A0754: What energetic properties does salt have?

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What is salt, we ask first? Salt is a mineral that has crystalline properties. When can a material have crystalline properties, we ask? All materials that can grow have crystals embedded in their biological make-up because a crystal promotes growth. You are made of flesh, blood and bone tissue, if we want to limit it to these three categories. All components of the body grow at different rates at certain stages of development, so the embedded crystals will ensure that you can grow. How can you imagine this, we ask? Take a skin cell and suppose it is about to reproduce. When the skin cell has a certain amount of energy, then it is the signal to start the next reproductive cycle and for that the skin cell uses some energy from its energy depot to fuel the crystalline structure in the cell with it. The crystalline structure in a cell is contained in the cell fluid of the cell and the small energy pulse will cause the crystalline structure in the cell to start growing, which will cause all the components of the cell to grow with it because they are integrated in the cell. The cell fluid surrounds the cell and all the inner components are not dry, but they themselves also have a kind of cell fluid in them, which leads to the cell as a whole increasing in volume. When the volume reaches a critical mass, the cell will divide, into the old and new components of the cell. The reproduced skin cell is given a modified identifier so that it is known what kind of cell it is and how many times it has been reproduced as a cell. We will discuss all of this in detail in another series on this subject, but you should know that your biological body is saturated with crystalline structures, so that these crystalline structures are to be interpreted as crystals. Biological life forms are largely made up of crystalline structures, otherwise the biological body could not grow. If crystals promote growth of any kind, what are minerals, we ask? Minerals are the precursor to crystals, so crystalline structures in a biological body can be classified between minerals and crystals. Elite shungite is a mineral that has matured into a crystal by exposure to a certain form of energy over a long period of time. The elite shungite stores very well in its crystalline structure the shungite form of energy that promotes biological life, because the shungite form of energy holds the energy that occurs in a cell in the cellular power plant and which, as a form of energy, always has something to do with where the biological body originated in a universe. The shungite energy form on Earth will be somewhat different from the shungite energy form on another planet, but all planets will mature shungite and the energy form can also be well absorbed by extraterrestrial life forms. This form of energy promotes cell growth so that the cell has enough energy to delay the reproductive cycle. The longer a cell delays its reproductive cycle, the longer the cell lives. If the cell can live longer, then the biological creature ages more slowly, because the reproductive cycle of a cell usually results in the intervals between these cycles becoming shorter and shorter, as each reproduced cell is handed over less and less energy in its power station. At some point, the cycle stops and all cells then only have the energy available in a cell’s power plant. When the energy level reaches a lower limit, the cell degrades and we would say that the cell disposes of itself. The shungite energy fills the store in the cell, which we will call the power plant, and this power plant ensures that one day energy will be used to start the next reproductive cycle. The crystalline structure in the cellular fluid is found everywhere in your world, so salt is also created by the presence of a crystalline structure in a fluid that can be caused to grow by a certain form of energy. This is how salt crystals or any kind of minerals are formed, which can then mature into real crystals. Salt must be able to grow and it usually receives the energy for this via the air. If salt has been dissolved as a mixture in liquid form, it can be stimulated to grow by the evaporation of the liquid. The air is not empty, but the air contains many substances that you cannot see. However, you can taste and smell them because the senses or organs are designed to analyse the energy forms of these components, which then generates some impulses within you that you can perceive as a taste or a smell. These types of energy that can always arise from the interplay of energy forms are something that we have already discussed in part, but we have never gone into detail, so we will use this entry to give you an understanding of some of the energy forms and types of energy. What is an energy form and what is an energy type, we ask? Energy forms are basic energies that are not divisible further as an energy fractal. If several energy forms are combined with each other, an energy fractal can arise from this, which among other things has shares of the energy forms that were combined with each other and it can have completely new shares that cannot be assigned to any energy form. These new parts will give the now created energy type other properties that do not correspond to the properties that the basic energies have. Energy types can be divided again so that energy types can be extracted that are completely new and these new energy types can be combined again with other basic energies so that an energy researcher can create an infinite number of energy types from different combinations. To date there are very many basic energies and these forms of energy have been recombined for ages, but at some point all beings will reach a point where no new knowledge can be generated from the possible combinations. These groups will then turn to a new subject area, which of course also has something to do with energy forms where the variance of combinations can generate new knowledge, and that is biological life. Every life form has a body and thus its existence is limited in time, because the reproduction cycles of the cell tissue determine the maximum length of