A0753: What are the so-called implants?

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Whenever you hear the word implants, the spiritual community flinches because they think that these so-called implants trigger something in the human being that can lead to trouble. All the knowledge of what you seem to have shows you only a small area of what the truth about it actually reveals. Everything around this truth has been added because people have never understood what these so-called implants really represent. If they knew what these so-called implants really were, they would hardly make such a fuss about them. If we now enlighten you about what these so-called implants really are, then many readers will see the light and when this happens, you will have achieved something that most of those in the know will not be able to do for a long time, because they simply cannot bring themselves to accept the knowledge from us, because then they would have to officially revise many things that they have been trumpeting into the spiritual scene for years. That this group of people generally has problems with our revelations, we can understand very well, but to acknowledge an error and to integrate the new knowledge into one’s own knowledge database, not only shows greatness, but these people can now also begin to use the new knowledge to slowly dismantle their old belief patterns. Our revelations show very realistically the state of the spiritual and mundane world. We have no need to frighten you at all, so that you are just waiting in fear to integrate our next revelation into you without being asked. This is something that most spiritual people still do today, because they absorb every piece of information that has anything to do with spirituality and they hardly question any of it. Exceptions prove the rule, but your spiritual peer pressure often excludes that person, so they become loners. With us, no one is excluded because we can explain without any gaps how the interaction of the spiritual and the worldly world takes place. You do not receive adapted information from us, which would have to be diluted by a spiritual imprint of the writer, but our revelations show you a clear picture around things, because that alone is our task, which leads the group of wise to use mediums to clarify the interaction of the worlds. After official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, you will not then use religious or spiritual myths to try to understand what the extraterrestrial beings are trying to teach you. Many mediums are trained by us worldwide, but the blog of the writer is the most valuable in all categories at this time, because here we can transmit our revelations almost unchanged, as we hardly have to consider any belief pattern. Therefore, read our revelations on the so-called implants as you would read a professional article published by a renowned agency. If you receive the information objectively, then you will be able to integrate this knowledge into yourselves, and if you do so, insights will arise within you that will change your attitude towards the prevailing spiritual knowledge, and you will no longer be driven in a certain direction by the fear-mongering pseudo-knowledge. Everything that comes next has already been partially addressed in other blog entries, so we will first briefly repeat this knowledge and then expand on it, because we can only ever introduce you to the new concepts in bits and pieces. If we were too anxious to reveal everything too quickly, you would hardly be able to understand it and would be put off by this knowledge, so we explain everything in an exemplary way to the writer, so that you can be present live, so to speak, at all these training sessions, and we have been doing this for several years now, during which the writer has documented every training session as an entry on his blog for you. So what are these so-called implants supposed to be, we ask? First we tell you what you currently understand them to be and then we solve the riddle and tell you what these implants actually are. You think implants are subtle beings or devices that are meant to manipulate you. If such an implant is installed in the energy body of a human being by an evil being, the human being can be directed. Some contemporaries also assume that the energy source of the human being can be accessed via the implants. The human being can also be prevented from ascending into the spiritual world, so that implants are always the devil’s work, which can only be judged badly because they only disadvantage the human being and are not conducive to physical well-being. If you have a computer and you work with it, then every computer owner will one day begin to change or expand his computer settings, because at some point you will make new demands on the computer system. Since the computer is not a completely closed system, you can change certain settings on your own. As you continue to adjust your computer, you will often adjust things that will affect your computer experience in the long run. If you are in such a frenzy of trying all kinds of settings, then at some point your computer system will be so messed up that you will have no choice but to reset all the settings to the default configuration so that you will have a familiar runnable configuration with which you can again do your experimenting with settings. If you now assume that your body, which makes up the human being, is also reconfigured so that it can be experimented with to see how the total human system behaves with it, then you come very close to the true nature of the so-called implants, because through the so-called implants the total being of the human being can be adjusted. These implants are to be interpreted as the changed settings of the human being and yes, if serious adjustments are made, then the human being will also behave differently than before. If we tell that the settings of a human being can be changed, then we must also explain who is doing it. The culprits of this shameful act are not malevolent beings, but you yourselves, or rather we. We are the partial consciousnesses of your incarnation and we are the being that inhabited the spiritual world before incarnating into your human body. You, as the personality consciousness, belong to the incarnation in the same way, you just have no memory of it. We are the masters and teachers of the person and we inhabit the different astral planes of the