A0752: Who was Franz Bardon and what is the significance of his teachings for human beings?

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Franz Bardon was a man who was very well connected with the spiritual world and Franz Bardon was trained for many years so that he could bring the knowledge of things to you people. No medium who really wants to know how the mundane and spiritual world is constructed is handed the knowledge of it on a silver platter, but these mediums have vowed to learn the knowledge even if they no longer know it. What happens when a person is hit with a knowledge download from the spiritual world, we ask? The medium will receive knowledge in seconds without having walked the path of knowledge. The medium is then able to recite the knowledge, but it does not know exactly why something is the way the received knowledge says it is. The medium actually only parrots what it has received as information. Sometimes it would not be wrong at all to proceed in this way, but once the spiritual world has proceeded in this way with a medium, the medium will demand that it always be practised in this way. In the long run, this is completely counterproductive, so mediums need to be trained and acquire this knowledge if they really care about understanding the worldly and spiritual world in a way that makes sense. Franz Bardon was such a person, so it took years for this person to understand how the worldly and spiritual worlds work together. Over the years Franz Bardon accumulated a lot of knowledge, which we have already revealed on the blog of the writer, and Franz Bardon was very inquisitive, so he was schooled by the spiritual world until the end of his days. Franz Bardon was not particularly religious, but he could not be completely without his religion, so that a lot of knowledge had to be watered down religiously so that Franz Bardon could also accept the knowledge. Franz Bardon was not only a medium, but Franz Bardon had also earned abilities through his devotion that helped him to understand the spiritual world better. Franz Bardon was very good at astral travel and he had also been allowed to look around the spiritual world, so Franz Bardon is one of the few people who have ever been allowed to leave your physical universe in their lifetime to experience how spiritual beings operate on the main energy planes. If a physical being is allowed to enter the spiritual world, then the being has been invited to do so and only beings are invited into the spiritual world who accomplish great things on their world so that they can advance their race on the planet – by this is meant mental development. John, who reformed the Church from within, was also such a person, about whom we have reported in a separate series on the blog. We also reported on how John was schooled and how his religious imprint made many things difficult, so that John, for example, never really understood that the so-called God does not exist in the way his faith told him. Franz Bardon was not so devout, but he too received information that was a little watered down. If a medium is very stubborn, then information can lead very badly to a gain in knowledge, because the medium refuses to accept this information as it was transmitted. Franz Bardon was not overly stubborn, but the residual faith in him prevented the spiritual world from passing on the information in such a way that the medium could also do something meaningful with it. If the medium very meticulously documents the revelations without changing anything about the revelations, then you would receive information that will disturb most readers because their belief structure will be brought down. So if the medium cannot receive all the information in the way the spiritual world would like to transmit it, then humanity will only ever receive a compromise of information that is of the kind the medium just allows. But in order not to always have to transmit watered-down information, the spiritual world will begin to train the medium in such a way that over time the medium will break down many patterns of belief so that the spiritual world can transmit more and more revelations that are less and less distorted. When a medium begins to receive messages, the message received will still be very different from the actual revelation. If the medium is more and more practised in receiving the messages, then he has also been trained for a while to see the spiritual and worldly world with different eyes, so that many dogmas and beliefs have been weakened or completely dismantled. No matter what the spiritual world does, it is always up to the medium to decide what to do with the transmitted revelation. If the medium is of the opinion that the knowledge, like secret knowledge, should only be given to a few chosen people, then that is also fine, although of course spreading the revelations is much more effective than hiding them. Franz Bardon has shared knowledge, while also keeping much to himself. If Franz Bardon can be described in a few words, it is with warm and benevolent. Franz Bardon wanted to be a help to those who could use his help and these were many spiritualists, whom you could also call magicians. Franz Bardon received knowledge on how he could change the laws of nature. Franz Bardon not only understood theoretically what the knowledge consisted of, but he could also work and experiment with it. If you only receive knowledge as a kind of download, then you can apply it, but you cannot experiment with it because you have never walked the path of knowledge. Only when you understand why something works in the first place, only then can you combine all the knowledge to discover something new. Franz Bardon was such a personality and he wrote some books in which this knowledge was partly passed on unadulterated, but because he himself could never completely give up his faith, his explanations are watered down in places. He also did not pass on everything as he received it, because he feared that people could do great harm with it. Franz Bardon concealed certain information or only passed it on to a small circle. This small circle of initiates still guards this knowledge today, but it is almost obsolete, because we have already revealed much of it, in a way that Franz Bardon never received it, because his religious dogmas still saw something higher in everything, so that realism never really worked for him. Franz Bardon was trained by the spiritual beings who still try to train mediums today, so we may reveal that our group taught Franz Bardon. Had the ascended masters been involved in his trainings, Franz Bardon would not have found his way into occultism, but would have become a man of faith. We are a group of spiritual beings who promote realism because official first contact will always result in the race that experiences first contact ascending to an inquiring species and then spirituality has no place and must give way to realism. We are taking the places of the ascended masters because they have done their job on Earth. The ascended masters always ensure that the beings on a planet come closer to the spiritual world and for that they invented the concept of spirituality. The native species learns that the spiritual world exists, but since it is not yet so far advanced mentally, chosen beings are specially trained and these beings receive abilities for their faith, which they can use to give more emphasis to the revelations of the ascended masters, but these beings believe in many things that they can hardly explain logically. We – the group of the wise – promote realism and we reveal many secrets that even the so-called enlightened persons cannot explain in detail, because the readers of our revelations do not seek their happiness in the mythical, but they really want to understand how the worldly and spiritual world works. Franz Bardon was able to reveal many secrets, but he could not always explain them in an understandable way because his information was diluted because of his faith. The less a medium believes in spirituality, the less the revelations from the spiritual world have to be watered down. Franz Bardon had an easy time learning skills because his abilities depended on what kind of spiritual being he was in the spiritual world. Since he belongs to one of the three main factions, you can certainly guess to which one. Franz Bardon did not create the world of magic, but he transmitted a lot of information that is still understood and used today. 

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