A0750: What is there to know about a shungite?

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The shungite is a special kind of crystal and today we will tell you everything about the shungite that seems important to you at this time because you can do many spectacular things with the shungite without programming it. When you program a shungite you get possibilities that you can hardly believe to this day. If you put a shungite in ice-cold water, components are dissolved from the shungite that can, among other things, cleanse and heal your intestinal flora. For this, however, it is absolutely necessary that the shungite is stored in ice-cold water overnight. If the water is less than 3°C and the shungite is stored in it for at least 8 hours, then the water is enriched with substances that have dissolved from the shungite. These substances have stored forms of energy that were created when the earth was formed. The ice-cold water will ensure that something happens at the cellular level in the ice-cold water that will have very healing effects, no matter how you use this water, because this water is then something that is often found at a depth of 72 km and which ensures that this phase transition in the earth is of very special importance for the planet. It is not for nothing that more intelligent beings live in this phase transition of your Earth than live on the surface of the Earth. In the series on Atlantis and the underground cities we have already revealed much about this and we have also explained exactly how this phase transition at a depth of 72 km could arise in the first place. Today we will not go into the formation process separately, but today we want to describe the properties of shungite, which you can find everywhere in the phase transition. The shungite is not dry as dust, as some might assume, but on a microscopic level the shungite has stored water that was deposited there during the formation of the earth. When the shungite has been stored in ice-cold water for at least 8 hours, the water can be used in many ways. You can apply a poultice to injured areas of the body that you have previously soaked in the shungite water, then the injured area of skin or a complaint at that location will be healed and relieved. The shungite water can also be used in other ways, so that you can bathe in it, because you add a litre of shungite water to your bath water, and this whole-body cleansing can be supported if you also drink some shungite water. Bathe in such a shungite water every week and you will notice the healing effect of it, because then many complaints will be alleviated or even disappear completely. shungite water can also be used for cooking, but most of the time you do not have the means to make enough shungite water to have enough on hand. If you put the shungite in a container of water at room temperature, this will also produce a healing effect, but with ice-cold water the healing effect is many times greater. If you crush a shungite, the healing effect will still exist, so the size does not seem to matter at first, but if you want to make larger vessels with ice-cold shungite water, then you should use several small ones or one large shungite for this. The shungite is unique and it is worth the price, you just need to know how to use it. The shungite also has other special features, which we will now list. If you were to program a shungite, you could increase the healing effect even more and that is something that works better than crystals that have been charged with healing energy and that give it off little by little. The shungite can be programmed to emit pulse waves that have the same effect as shungite water, so the pulse waves are a form of energy that only the shungite provides for you. We call these impulse waves the shungite waves and there is a special reason for this, which we will explain in detail at the end of our present enumeration.

  1. Take a shungite and program it so that the shungite waves are emitted every second. These impulse waves can heal the human body permanently if the shungite is carried with you. 
  2. Take the programmed shungite and let the shungite waves work overnight in a vessel with ice-cold water. This shungite water will have a lot of healing potential that you can use in many ways. Take the water and drink it in the morning, at noon and in the evening, you will notice something that resembles euphoria. You can really use this water for anything you can think of, because the healing properties in the water will remain no matter how long you store it. We will reveal how to generate impulse waves in a shungite in another blog entry on this.
  3. Take the shungite water and water your plants with it, the healing effect will pass into the fruits of the plant, so that this plant then develops healing fruits that have a very special effect, because the components of the fruit are first strengthened by the healing water and in the process healing water is transformed, which in turn leads to the potential of the previous healing water in the fruit being increased again. When you spray your field with it, the soil as well as the seed will not only be cleansed, but you will produce a crop that will ensure that the consumer is constantly healed by the healing water. Anything you can think of to use this shungite water will ensure that the healing effect is naturally strengthened. All you have to do is to make the shungite send out impulse waves to experience the first great increase in healing power.
  4. If you have a programmed shungite lying next to your bed that sends out these impulse waves, you will have very special dreams so that not only will you sleep very well, but after a short time you will find that you will have a lucid dream at least once a night. This state is initiated by the brain because the impulse waves trigger something in the brain that causes the body consciousness to release the attraction of the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness while you are asleep, and in such a way that you can still focus these consciousness fractals very well, which will help you even during daily meditation to perceive the spiritual world better because these impulse waves will help you to focus the consciousness fractals better so that you can perceive an astral plane better. All this was already known to the chosen people of the ancient cultures because they received the knowledge of the shungite from extraterrestrial beings who gave them many clues, some of which we have already mentioned. The programming of the Shungit will ensure that you are given many possibilities that were very difficult to imagine before. 
  5. The programmed shungite is also capable of immobilising a man if the man tends to fly off the handle quickly. The programmed shungite emits by itself a form of energy that already causes the living beings around it to become calmer, but when the programmed shungite begins to emit these highly potent shungite waves, the mind is again greatly influenced by it and this is always positive.