time a life form can exist. But if a life form wants to extend its life expectancy, it can either flood the power plant of its cells with new shungite energy or it can change something in the actual biological body. Many races make sure that they can reach the maximum of their life expectancy, but a few races go one step further so that they can exceed the life expectancy of their species without measure. When we say they exceed their life expectancy excessively, we mean it because there are races that can live thousands of years. The Anunnaki are such a former human race and since they started to change their human blueprint more and more, they no longer belong to the human species purely by definition, even if they still look like you on Earth. The Anunnaki did something that resulted in no spiritual being wanting to incarnate into the bodies of the Anunnaki, so that there was a point in the history of the Anunnaki when they could hardly provide for offspring, because the children of the Anunnaki often came into the world as stillborns. What happened at that point and what did the Anunnaki do to provide offspring after all? The Anunnaki changed the human blueprint so that the male Anunnaki became more and more alike because they wanted to breed men who would be superior to all other species. They were successful in this because the male Anunnaki are not only extremely athletic, but their long life expectancy also ensured that they had a very long time to develop as fighters and strategists in these areas. Many modifications ensured that the male Anunnaki was not only the equal of all other species, but vastly outclassed them. The female Anunnaki also received adaptations, but nowhere near as extreme as their males. When the offspring of the Anunnaki could no longer ensure that the number of Anunnaki increased, but instead the number of Anunnaki was reduced more and more over time, the Anunnaki did two major changes that were supposed to ensure their survival as a species, but which resulted in today’s Anunnaki being a species that will sooner or later become extinct. What did the Anunnaki do, we ask? First, they changed their blueprint again in such a way that they could achieve a life span of over 100,000 years. This change first took the pressure off society so that their extinction was postponed for the time being. Since hardly any offspring were born, they began to create their offspring artificially and in doing so they had great problems because the unborn babies received no life energy, which the power plants in the cells need in order to be able to grow. Even more – because no spiritual being incarnated, the flesh of the offspring could not be animated. When these babies were born and they then had to provide themselves with energy, they died as infants because they lacked the energy to produce new cells. The Anunnaki tried many things to provide energy for the flesh of the babies, but it did not work. The incarnation will have a supply of energy that the biological body can use to flood the power plant of the cells with this kind of energy during growth, so children grow into adults. Once the growth phase is over, the energy supply is also almost used up, so the cells usually have to make do with the energy supply in their power plants until death. The Anunnaki filled the power plant of the cells with all kinds of energy, but none of their researched types of energy was really compatible with the power plant of the cells, so they received help from the spiritual world so that the artificially bred Anunnaki could survive for the time being. The soul of their home planet ensures that their shungite energy can flow into the Anunnaki. This energy flow is produced by the body consciousness of the Anunnaki and this body consciousness is a partial consciousness of the soul of the Anunnaki’s home planet. The Anunnaki do not receive this life energy for free, however; expectant parents of an artificially created baby must perform rituals to celebrate their humility. Only when the ritual has been performed as prescribed does the new creature receive this form of energy and can henceforth live forever, because the flow of shungite energy never runs dry. The Anunnaki have drastically increased the reproductive cycles of their cells in the blueprint so that they can theoretically live for more than 100,000 years. If this age were reached, the Anunnaki would still look like a 25 year old Anunnaki a few decades before his death, but then the ageing process will no longer be able to be stopped, because the artificial blueprint of the Anunnaki does not provide for immortality. The lifeblood of the Anunnaki is the shungite energy of their home planet and should the planet be destroyed by a catastrophe, the Anunnaki would become extinct and there would be nothing they could do about it because the flow of shungite energy would be stopped. Neither would they continue to stay young, nor could a new Anunnaki be bred, so the Anunnaki’s planet is their greatest treasure, which will also end the Anunnaki’s existence one day, because even a planet does not exist forever. All other species could emigrate to another planet, but the Anunnaki will inevitably cease to exist with the demise of their homeworld at the latest, and the Anunnaki know this too. No one will remember this strange species after their demise because the universe will continue to exist for a very long time. The Anunnaki need this shungite energy of their planet and they have gained little knowledge about it because they suspect that they cannot change it anyway, so their days will soon be numbered. Just as the Anunnaki need a special form of energy to grow, a salt crystal needs a special form of energy to form. Each crystal is stimulated to grow by a particular form of energy, so while there are a great number of minerals, there are not a great number of crystal types. The salt crystal is just as unique as the rock crystal or the shungite and all crystals have in common that they can not only grow, but that they can also store and release a basic energy very well. Otherwise, there is nothing spectacular to tell about the salt crystal.

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