A0751: How is a shungite programmed to emit shungite waves?

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If you wish to program a crystal, the inner structure of the crystal must first be adjusted to resemble your consciousness. The crystal will then have a static consciousness that is very close to your consciousness. Therefore, the creator of a crystal consciousness can work with the crystal very effectively because the crystal consciousness and the consciousness of the creator of the crystal consciousness are the same. If you want to create a crystal consciousness in a crystal, you only have to ask for it and the Masters and Teachers of you will see to it that this crystal consciousness is created. When this crystal consciousness is created, it is active whenever a consciousness connects to that crystal. When no consciousness is connected to the crystal and the crystal consciousness has not been given a task to perform tirelessly, it is inactive and nothing in the crystal is working. When you give the crystal consciousness a task, you ensure with your consciousness that there is energy that the crystal consciousness can use to perform a task. If you disconnect from the crystal because you have other things to do, the crystal consciousness has no more energy to do its task and stands still, so to speak. If you mentally reconnect with the crystal, energy is available again and the crystal consciousness continues its work where it was stopped before. But in order for the crystal consciousness to be able to carry out its task without a consciousness having mentally connected with this crystal, there must be a source of energy in the crystal that the crystal consciousness can always use, so that it never stands still. For this you could create a depot of energy in your crystal and ask a spiritual being to fill this depot with a form of energy. You humans are actually spiritual beings of the fourth main energy level, so the energy form of the fourth main energy level is your energy from which you draw your power. There are a few individuals who have been recreated as spiritual beings from the energy of the eighth main energy level, so they draw their power from the eighth main energy level. Whatever form of energy your existence uses, you can very easily have that form of energy stored in an energy depot in your crystal. The amount of energy that is then deposited in the crystal by a spiritual being depends on what you intend to do with it. You cannot hide your motivation from any spiritual being, so that you are like an open book for spiritual beings and for highly advanced extraterrestrial beings to read. If you ask for a form of energy so that you can keep the crystal consciousness permanently activated, then depending on your motivation the spiritual being will store in a vessel in the crystal an amount of energy that usually corresponds to the fourth main energy level and only very rarely to the eighth main energy level. When the vessel is filled, then you can entrust the crystal consciousness with a task and you can determine that the crystal consciousness may use the energy from the vessel for the work it is doing. When the crystal consciousness does its task, it will always take very little energy from the vessel and when it has to do something, it can in turn also use this energy for it, so that at some point the vessel with the energy is emptied and then the crystal consciousness will remain where it last did its task. You can then reconnect mentally with the crystal and ask a spiritual being to fill the vessel again. When you start as a crystal programmer you will also receive very little energy from the spiritual being. The more you work with crystals, the greater the amount of energy that will be provided for you. However, every being knows that this procedure seems too cumbersome in the long run, so we have already explained to you how you can create an energy depot in a crystal that will apparently never completely empty itself. You can use dark energy for this because not only does it have a lot of potential, but it has a special feature that you can use very well. It replenishes itself because it attracts its own type of energy like a sponge. When you ask for the vessel to be filled with dark energy, the spiritual being will fill a small amount of dark energy into the vessel. If you do not give the crystal consciousness a task and you connect to the crystal once a day to see how much dark energy is left in the vessel, you will be amazed to find that the level keeps rising. When the upper limit of the vessel has been reached, no further energy is sucked in. This energy can now be used by the crystal consciousness to accomplish a task and if the task is not so energy hungry that in a short time the energy depot of the dark energy is completely emptied, the crystal consciousness could accomplish its task until the end of days. You see, you can construct a perpetual motion machine that would never stop working because the energy used for it is drawn from the so-called Ether. You can now give instructions to the crystal consciousness so that it can do something useful with the energy. We have now briefly described how you can imagine exactly what is needed to give a crystal consciousness a permanent task, so we will now describe how you can make a shungite emit the shungite healing energy every second. If you have not yet fully understood the concept of programming, then read the entries on programming crystals first, as we have built up the basic knowledge there, which you can use to program many examples that we have explained in detail. If you want to program a shungite so that the healing waves can benefit all physical beings, then use an elite shungite as the crystal, because this crystal contains more potential than an ordinary shungite. Proceed as follows and you will create a powerful instrument with which you can do much good. Take the crystal in your hand and ask the spiritual beings to prepare this crystal for your experiments.

“Please prepare this crystal. Thank you”

You may now notice a small palpable flow of energy in your hand if you are sensitive enough to these energy flows. After a few seconds the inner structure of the crystal should be transformed so that there is a very familiar crystal consciousness there. The next step requires you to visualise what you commonly describe as a visualisation in your mind’s eye. Close your eyes and have the certainty that you are now connecting with the crystal so that you become conscious in the crystal. Either you are standing in front of a doorway through which you can pass or you are becoming aware in a corridor or hallway with many doors placed to the side. These doors lead into rooms where you can carry out your experiments. Always choose the first door on the right first, but never the first door on the left, because the first door on the left is not for experiments, but in that room the Masters and Teachers of yours will leave you a message of some kind if they want to tell you something. If you experiment a lot with a crystal, one day you might be asked to receive a message from the spiritual world. Then this first door on the left will be open and you can step into the room and see what the spiritual beings want to tell you. You will always be able to understand this message and through it you will receive insights about yourselves that would otherwise be very difficult to communicate to you from the spiritual beings. Only go into the first room on the left when the door is open, otherwise always use another room for your experiments, but never the first room on the left. If you become conscious in the hallway, corridor or hall with all the doors, then instruct the crystal consciousness to take you to the basement dungeon, which only the creator of the crystal consciousness is allowed to enter.