These impulse waves are unique and we will now go into the form of energy that the shungite can give off. As the Earth cooled, it kept changing its energy form from the core so that the excess energy in the core could be released through the Earth’s shell. All planets do this and when the planet has gone through a certain cooling, different layers of the earth have been enriched with different forms of energy from the earth’s core and a very specific form of energy in this supports biological life. If life is particularly supported in this layer of the earth’s mantle because it constantly absorbed this form of energy when the earth’s layer was formed, then the earth’s material is saturated with this form of energy in this layer of the earth’s mantle. The shungite was created in this layer of the earth and the irradiation of the shungite from the core of the planet stored the particular form of energy in the shungite at that time and over a very long period of time. This stored amount of energy is not in the physical shungite alone, but the shungite corresponds to a crystalline structure that ensures that the shungite exists on the earth-astral planes and when the shungite was enriched with the special form of energy over a very long period of time during the creation of the earth, this amount of energy was not only stored in the physical shungite, but also on the earth-astral planes. This amount of energy has been stored there for billions of years waiting to be used. When you program the shungite you can tap into this amount of energy, but you also still need the dark energy to keep replenishing the energy of the shungite. When the shungite sends out the pulse blasts with the special form of energy, then this stored amount of energy will be used up quite quickly. The dark energy can then be used to refill the energy buffers that have already been created. Since the crystal consciousness in the shungite knows what kind of energy form it is, it can also refill this energy form again and again without having to use another shungite as an energy source. We have already explained this procedure to some extent, so the following blog entry will explain the programming of a shungite in detail. What else is there to know about this healing form of energy, we ask? A great deal, because we will now briefly explain how this energy form of a shungite works in a living being. Every life form on your planet needs energy to exist. Every life form also has a certain life expectancy, which is given by the stored energy in each cell. When the energy in the body cell has been used up, the cell dies. When a body cell duplicates because the energy package it contains has reached a capacity level, which causes it to duplicate, it will divide up part of its energy depot, which is essential for survival. The first duplicated cells still have a lot of energy, but as the cells duplicate again and again, the energy package handed over becomes smaller and smaller in the process, so that as you age you look older and older faster and faster until you reach a point where the rate of reproduction slows down rapidly. This is when injuries and the effects of disease become increasingly difficult to repair by reproducing new body cells. The body decays faster and faster and one day the reproductive cycles are no longer sufficient to keep the life form alive. This energy package in the cell usually becomes less and less of potential and when this energy package has been expended, that body cell will die. Since all reproduced body cells die faster and faster the more often that body cell is reproduced, death usually also occurs quickly because a vital body organ eventually dies. If a seventy-year-old man receives a programmed shungite that sends out shungite waves every second, then these shungite waves can recharge the energy depot of the body cells and the body cells that are still present can start reproducing again, because that is exactly the inner healing that someone experiences who is either young or who is supplied with healing energy by a spiritual healer. Miracle healings are something else, but human healers, who are a body bridge to transmit the healing energy of a spiritual healer, do exactly the same thing, except that the healing sessions are time-limited. A programmed shungite will constantly radiate his shungite healing waves. If the seventy-year-old man has no life-threatening diseases, then the programmed shungite can ensure that he will live to be over 100 years old without ageing much externally. A thirty-year-old woman who carries a programmed shungite with her for the rest of her life looks almost exactly the same at sixty as she did at thirty, because the shungite healing waves constantly deliver their special healing potential to the woman’s body cells, so that the reproduced cells have the same amount of energy as the mother cell. This almost stops the ageing process because the amount of energy in the cell is now sufficient for this cell to exist for a long time. The woman will still age because the body cells also only have a certain number of reproductive cycles, but like the body cells of very young people, the reproduced body cells last a very long time, so the actual life span is stretched. You age normally, but very slowly, so that at a very old age you may outwardly develop signs of ageing very quickly one day, and then also meet a quick death. A programmed shungite cannot make you younger, but the shungite healing waves make you age very slowly and this also means that existing injuries and the symptoms of diseases can be very well alleviated. Why can the shungite healing waves only alleviate the symptoms of a disease but not the cause, we ask? Because although the shungite healing waves will fill the energy depot of the body’s cells with energy, this form of energy does not have a healing consciousness that knows the bodies of life forms and can automatically use the spiritual healing energy to directly find and remedy the cause of a disease. The shungite healing waves can only fill the energy depot of the body cell, which indirectly leads to the fact that this body cell can continue to exist and duplicate body cells for a long time to come. The number of reproductive cycles of a body cell is limited, but you can always support the remaining reproductive cycles through the healing waves of the shungite, so that these remaining reproduced body cells can enjoy their maximum life span. But we said before that cancer cannot be defeated because cancer is a body program that once activated can never be deactivated. The symptoms can be alleviated or even stopped, but the cancer will be activated in the body until the death of the life form, so it can always break out again if it is not pushed back. Cancer patients who carry a programmed shungite will have a much higher chance of survival than comparative patients who do not carry a programmed shungite, because the healing waves of the programmed shungite positively support the already irradiated body regions during the therapy, so that the irradiated body cells have a greater chance of reproducing healthy body cells than without the programmed shungite. If the person is still attended to by a human healer during the chemotherapy, who guides the spiritual healing energy into the person being treated, the success is even greater. The chemotherapy must take place so that the cancer cells die and the shungite healing waves and the spiritual healing energy of a human healer will ensure that the irradiated body region experiences a recovery. If the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species takes place by the end of the present decade, you as a human species on Earth will not only be pacified, but all humans on the Earth’s surface will be much healthier because the body will undergo a transformation process. You as humanity will then also receive technologies and knowledge from the extraterrestrial species that can fight and suppress the cancer even in its final stage, so that the sick person will participate in normal life again. The cancer is then not defeated, but it then no longer causes the symptoms and can be treated like a flu. The programmed shungite already gives you the opportunity for a very effective healing of your symptoms and it also ensures that your ageing process is extremely slowed down, but for this you must first know how a shungite can be programmed so that the shungite can also radiate the healing waves every second. The next blog entry will describe this programming process in detail, so we would like to point out to future crystal programmers that we have written many blog entries that explain exactly what crystal programming is and why it works at all. Please read the blog entries on the blog before you embark on the adventure of crystal programming.

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