A0747: Is an atomic explosion the deliberate release of the holding force of matter?

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No, an atomic explosion is actually something different. We cannot go into much detail in a single blog entry, so we will present to you the concepts of an atomic explosion and the passage of matter so that you understand that the holding force of objects is fundamentally unrelated to an atomic explosion. What can you understand by the passage of objects, we ask? Imagine a room and in the middle of the room is a massive stone table. Extraterrestrial and highly evolved beings could do the following: they stand in the room and simply walk from one side of the room to the other side of the room. In doing so, the massive stone table stands in the way and the being simply walks through it, as if the stone table were only a holographic projection. If you were sitting on the stone table, the extraterrestrial being would also just walk through you and you would think that the extraterrestrial being must be a holographic projection. If you meet in an area of space and shake hands in greeting, you are both physical beings. The extraterrestrial being could then also sit on the stone table as you did, so the extraterrestrial being must have done something to be able to step through the massive stone table beforehand and that has to do with the holding power of objects, which can be changed. Every object consists of countless atoms, but there are long distances between the so-called atomic nuclei, where theoretically nothing exists. How can the atoms actually form an object with an external shape, we ask? Imagine two free atoms that are not bound to each other. Now, if you do something that makes these two atoms stick to each other, you have made sure that the holding force between the two atoms has been strengthened. If the atoms are of the same kind, then the strength of the holding force is given and from these two atoms an object has been created that houses in its energy field the information of how this object was created. There are two so-called atomic nuclei that are very far apart, but the holding force pulls them together and the electron shell also divides them, so that this object will not change its current shape. The stronger the holding force between the so-called atomic nuclei, the more difficult it is to separate them. If a second object comes along that has the same kind of atoms as the first object, then these two objects cannot pass each other on the same spatial coordinate, even if the so-called atomic nuclei of the two objects would not collide. This means that the holding force of an object acts in the object, even if there is a lot of space between the so-called atomic nuclei. Each object has its own energy field and in this energy field the properties of the object can be read out. The way in which this object was created and how strong the holding force of the object is is also stored there. The holding power can be reduced without the outer form undergoing a change, so that an object, although it consists of the same properties as another object, can be manipulated so that the holding power can be reduced to such an extent that it behaves like a subtle form on an astral plane without changing and without disappearing from the field of vision of the worldly world. The non-manipulated object can now pass through the manipulated object because the holding forces of the objects now no longer work against each other. The so-called atomic nuclei pass each other and should so-called atomic nuclei of the two objects happen to meet, the non-manipulated object pushes the so-called atomic nucleus of the other object aside, which has no effect on either object – the objects pass each other. When the holding force returns to normal after passing, it is as if nothing had ever happened. Which object now experiences a diminution is irrelevant, because the stone table or the extraterrestrial being are only objects on the quantum level that have an external form. How can the extraterrestrial being walk in space if its holding power has been diminished, you might ask? It is quite simple to explain. Space is made up of atoms and when the extraterrestrial being’s body is manipulated, space is also manipulated so that space is twofold. The outer boundaries remain the same, but because space also has subtle boundaries, so to speak, the extraterrestrial being walks on the floor of subtle space. The energy that is used in the process will impose its limits on this space and it is in this space that the extraterrestrial being then moves. If the walls had exactly the same boundaries as in the mundane world, then the extraterrestrial being could pass through the stone table but not the walls. If the energy space were stretched wider, the being could not only pass the stone table but also the wall. Extraterrestrial beings use this technique all the time, so they don’t actually need gates or tunnels to get into their bases, but they form an energy space around their flying machine and lower the holding power in this space. Everything in the space can then pass through everything in the mundane world without hitting an obstacle. In the spaceship, everything remains the same so that the passengers cannot notice any difference. That would be the concept of the holding power of objects, so now we will explain how you can imagine an atomic explosion. What does an atomic explosion represent, we ask? An atomic explosion releases quantities of energy equal to the matter that is dissolved. We have told you that a black hole represents a time tunnel of your universe and that at one time the matter in the black hole undergoes a transformation so that the energy that makes up that matter can be released into another time of your universe in the same place. The energy that is transferred in this process we have first called the dark energy so that you have the reference to a black hole. The energy is transferred as dark energy through a time tunnel so that fractals of consciousness that are present in that place at the other time can be enriched with that energy. We explained to you that the so-called atomic nucleus does not consist of protons and neutrons, but of a consciousness fractal that can be enriched with energy. The level of the potential then corresponds to the respective form of matter, so that at a time in your universe there is initially no matter in a place and the first micro-black holes form there, which then transfer the dark energy there from another time in your universe. The dark energy will first supply the free consciousness fractals in that place with energy, so that from a certain potential they form the first light substances, which then become more and more voluminous. The light substances will increase in volume and at a certain point, during the process, the first heavier substances will form, so that the first stars will also soon come into being. In this way, matter is transferred, so to speak, as dark energy from one time in your universe to another. First stars are formed, which then form a galaxy. Each atom contains a certain potential and it is this potential that we call the dark energy, which is the original form of all life, because the dark energy was used to form your universe. The package of energy that the Wingmakers reshaped through the Big Bang gave birth to your Universe. They used large amounts of the dark energy and everything that has ever been and that will ever exist in your Universe has its origin in that energy package. The potential of the energy package was limited and to this day the dark energy is transferred through the black holes to form matter again at another time. Your universe is to be regarded as a closed system, even if it does not quite correctly reflect reality, because all consciousnesses in a universe enrich the universe with energy, so that the growth of the universe is due to the incarnations and souls that have something to do in this universe. Dark energy belongs to the plane of matter and only this form of energy is capable of forming a small bubble in the spiritual world in which life forms can exist. All the consciousnesses that enter this bubble must give up a great deal of power beforehand so that the growth of the bubble does not happen too quickly. You humans are among the beings who have been given the least potential so that you can only think very slowly. An atomic explosion releases this dark energy of atoms that have a lot of potential. A single atom has so much destructive power on the mundane world, so the handling of the dark energy is watched very closely by the spiritual world. All advanced civilisations have also explored atomic power one day, but your atomic explosions are the most ineffective way to use the dark energy in the long run. If you start using crystals for your experiments, you will also use dark energy one day because it holds such tremendous potential, but you will not develop crystal bombs because you can make much better things with them that will soon accelerate your progress extraordinarily. Atomic bombs were yesterday, metamaterials that can do incredible things are prospects that the researchers of the future will explore.

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