciousnesses is the body consciousness, which dictates how a species should behave. As long as the intelligent species still needs the known mechanisms to produce offspring, this species is considered a brutal species that can be very strongly directed by the body consciousness. The body consciousness directs your behaviour, no matter how far you have evolved as a human being. If the body consciousness has so much power over you, it will still govern your behaviour even when weakened, and as you have a great deal of potential on the astral plane, your animalistic behaviour on the astral plane could not only cause great confusion, but you could also damage the spiritual plane by your careless behaviour, because consciousnesses are able to do that. That is why you are usually only present during astral journeys and observe what is happening, rather than being able to determine the actions there. People who know their sex drive is under control do not live a life without tenderness and sex, but it is reduced to such an extent that they will hardly give it a thought. Real gurus who have evolved a long way will never give in to physical desires, but real gurus can resist even the most seductive attempts of women who feel a physical desire around a real guru. Real gurus live a life of abstinence and the reason is that real gurus can put their body consciousness in its place because they know that the sex drive is forced upon man so that the human species can continue. This drive is incredibly strong in you, so that the sexual act can hardly be properly controlled by you. You still identify with it today, but the more society evolves, the less it is guided by these urges, and one day these beings mentally create their offspring, which we have also described a few times.

Reason 3
All humans have aversions to certain beings. Here we are talking about real physical or imaginary beings, from your sacred scriptures or from folklore. What would you do if you were confronted with negatively-judged beings on the astral plane, we ask? Whether you face an archontic, a devilish, an extraterrestrial being or a disgusting creature, if you show even the slightest fear or loathing, you have failed the test. Even when these beings appear to attack, you must be completely calm and level-headed. We will briefly explain why this is so, and many readers will notice something that they may have always suspected, but are only now becoming certain that this is how it is actually done. When you dwell on the material world, your body is in constant danger of being injured or destroyed. When you go to a mental plane, the environment is subtle. You yourselves are ethereal and you yourselves gave you the form that you can perceive on the astral plane. You have no solid body there that can be damaged in any way. All other forms and beings on this astral plane also have subtle qualities, so that everything there on the astral planes is, so to speak, only imagined. But it is a real plane of existence, just as your worldly world is a real plane of existence that has also been invented. These astral planes are inhabited by innumerable beings, also by you, because your energy field is the subtle expression of your being. Everything that happens on these astral planes is mental in nature, so strictly speaking nothing can happen to you. You can be frightened, but that is hardly possible. If you are faced with scary or demonic beings and you feel even the slightest discomfort, you have failed the test because you still have not understood what these astral planes are for and how they actually work. If you are afraid of demonic manifestations, then you are stuffed with beliefs that will prevent you from recognising the astral plane for what they are. The astral plane is a meeting place of different consciousnesses and that includes you. Only people who know this and have internalised it can pass this test, all other people still do not understand the purpose of the astral planes and they usually do not want to either, because then they would have to dismantle their beliefs, which on the one hand means a lot of work and on the other hand it is easier to live with many beliefs, because these people do not have to question anything that a belief prescribes. No matter what happens on an astral plane of your earth, it is only of a mental nature, just like a dream, whereby dreams will train you just as much as the earthly-astral planes.

Reason 4
No human being can simply leave their physical life behind, so the connection to the body and therefore to the mundane world seems very strong. People who expose themselves less and less to this connection and can therefore let go very well have reached the next reason, which is necessary in order to step fully consciously through the gate of the black sun. Only when you are ready to leave your bodily life behind, only then are you ready to travel further than normal persons ever could. By this we do not mean murder of the bodily body, but an inner attitude must be worked out that values life as such, but this attitude does not say that worldly life is useless – quite the contrary, for these persons have actually understood why they seem to have incarnated on earth. A murder of one’s own body is always an escape from this life. The letting go of something important is the goal, not the escape into another form of existence. Letting go itself will receive its own blog entry one day so that we can properly describe this procedure in its far-reaching effects.

Reason 5
Nothing should prevent a person from experiencing the spiritual spheres. At present you are preventing yourselves because you are so distracted by a human life. If you perceive the social form for what it was created, then you will be able to see through all the little and big games people play. When the manipulative attempts of the small and big rulers of society are revealed to you without you feeling compelled to open the eyes of the sheep of the groups and society, then you will rest in the much-invoked golden mean, so that hardly any bad news can upset you. When you have reached this stage of development, you have again attained a reason to experience the spiritual spheres fully consciously. 

Reason 6
When a person grows older, his tolerance automatically increases. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that older people have already experienced a lot, they are hardened, so to speak, so that new situations can be quickly recognised and assigned by them, and on the other hand, older people have a different attitude towards life than younger contemporaries. Therefore, older people will pay attention to other topics than they did before in their younger years. Each person is unique, but each person has one thing in common and that is body consciousness. Body consciousness will dictate many behaviours so that the earthly person can be properly integrated into society. A society follows rules, so that people who are very tolerant towards other beings will at some point also no longer take these rules seriously. A society that corresponds to your evolutionary level must insist on following the rules, otherwise the society will degenerate and perish. Tolerance is not encouraged in young people, otherwise they may disregard the rules, which will lead to the collapse of society. The older the person becomes, the less the body consciousness forms obedience so that tolerance shapes human action. If obedience takes over, then society degenerates as well, so the older people act as an antithesis to the younger people and that is by design. The best quality lies in between and this threshold of tolerance is required when a person passes through the gate of the black sun to fully consciously experience the spiritual spheres.

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