A0766: What is the black sun? – Part 3

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Reason 7
No people will pass through the gates of the black sun and fully consciously experience the spiritual spheres pursuing any addiction. Whether the addiction is physical or mental, it will cloud the person’s mind so that addictions are the biggest problem of far advanced persons. By this we do not mean that such persons must not consume so-called drugs, but only that the physical or mental craving for something can be called intoxication and when a person’s mind is intoxicated, he will not be sane, which will not only reduce his judgment, but the urge for intoxication of any form will cause a person’s mind to perform irrational actions. Such persons must not, under any circumstances, fully consciously experience the spiritual spheres because they are already causing a great deal of harm in the material world.

Reason 8
Every human being has experienced that a physical reaction has overtaken them and many have not been able to control this situation. Many leaders of society take advantage of this behaviour to cement an opinion in you that you did not hold at all before. A violent physical reaction is not caused by emotions, but a body can give rise to emotions that can cause all the energy bodies of a person to vibrate very strongly. If a situation has been experienced where strong emotions are received, then the situation and everything that is somehow associated with the situation is very strongly created in the body-mind system of the person. It is to be judged as a program that can be used over and over again by the small and large leaders of society to direct you, because the mind of a person can hardly prevent itself from following the pre-programmed course of the emotional situation that was previously cemented in the person by the leader with the initial creation of the emotional situation. Imagine the following situation and you will know very well what is meant by it. You are watching a dramatic film together with several people or you are listening to a very sensitive conversation that requires your full attention. Now advertisements are being shown and you are being manipulated in the most effective way. If you now see small, almost starving children who immediately trigger a protective instinct in you, then the leader of this cry for help has almost reached his goal. Next, the suffering must first trigger deepest compassion in you, to then be transformed into another emotion, because now the leader has your complete attention. If the advertiser wants to ask for donations, then the emotion must be transformed into something that activates your willingness to help, and if the advertiser wants to make you an enemy, then indignation and anger must be the dominant emotion, which will then generate an enemy image, and whenever the subject of the advertisement becomes present in the consciousness, the programmed emotions will ensure that the enemy image is further strengthened. But if you see an advertisement that is supposed to collect donations, your helplessness and willingness to help will be promoted so that you feel compelled to do something, because that is the goal of every manipulative influence. These attempts at manipulation will hit you every day. Most people do not notice, but some do. When these people realise that they are being subjected to these manipulations everywhere, they have two options. Option one would be to disclose the manipulations and option two would be to ignore them. Those who still try to reveal these manipulations are trapped in the social system. Those who can simply ignore them, even though they have recognised the manipulative nature of the leaders, are also empowered to travel further than any other person still playing their roles in social life. Only persons who do not feel obliged to save the world because they have seen through the manipulations of the leaders are character-wise suited to travel the spiritual spheres in full consciousness, so that no spiritual being can influence that person on the astral plane or in the spiritual world. Spiritual beings are very sovereign, which you humans cannot succeed in doing because you were not created as sovereign beings. But if you manage to do it anyway, to a large extent, then you have overcome the next hurdle.

Reason 9
Persons must not only be able to let go, but they must also be able to receive. A person who always wants to give but never receive is very foolish because the person’s character has a disorder. People who always want to give but never receive suffer from inferiority complexes. These complexes interfere with behaving normally in a society in general because the complexes convince the person that the person can do less than others. Anyone who has overcome such a complex knows that this is not always true. Every complex that makes itself felt negatively has a history that has deeply disturbed the person, so that people first have to get rid of their complexes in order to be seen as the being in the spiritual world that you really are. All persons with complexes are subject to many limitations that will hide their true nature, so that such a quality is not gladly seen on the astral planes of earth and in the spiritual world.

Reason 10
Every human being is subject to certain ways of acting that are firmly anchored in the blueprint of the human species. Among these are courses of action that describe how a human being should behave in certain situations. If the human being violates these, then the human being usually feels queasy because he or she instinctively knows that these predetermined courses of action are correct and must be followed. When man repeatedly violates them, something will happen that we have never really addressed, but there should be a separate blog entry for that to better address these human commandments. The person who repeatedly violates these commandments moves further and further away from the human approach, so that the person begins to reprogram their own blueprint. These people still belong to the human race, but they are moving further and further away from it, so that no human being may enter the heavenly realms in full consciousness, moving further and further away from their blueprint. No being who no longer belongs to an original blueprint still has the right to enter the spiritual world, so that the Anunnaki no longer have access and neither do some other artificial species. This is also the reason why the Anunnaki are not interested in the spiritual world, as they will never gain entry anyway. If a person repeatedly performs barbaric and cruel deeds that violate these commandments in the blueprint, then that person has lost the right to the so-called heavenly paradise and the personality consciousness is erased after the person’s death. That person then ceases to exist because the personality of earth is eliminated. The incarnation still receives the grant of power that the person has earned, but the exact memories of the shameful deeds are erased, so that the incarnation after the bodily life is a different one, but it will not be the person of earth, because this consciousness practically no longer exists. Often an intermediate solution is found, but the few cases of hardship no longer exist. Adolf Hitler was not erased as a personality, even if many would now assume that, because Adolf Hitler was also only a human being who made wrong decisions that led to many losses among you humans. Many rulers are ultimately responsible for cruel deeds, but that does not justify an erasure of consciousness because they simply could hardly act otherwise, but the people who actually cease to exist after death usually led two lives. The first life secured their existence in society and the other life was for their deviant urges, which led to countless suffering, destroyed lives and deaths. These people are the ones who repeatedly broke the commandments because their deviant urges caused them to do so. This is a subject that we will one day also look at in more detail. If there are people who keep these commandments and very rarely break them, then they have earned a reason to travel the spiritual spheres in full consciousness. 

Reason 11
If you are of good heart and you do not pursue selfish goals, then you have a right to travel the astral planes and a reason to explore the spiritual spheres with full consciousness.

Reason 12
You are a person who is dedicated to the search for truth. You do not want to accept false facts as given, but you want to find out for yourself why something should be as it is described. By this we do not mean that you want to prove everything as it appears to be, but you want to get closer and closer to the bigger picture, because no matter how much knowledge you accumulate, you will never be able to see the complete picture, because you also know that this is not possible at all, therefore any assured knowledge can never be correct, because you can never see the whole picture. If you know this, then you search for knowledge, but you will never advocate a truth or theory, because you know that this theory can never correspond to the complete picture, so you search for one knowledge after another, with the certainty that the search will never end, and that is how you also appear in public, without sounding arrogant. You are attracted by the perpetual search and if you are such a person, then the spiritual world has had its eye on you for a long time, because you are the teachers and masters of earthly people, who can let a new consciousness mature in earthly people, if they then also let their knowledge reach the broad public, so that we now come back to the black magic circles, which conceal the little knowledge about practices that earthly people will soon practise themselves, because much of this knowledge has already been revealed by us and other groups. You only lacked the concepts behind it until now, in order to be able to put all the mumbo-jumbo into perspective. If we reveal more and more knowledge, then the black magic circles will soon be superfluous, because their knowledge will then reveal less than the knowledge that we, among others, bring to you. That is why mediums who get to the bottom of this secret knowledge and who also reveal the knowledge are predestined to experience the spiritual world with full consciousness.

We have now told you much about what the black sun represents, so that you need neither glorify nor demonise symbols, as they are only meant to point out something for which they are intended.

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