earth with our subconsciousnesses. Our partial consciousness is each an energy body of the person and together we form an energy field around the human body, which medially gifted persons can faintly see as the aura of a person. Since we all inhabit a different astral plane of the earth, we use the energy nodes of the energy bodies to exchange the information that each energy body processes. Each energy body has a specific task, thus each subconsciousness of the incarnation also has a task. The energy nodes of an energy body are currently called chakras and each energy node is to be interpreted like a computer system that decodes and codes all the information that is received or sent, because the totality of the incoming information can hardly be processed. The brain is to be judged like an engine that works incessantly at maximum performance and ensures that the information of all partial consciousnesses can be exchanged among each other. But since the brain can only transfer a maximum volume of data, some energy bodies are allowed to send more data and others less. Take the so-called seeing with your physical eyes as an example and you will understand what we mean. The body consciousness, which is not a partial consciousness of your incarnation, will always send many data packets that correspond to the visual capacity of the eyes. When you close your eyes, the flood of data from the eyes is greatly reduced and now we begin to configure the energy nodes to redistribute the volume of data that has been released. We then use the energy nodes to determine which energy body is allowed to send how much data so that the brain can work at full capacity for a long time. When you close your eyes, your other senses are heightened, but only because we have caused this to happen through the energy nodes. You can change many settings again if you choose the so-called chakra cleansing. If you cleanse the energy node, so to speak, it is like resetting the settings so that you choose the default settings for an energy node. We then leave these settings as they are or we adjust them again, because we think that adjusting the settings is good for the human being. We also admit that this gives us a helpful instrument to influence the human being, but we choose these settings wisely because the success of human life ultimately benefits us, the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation, because we are you and you are the being that will later inhabit the spiritual world, but it is always our concern that the personality consciousness can develop properly and for this we will, among other things, reconfigure the energy nodes so that you learn something from them, anything else would be counterproductive. Why do medially gifted people see apparatuses or spider-like beings in the energy nodes, we ask? Quite simply because we want them to. If we want, then a medially gifted person sees frogs or flowers in the energy nodes, which are supposed to represent the changed configuration. But why do these persons see the same thing, we ask? Every person can be read like an open book by a spiritual being, and before even the medium begins to use his ability to survey another person’s energy body, we have already perceived everything that makes up the medium. If the medium thinks he sees spiders or abstruse apparatus in the human energy field, we will make sure that the medium strengthens his own beliefs, because it is not our job to train another medium. What actually happens when a medium examines another person’s energy field, we ask? The medium will usually focus on his or her own energy node on the forehead. When he does this, the fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness become conscious in the subconsciousness that inhabits the sixth astral plane. The energy node on the forehead belongs to the sixth energy body of the incarnation and this subconsciousness inhabits the sixth astral plane of the earth. The medium becomes conscious of himself in the sixth partial consciousness on the sixth astral plane of the earth and, as in a dream or in meditation, we prepare a kind of dream or meditation stage on this astral plane on which we will train the personality consciousness. The medium has managed to become conscious on this stage and we assist the personality consciousness to perceive the energy bodies of the person under investigation. The Masters and Teachers of the person under examination perceive this attempt and present themselves in such a way as they feel the medium can be of help in the development of the person under examination. If the medium focuses on the energy nodes of the person under examination, then the Masters and Teachers of the person under examination will show something there which, in the further course, should cause the person under examination to experience a change of nature. For example, imagine the following situation, which in fact does not seem to be uncommon. A person is suffering from depression or anxiety and suppose they have developed beliefs that lead the person to believe that the person is possessed or has been possessed by another being. With this probable possession, the person turns to a medially gifted person and this medium now wants to investigate the person’s energy bodies. If she does this and she does not find anything that the examined person believes to have, nothing will change in the examined person, because her belief pattern – which says that she must possibly be occupied – cannot be dissolved by this. But if the Masters and Teachers of the person under investigation show the medium something that could possibly explain such an occupation, then the medium could, like a magician, remove this possible occupation with a wave of his hand, and if at the same time any settings of the energy nodes are reconfigured, then the person under investigation could think that the occupation has disappeared. This alone explains 99% of all cases and only 1% of all cases can be judged differently. However, since this 1% will probably never be known by any reader of this blog, we can shed some light on this information later. Your implants are not real and just because medially gifted people can do something with them that the person being examined perceives in some way, you do not have to worry about it, nor is it a subject that will attract much interest once you understand what is behind it. 

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