A0748: Why is the human body connected to the universe and what can you do with it in your own universe?

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Your universe is not very large and although you cannot properly explore even your own planet in this universe during a human lifetime, you have many opportunities to do something in your universe. Your body is a part of the Universe and that body is yours alone, even though you are never alone. Many spiritual beings accompany you on your path and hardly a thought of yours remains unanswered because your body also has a life of its own. When you are young, the body will dominate your behaviour, when you reach an age where you think about your life, the body will cede dominance to you so that you begin to decide for yourselves alone. This transfer of decision-making will be very difficult because you will have to recognise and dissolve many patterns of belief and behaviour, which will lead to inner conflict for many people. Once you have freed yourselves from the dominance of the body, you will be a new person who will make your decisions alone. Until this happens, many tests and trainings will be carried out by us – the masters and teachers of a person – because this is exactly our task, which we have taken over for human life. We are the partial consciousnesses of your incarnation and we have been with you since the beginning of your life because we are the incarnation that existed before you incarnated. You yourself are also such a partial consciousness, but you can no longer remember it because all memories of it have been taken away from you. You are me and I am you and each of us has taken on a task that has led us exactly here. Every person on earth can take these lines very personally because they speak for all of us. There is no exception to this, so why do some people have to perform more on this path than others, we ask? Because all incarnations in the spiritual world are different, and if we are all different, then we will all also find different ways of solving problems, which will then lead to very different courses of life. You are being monitored, manipulated and tested by us because we still believe that you can do better than you are doing at the moment. If we let you have your own way too quickly, you will hardly evolve. If we manipulate you for too long and do not let you live your own lives then it could lead to disastrous consequences, so it is important that all our efforts are monitored. A person’s council is made up of many spiritual beings who constantly review a person’s development. It is there that decisions are made as to how the Masters and Teachers may proceed, because we ourselves are bound by many regulations that do not give us much leeway to work with the personality consciousness. Human life is divided into many areas and in these areas goals have often been set to be achieved. If a goal could not be achieved satisfactorily, it has to be corrected, so that the course of a person’s life can often change abruptly. We ourselves have many ways in which we can influence the personality consciousness so that it takes a certain direction, but we have to have many changes approved by the person’s council beforehand. If we want to bring about a change that would lead to a relief of the person, then we have to consider many factors beforehand, which will then most likely occur. When we discuss this with the person’s council, that council will determine what the person’s discharge will ultimately be. We are not allowed to do miracle cures, but we are allowed to take back physical manipulations, always as we see fit. If many abilities are blocked in the person, then we may remove these blockages, which we do only very reluctantly, because then the person will change fundamentally, and mostly for the worse. What do we mean by that, we ask? Your human body is much more than just the biological mass that you can look at in the mirror, but your biological body is like an antenna that can transform forms of energy from the so-called Ether. You can receive these forms of energy from the Ether and you can make them usable for the worldly world. You only see a biological body, but we only see energy forms that have condensed. The human body consists of highly complex energy forms that have taken on a task and you, as personality consciousness, control this highly complex mechanism to a great extent. The internal control is taken over by a foreign consciousness and for many years this consciousness dominates your behaviour, but from a certain point on, it is you who control this highly complex energy body. We call your physical body an energy body because you are made of energy. Everything in your universe belongs to an energy form and every stone and every drop of blood is ultimately just energy with a purpose. So if you actually exist as a condensed form of energy in a universe that was also created only from forms of energy, then it stands to reason that you can change this universe through your thoughts or not. This is indeed the case and in order that your thoughts do not influence your universe to such an extent that damage could be caused, we as the Masters and Teachers of a person must ensure that this can never happen. We dictate how far you can influence the energy forms in your Universe. If you have been able to develop abilities, your Masters and Teachers have unlocked those abilities for you to experiment with. Once an ability has been unlocked you are always able to influence the energy forms in the mundane world and we cannot take that unlocking back. If you had an ability for a while and it disappeared, then you only got a taste of it and you then have to work on yourself so that eventually you can get it permanently. If the person then refuse to move on, then the person’s council will have to decide how to proceed with that situation. The person’s council will then impose many conditions on us as to what the person can and cannot do, but one day a crossroads will be reached where the council cannot help but leave it to us to decide how to proceed. When it gets to that point, a person’s masters and teachers will unlock more and more abilities that the person can then use to influence the energy packages of the mundane world. These extra powers that these persons gain are unlocked very carefully so that there can be no overreaction. The human body will then be modified to the extent that it can itself tap into the energy forms of the mundane world and the thoughts of the personality consciousness will then change the configurations of the energy packets so that people can suddenly become clairvoyant and perceive a wide spectrum of your reality. If people can suddenly bend spoons, then the personality consciousness has been given the opportunity to change the structure of the spoon material. The person does not even have to know how exactly this works, but the intention of the spoon being soft as lead is then taken by the person’s consciousnesses as an occasion to manipulate that spoon to the point where the inner structure appears soft as lead, because that is just a reconfiguration of the object settings. Much of this is done with us, so we will take on the extended task of putting these abilities into action. We ourselves could make whole planets disappear, but we assist the personality consciousness to take its first steps in developing its abilities. If the masters and teachers wait too long to unlock the abilities, a situation can arise that appears to be fire-threatening, because the person is constantly adding power, but we have not unlocked it in the form of abilities. This surplus of power can neither be reduced nor held back by us forever, so these abilities will eventually break through anyway. If this happens uncontrollably, the consequences would be devastating, so that at some point the person’s council will have to decide that these abilities must be activated. The person will then notice many changes in him/herself because now the excess power is being expressed in spurts through the bodily body. The person will also experience a change of nature because he can now think much faster and if the person has not yet established a connection to the spiritual world by then, we will imagine at the latest now because this person must now be made directly acquainted with this power. Nothing sensible will the persons be able to do with this power if we would not instruct the persons in it. We are not called the person’s masters and teachers for nothing, so that our teaching is not welcomed by these persons if they have not been contacted by us before. If these persons do not have faith in us, then these persons can never properly use their human bodies to change your universe. If these trainings are done properly, the human body could be used to perform true miracles in the mundane world. Nothing is impossible, but you must know what can be possible, otherwise you will always live below your potential. 

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