A0746: Can fluoride influence the properties of the pineal gland?

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If we want to talk about the pineal gland, then we must first clarify what this pineal gland is actually responsible for. If you understand what the pineal gland is for, then you will also understand that fluoride cannot influence this gland because you do not understand at all what the pineal gland is for. Today you assume, among other things, that the pineal gland is meant to enable a person to perceive the spiritual world, because meditators notice something in that place in the head that they equate with visions, and since anatomical studies locate the pineal gland exactly there, meditators thought there must be a connection. The pineal gland has absolutely nothing to do with it, it is just located where the sixth energy node of the sixth energy body is placed. The energy bodies surround your physical body and they are connected to each other via the third energy node. The solar plexus main energy node connects all the energy bodies together so that the energy nodes of each energy body have a connection with the solar plexus main energy node so that the exchange of information can take place through it. The third energy node is above the solar plexus, but it is not connected to the physical solar plexus, just as the sixth energy node is above the physical pineal gland without the energy node being connected to the pineal gland. If you were to remove the human body from your energy field, the energy bodies would still be able to do their work, because the energy bodies are only attached to the physical body, but they do not maintain a physical connection with the physical body. But the energy bodies are connected to the bodily body because the body consciousness, which has entered into a symbiosis with the remaining partial consciousnesses of the incarnation, is connected to the bodily body. The pineal gland organises something that benefits the body, but the pineal gland has no effect at all on whether you can perceive the spiritual world better or not. Why is it that so many people think they have to decalcify their pineal gland, we ask? Because it can indeed calcify, but this calcification has no effect whatsoever on your so-called spirituality, nor on your out-of-body experiences, nor will calcifying the pineal gland block any extraordinary powers, because these are all erroneous beliefs that have been concocted by some persons who have noticed the following: Whenever persons concentrate on the place where this pineal gland is located, they could better perceive something in their mind’s eye. Since this person also knew that the pineal gland can calcify over time, they thought that a non-calcified pineal gland would help them to perceive the spiritual world better. This conclusion is indirectly correct, because observing the inner eye actually leads to a stronger connection to the spiritual world over time, but if you concentrate on the place where the pineal gland is, this is all that happens: You gather, through your concentration on the inner eye, your consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness in the place where the pineal gland is also located, but strictly speaking you gather the consciousness fractals above the body shell exactly where the sixth energy node is placed and this energy node is located in front of the forehead where in the head the pineal gland is located. You contract the fractals of consciousness there and through this you become more conscious on the astral plane, which inhabits the partial consciousness that forms the sixth energy body. You gather your consciousness fractals there where you have a direct gateway to the sixth astral plane. The partial consciousness of the incarnation is of the essence just like you – the personality consciousness – and when you focus your consciousness fractals in the energy node, you become more conscious in the sixth partial consciousness of the incarnation. This partial consciousness knows exactly what you are up to. Since you are very much alike, you do not notice at first that it is not you who is doing something on the astral plane, but the sixth partial consciousness of the incarnation. You are, so to speak, only there and observe what can be observed on the sixth astral plane. Only when you practise a lot will the sixth partial consciousness increasingly leave the control of the partial consciousness to you, so that one day you will undertake a lucid dream or an astral journey. Just as right now, when you are reading the text, you hardly notice that many partial consciousness are involved, you also do not notice that in most astral journeys and meditations you are only present, but you can only influence what happens on the astral plane with great difficulty. If you have evolved very far and at the same time practised becoming conscious on an astral plane a lot, you can actually do what the personality consciousness on the astral plane is striving for, but you are never alone, so that many situations occur where you are confronted with yourself because the other partial consciousness of your incarnation are now beginning to train the personality consciousness on the astral plane. When you dream, exactly the same thing happens and when you have experienced the first astral journeys, you are usually trained on an extra stage. No one can really determine where they are during an astral journey and first you are trained on a specially prepared stage on the astral plane to find out how serious you are about experiencing the spiritual world. The subjects are first tested and at the same time trained and usually the partial consciousness of the incarnation will take it upon themselves to read the personality consciousness its riot act. Only if the personality consciousness persists in practising astral travel will the partial consciousness also allow the personality consciousness to travel on the astral planes. Usually you only travel the astral planes of the Earth and these planes envelop the Earth, but it is not the spirit world as is often assumed. Your universe is such a tiny area in the spiritual world that it hardly seems worth mentioning. If the spiritual world had the diameter of your sun in terms of circumference, your universe would be smaller than a photon of light, so it is not noticeable at all. There were and are very few people on Earth who have ever been allowed access to the spiritual world and all your gurus and astral travel professionals are only allowed to travel the astral planes in your universe. How do you tell the difference between travelling on the earth-astral plane and travelling on an astral plane in your universe, we ask? Very difficult, because it depends on the level of consciousness that you can reach during an astral journey. We will now list the most important levels of consciousness and we will also explain how you will remember them afterwards, because this is something that people hardly understand until today. You can usually only remember the journey afterwards, but you are hardly able to experience the mundane and astral planes simultaneously and fully consciously, so you will either be fully conscious only on the mundane world or after plenty of practice on an astral plane.

