A0749: What exactly do so-called blockades block?

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Nothing. Because blockades, as you currently define them, do not exist. What do people believe blockages are, we ask? People believe that something in the body reduces the flow of energies and the cause must be blockages that a person has caught at some time in their life. This is not true because the flow of energies can be changed, but it will not make you react any differently as a human being than you did before when the flow of energies was harmoniously flowing through your body system. You may be more exhausted or irritable, but in general there will be little change. What then leads to changes that you perceive as the so-called blockages, we ask? Beliefs! Beliefs that you have acquired yourself one day will create automatisms in you that will be activated again and again. Once you have developed a belief system, you will not get rid of it so quickly and this belief system can accompany you until death. The belief system is only an idea of something you want to believe and since people of faith never question their beliefs, these people will not even think of questioning why they act so stubbornly in certain situations. A belief is not developed intentionally, so the idea that you wake up in the morning and have developed a new belief seems completely abstruse. A belief system develops and can also be adopted when important personalities make their own beliefs known, which are then increasingly integrated into their own belief system by willing followers over time. Fanatics have such strong views on a matter and they also do not want to discuss this matter objectively because they then have to face their beliefs, which is why beliefs are also something that consciously promotes ego consciousness. The ego consciousness always puts the physical well-being and status of the person in the foreground and if something is easy to achieve in order to consolidate the body or status, then the ego consciousness gladly supports this effort because beliefs simplify a person’s actions. If you have worked out a belief system that justifies the evening beer by thinking that it will positively aid your digestion, then that is the justification for the ego consciousness to satisfy the body from its point of view. If this person would really think about whether this assertion can correspond to the truth at all, then he would come to the conclusion that the addiction to the evening beer is only to be justified by this. But the ego consciousness does not want the evening beer to be dispensed with, because then the body experiences a lack of it. The ego consciousness will then ensure that the belief pattern is strengthened more and more. You are only the personality consciousness of the human being, you yourselves know neither pain, hunger nor thirst, so that you can very well do without the beer or other addictive substances. The body consciousness and therefore the ego consciousness develop the symptoms of addiction because the body longs to be satisfied. Normally you care for and nourish the body, but many processes in a body signal pleasure and if you were to give too little importance to pleasure, the body would starve. The addiction to food and drink is part of your body’s fight for survival, but the addiction can also get out of hand so that the ego consciousness, in conjunction with the body consciousness, begins to deceive you so that you never forget to satisfy your body. These processes then give rise to beliefs that will always lead you to satisfy the body without a second thought. But there are also beliefs that do not satisfy the human body in the first place, but are to be judged differently. If you look at a religion or a football club with a crowd of loyal fans, you will find something in these groups that are ideologies. Ideologies prescribe how a member of the group has to behave and since the group members believe in the group’s theme ironically, they do not question the rules either, but accept the mostly abstruse theses of the group as God-given. If they were to critically question the theses, they could quickly come to the conclusion that the theses only serve the supreme council of the group, but never – we repeat – they will never serve the members of the group. Since no one is allowed to question the theses, the theses are transformed into patterns of belief and the person then believes almost unconditionally whatever the supreme council of the group will proclaim. Critical voices from the group are silenced because the pressure from the group can be enormous. All you can offer these believing people is your understanding because they simply cannot know any better. Any attempt by these people to deal with the theses of their own group will lead to an inner conflict that expresses itself in discomfort. If these people try to look at their beliefs objectively, the ego consciousness will start to manipulate your thoughts because you now want to do something that could endanger your status in the group. The ego consciousness will always try to either maintain or better increase the status that a person has achieved in any group. If you yourself are sawing away at the branch you are sitting on, the ego-consciousness will do everything it can to ensure that you neither succeed in doing so nor continue to question the group’s theses. These are all self-preservation programs that are stored in the ego consciousness and the beliefs strengthen these programs with potential. The more potential a belief set receives, the less the person can objectively deal with that thesis. If you strengthen many beliefs in your ego consciousness with potential because you pay a lot of attention to the belief, then the personality consciousness has less potential available to objectively question the belief. If the belief set is given potential, then the personality consciousness is deprived of that potential and the more beliefs you have strengthened, the less potential the personality consciousness has. If you begin to question the beliefs and ultimately release them, then the personality consciousness regains potential and you become more and more yourself in your actions, because it is not you who has shaped your actions through the beliefs, but your ego consciousness has dictated your actions. A person who is subject to many beliefs can be compared to a remote-controlled drone that can be steered by the ego consciousness at will. A very calm and level-headed person is hardly subject to any belief system, therefore the ego consciousness has not taken over the helm of life, but the personality consciousness controls the human body with all its actions. Every human being carries such beliefs within himself, because you also do not have the time to objectively question all the theses that come your way. Even the most evolved among you are subject to these beliefs and it is only because very religious or spiritual people are still being encouraged by the ascended masters that great teachers or gurus can accomplish unusual things despite these strong beliefs. We are the group of sages who will soon replace the ascended masters on earth, because you should learn about spirituality for the time until the official first contact. All the religious and spiritual dogmas will be dissolved after the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, and instead of continuing to build strong belief patterns in you, we are taking over the helm of the mental evolution of man on Earth, because you are now learning the realism that is to question everything, because you have now matured into an inquiring species on your planet. You will develop fewer and fewer beliefs, because after the official first contact your physical body will undergo a transformation that will allow you to ascend mentally, because the leap in consciousness of the earthly soul will ensure that you receive a balance of potential. The ego consciousness will be greatly reduced by the earthly leap of consciousness and it can then also no longer be expanded as much as before. Due to the fact that the leap of consciousness of the earthly soul will change your bodily body, patterns of belief worked out until then will be greatly weakened overnight, so that one morning you will wake up and find that the dogmas that were strongly deposited in you before have almost disappeared. You can then speak very objectively about subjects from one day to the next, and this is especially true of the subject of extraterrestrial life forms that must pilot the gigantic spaceships that you can glimpse geostationary in the firmament during the years-long process of official first contact. You will be much calmer and wiser in your actions because the personality consciousness will now dictate your actions and since the personality consciousness has a great deal of humanity, you will also be much more human amongst yourselves, which will promote the pacification of the earthly human race. You will speak very openly and objectively about the issues that today are still saturated with many dogmas, and this will displease many people who sit on the highest council of your groups, because they can now exercise less and less power over the groups. This happens to all leaders, no matter which group they belong to. If the group is small, the leader will have a smaller ego consciousness than leaders of large groups. There are no exceptions to this, because even your enlightened people, who mostly lead spiritual groups, are just such leaders. This upheaval in your society will have a global impact, but as you will all be much calmer, wiser and therefore more human, you will hardly care. All the highly respected leaders will have to stretch very far to keep their flock together, but realism is coming to earthly people and for most groups it means that sooner or later they will have to disband because there will be few willing group members left to hold on to their old beliefs. The ego consciousness is reduced in all people overnight to such an extent that people cannot help questioning their beliefs at all, which then leads to them inevitably being dissolved because there are no physical blockages, only mental blockages, which we call a person’s beliefs.

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