“Dear crystal consciousness, guide me to the secret basement dungeon. Thank you”

Either you will perceive a portal or you will be standing in what you would describe as a basement dungeon. Now imagine two vessels in this basement dungeon and ask a spiritual being to fill these vessels with dark energy.

“Please fill these two vessels with dark energy. Thank you”

If you now look into the vessels, you will more or less perceive the energy that has been deposited there. At first the level will be very low, but you can already work with it. Either you stop here and briefly observe the level every day to verify that this form of energy really does refill itself, or you start your experiments right away. We now start to generate the shungite healing waves and for this you imagine several vessels that you place around the vessels with the dark energy. Now determine that energy is filled there that the shungite has already stored. You will find that these vessels are filled or will be filled. It is advisable that you choose different vessel shapes for the dark energy and for the energy of the shungite, so that later you can better distinguish where which form of energy has been stored. 

“Please fill the remaining vessels with the form of energy that the shungite already stored at the time of creation. Thank you”

You are now finished in the basement so you remember to become conscious again in the area where all the doors are created on the right and left side. When you become conscious there, go into the first door on the right. Usually you will enter a room where there is a table. Go to the table and think of an hourglass. When you see an hourglass in front of you, simply determine that one pass of the hourglass will take exactly one second. Whether or not you can estimate a second correctly, the crystal consciousness knows exactly how long the time is that corresponds to one second. Instruct the crystal consciousness that the hourglass needs one second to run through.

“Dear crystal consciousness, this hourglass takes exactly one second for the sand to trickle through and when the hourglass has run through, turn the hourglass. Thank you”

If the hourglass has already run through, then just remember to turn the hourglass around and at the latest now the crystal consciousness starts to turn the hourglass every second. If you were to mentally leave the crystal, the crystal consciousness would stop turning the hourglass because it has no energy to carry out this task, so next you must determine that for carrying out this task it may supply itself with the dark energy from the container in the basement. 

“Dear crystal consciousness, for turning the hourglass you may use the dark energy in the basement”

If you now mentally leave the crystal, the crystal consciousness would keep turning the hourglass as long as there is also energy in the dark energy container. Since the energy supply is automatically replenished because the dark energy attracts its own form of energy, the crystal consciousness could turn over this hourglass forever. With this, however, you have not yet generated any impulses of the shungite healing waves, but you have, so to speak, programmed your first program, which works in an endless loop and which needs exactly one second for a run, so that you can also initiate something else every second. Determine that when the hourglass has been turned by the crystal consciousness, it should next go into the secret cellar vault and check there whether the remaining vessels are still filled with the energy form that is needed for the Shungit healing waves. If the vessels are not filled with the shungite energy, the crystal consciousness may use the dark energy to refill the vessels with the shungite healing energy. However, when the vessels are filled, the crystal consciousness is to release this amount of energy from the crystal immediately. With this you have generated a shungite pulse wave every second that will heal all physical beings. To put this into practice, think the following sentences and you do not have to think them word for word like this, but your consciousness knows exactly what you are going to do, so that you will be successful.

“Dear crystal consciousness. Whenever you have turned the hourglass, go into the secret cellar vault and see if the vessels are filled with the shungite energy. If they are not filled, then you may use the dark energy to fill the vessels again. But if the vessels are filled, then release that amount of energy from the crystal immediately. Thank you”

The crystal consciousness now knows very well what it is supposed to do and as long as there is still some dark energy, this crystal consciousness will see to it that impulses are emitted from the crystal every second that correspond to the form of energy that was used first from the crystal’s energy depot. If one day this depot is empty, the crystal consciousness knows very well what form of energy it was and it will then take that form of energy from the Ether. What you must ensure is that the dark energy is never completely emptied, otherwise the crystal consciousness will stop its work. If you keep checking the first few days to see if there is still dark energy in the jars and that the level keeps rising, then you can be sure that this elite shungite is emitting these healing waves forever. When the level becomes less, ask for the dark energy to be replenished. The spiritual beings will eventually increase the amount of energy so you do not have to worry about that. If you have programmed such an elite shungite, do not end your efforts with it because you can actually do everything with a crystal that you need your technology for today. You can program small crystal batteries that can power a small electrical device or even light up a bicycle lamp, because these experiments are always based on the same principle that we have presented to you today. We will also soon reveal how you can cause a crystal to light up or flash on its own. You are not yet ready to use quantities of energy to power your homes or cars, but everyone starts small.

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