  1. You will be aware of your body and occasionally something will flash before your mind’s eye. You are neither fully aware of the mundane plane nor of the astral plane.
  2. You are hardly aware of your body, you do not feel any part of your body in detail, nor do you perceive your breathing, but you can now perceive very detailed images in your mind’s eye. The so-called dissolution is serious, so that people will later say that they could see more than in normal life.
  3. You do not perceive the physical body and you have an exact idea of what you want to experience now. Up to this point you have only rudimentarily travelled a dream or meditation stage that we present to you so that we can test and train you. Now you have passed the tests and to a large extent you are dictating the partial consciousness of the incarnation that you have focused on. You are on the astral plane of the earth, and even if it resembles the earthly environment, it is only a projection of the mundane world, but you do not see anything there that is equally present on the mundane world, nor can you discover living beings there that are equally present on the mundane plane. The astral planes are only images of the mundane world, even though the astral planes occupy the same three-dimensional space as the mundane world. You travel there and most of the time you meet partial consciousnesses of a person who inhabit that astral plane, just like the partial consciousness of your incarnation in which you are very conscious at the moment. The partial consciousness of the incarnation allows you and all the partial consciousnesses of your incarnations watch intently what you are doing there. They also direct the personality consciousness somewhat, but with this level of consciousness you take over the action on the astral plane.
  4. You can become conscious quite spontaneously with a thought on an astral plane and this procedure is allowed to very few people. You are just as aware as you are on the mundane world, so we can say that these persons can detach almost all the fractals of the personality consciousness from the body and they are fully aware on the astral plane. Very few people will ever experience such a thing, and they want to do something that will be a benefit to human society, even if they are not yet aware of it.
  5. You have assumed a mental state that is to be evaluated differently than in point 3, because your mental body hardly has any form any more. You have not felt the human body for a long time and this is accompanied by a change of mind, because now the body consciousness can hardly exert any influence. The body consciousness will dictate many behaviours, but now they are falling away more and more so that you are thinking more and more like a spiritual being and less and less like a human being. You are now able to leave the earth’s sphere of influence because the body consciousness now does not bind you to that sphere of influence. You can now mentally explore the Universe and you will experience much that is denied to most persons. These journeys are the supreme discipline, although there are still people who are allowed to go one step further. 
  6. People who can fully consciously experience the mundane world and the astral plane at the same time. These people get a feeling for how they can detach a partial consciousness of their personality consciousness without losing concentration on the mundane world. These people have been tested and trained for a long time and they have been able to develop to the point where they have a very large personality consciousness that can think very quickly and that has a lot of potential. These people can actually act like a spiritual being so that they can go about their tasks in the mundane world and at the same time travel very far astrally. They will not only remember this journey later, but they experience both states at the same time. These people are then also allowed to travel the spiritual world.
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